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Chemical Mixing Supervisor (For PVC/Pipe Industry)

Job Description


a). Checking chemical data sheet (TDS)

b). Responsibility of mixing of different chemicals.

c). Supervision of labours in Mixing department

d). Coordination with production department Requirements:




a). The candidate should have a degree of B.Sc Chemistry

b). Should have an experience of atleast 2 years in process industry or in any plastic/pvc/pipe OR Cement Industry

c). Should have a knowledge of Ms Office. (Excel)

About the Company

  • Company Name:Recruitment Specialist ~ Ruchika
  • About the company: I am Ruchika working as a Recruitment Specialist at Zigsaw. If you have any query, feel free to reach me at 8824547474 Share your resume at

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Chemical Mixing Supervisor (For PVC/Pipe Industry) Jobs in Udaipur