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Solutions Architect

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities: 

1. Min 4 years of work experience
2. Experience in design of Integration Layers (SOA, Microservices, SOAP, REST etc.) with external system ERP, BI, Analytics etc.
3. Good communication.
4. Experience at least one e-commerce platform.
5. Strong problem-solving skills.
6. Knowledge:
>Database (SQL and NoSQL)
>UML Notation
>Design Patterns
>Best practices in software development.
>Maintenance (CI/CD, Test Automation, DevOps)
>Web Servers (NGINX and APACHE2)
>PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
>MYSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Clustering, Redis, Varnish
>Security Protocols
7. Experience in technical analysis of the business process (Validate of the Business process with technological possibilities), analysis of IT requirement.
8. Learning attitude and a Team player.
9. B2B, B2C, Omni-channel model, etc.

Education + Experience

Experience Required:  Min 4 years of work experience

Job Summary

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Solutions Architect Jobs in Ahmedabad