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Job Description

Essential Requirements :

  • 6+ years of software development experience
  • Experience in building 12-Factor Applications, using Domain-Driven Design
  • Java, Node.JS & Spring Expert with experience and familiarity building modern applications with Node.JS, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud with a strong background in Spring related stack
  • Experience building distributed / service oriented / microservice-style and Cloud based architectures
  • Expertise in Cloud (GCP)
  • Expertise in Container orchestration technologies (Kubernetes/Rancher/GKE/EKS)
  • Expertise in CI/CD tools (Jenkins/Bamboo/Concourse)
  • Expertise in designing and building event-driven systems (Kafka/SQS/Rabbit MQ)
  • Expertise in designing NoSql databases (Mongo/Cassandra/Dynamo DB)
  • Agile practitioner, familiar with extreme programming, test-driven development, pairing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and related techniques
  • Experience building and operating distributed, concurrent systems
  • Having a breadth of knowledge around Observability, SRE, DevOps, Microservices Patterns



Desirable Requirements
  • Polyglot Programmer (experience in Java, Node JS, Spring, etc)
  • Experience with DevOps and automation pipelines, including experience in tools and techniques used in DevOps
  • Understanding of Security of applications (API Security, HTTPS, DevSecOps practices)
  • Google Cloud Certification: Cloud DevOps Engineer Professional Certificate

About the Company

  • Company Name: Recruitment Specialist ~ Nikhil Jain
  • About the company: This is Nikhil Jainworking with Zigsaw as a Recruitment Specialist. I specialise in recruitment for Blockchain, AI/ML, database roles roles at Zigsaw. If you are looking for Jobs in the above domain OR for any query related to the above Job, kindly reach to me on Call and WhatsApp at 7014655909 OR E-mail your resume at

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