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Dear Job Aspirant, This is a job opportunity which is preferred by candidates who are looking for a high-performance-high-reward kind of job. This email is to share an exciting opportunity with you. What do need to retire? Age 60 or enough bank balance? Wouldn't you want to examine an opportunity that gives you the opportunity to earn loads of money at a young age and gives you enough time to enjoy your money as well while you are healthy? The career opportunity I am sharing is a mix of both worlds safety of a monthly salary of a job unlimited incomes of a business. Whats more, it offers you stability in personal life as you will never be relocated even when you grow within the organization. The work-life balance that this career offers beats almost all other options. You will be able to build flexibility around your work and family life. The job on offer is in Insurance industry the sunrise industry that is growing by over 20% every year. These jobs are Sales careers. The sales targets result in objective performance appraisals and fast growth. These careers offer mobility across industries and exposure to eventually start ones own business later in life through all the professional networking. The really successful sales persons are Rock Stars of their organizations. While the starting fixed CTC is around 3 lakh, the Total income of each of these Stars is over Rs 20 lakh. Most of them are able to buy a property every year, cash down, without any loan. The job as a Sales Professional is in MNC Insurance companies. These companies are strong in Training and Development. You, as a candidate has to worry about Why do you want to be successful. You can leave the How part to the processes and practices of the MNC company. They will help and assist you all along the way on your road to stardom. You have to be ready to learn and put in the hard work that the job will demand for at least first two years when you are new. Once you acquire the required knowledge and skills, you make rapid strides in the profession. In 5 years, you grow enough to be part of middle management level. The job also offers Medical Insurance for the family as also a Term cover for the candidate. There are retirement benefits too. The companies provide all the support structure in terms of Technology, communications, data management, client servicing, operations etc. So, if you are in a sales career or wish to take up one, just reach out to us. You may be in service, o

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