Refer your friends for jobs

Refer your friends and win referral incentives

Why should you refer your friends?

  • Win cash prizes when your friends, friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends switch Jobs
  • Gain Activity points & up your rankings
  • Up the ratings of your alma mater (Schools, colleges & organizations you have studied/worked in)
  • Get treats & parties from your friends for finding them the right Job. #Spreadthegoodness

How it works

  • Step-1: Register at
  • Step-2: On the above page; fill in your name, email, mobile number, password. Select “Search Jobs” and click on Register. You will be logged in when you click on Register.


  • Step-3: On your homepage, click on the trophy sign in your top bar.

    Click on trophy icon in the top bar of your login
    Unique referral link for referring your friends on
  • Step-4: Find your unique registration link by hovering over the “link” under the “Activity Points” heading.

    Finding the unique link to refer friends on
    Unique link to refer friends on
  • Step-5: Share the link from Step-4 with your friends and ask them to register through your link.


  • Step-3: Fill in your friends email address/mobile number on the Job-details page of the Job. Your friends will receive an email/SMS with your unique referral link.
refer friends collegues guide
Send SMS or email to invite friends for Jobs

More money

  • Have a look at Usually, top 10-15 opportunities of the page have active referral incentives.
  • Browse to the end of the job page for which you would like to refer your friends. Click on the Fb or whatsapp icon to share the opportunity with your friends and refer your friends.

Understanding the referral incentive

  • Browse to the referral incentive section of the “Job Details” page.
  • Usually, we give our referral incentives under 4 categories.
    Understanding the 4 types of referral incentives when referring friends for Jobs
    Understanding various referral incentives
    • Amount R1: =40% of total referral amount. This goes to the person through whose link the successfull candidate applied. Amount 1 is the incentive to share specific opportunities with your friends.
    • Amount 2 (Guy Q): ~34% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the successfull candidate was first registered on the portal. Amount 2 is the incentive to get your friends registered on
    • Amount 3 (Guy R): ~17% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the Guy Q was registered on the portal. Amount 3 is the incentive to motivate your friends to register his/her friends on (2nd degree of connection)
    • Amount 4 (Guy S): ~9% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the Guy R was registered on the portal. Amount 4 is the network incentive amount you get when a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend (3rd degree of connection) registers on

To know the live status of your referrals, visit here:

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us over call/whatsapp: 9887890909 . Email us at


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