Avengers face off

The ultimate arcade of your social connections

Game Objective: To find you a Job or for your friends or their friends. The open positions are graphic designers at Obbserv and IdeaBox
Skills Required: Networking skills
Game format:

  • Udaipurites are divided into 2 teams: The Bat-team & the Jarvis-gene. You can choose to be a part of either team based on your superhero fancies. While Batman is about doing good to the society; Ironman stands for getting things done, technologically or otherwise
  • Any member referred(informed about) by a member of the Bat team becomes a member of the Bat team and bikeways for Jarvis gene subject to confirmation from the referred profile
  • Each time we receive a designer profile (knows photoshop & has basic design sense), the corresponding member gets 1 point
  • Every time, we shortlist a profile, the member gets 5 points
  • When any position is closed, the member who referred the profile gets 50 points
  • When both the positions are closed, the competition is cracked
  • Points of the team equal the sum total of all the members of the team
  • Profiles to be sent to jobsinudaipur.zigsaw@gmail.com with the name of the corresponding team

Gamers don’t play for the incentives but it sure helps !!
So, what are you waiting for? The captain poll is already here: https://goo.gl/VjYdiy
Note: The organizing team reserves all rights to the competition and its decision would be final.
Spoiler alert: The relation between the DC universe & marvel universe is embedded in the game storyline we are building.

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