Discover the recruitment superhero in you

Do you spend a lot of time on the phone asking a lot of similar questions to different people for a Job interview?
Here’s how Zigsaw will make you a recruitment superhero

  • We will provide you a dedicated number where candidates can call & give interviews (Interviews will be auto-recorded)
  • We will monitor who has called for which role in what company simply by their Phone number & Job code (candidates press on the interview)
  • You will decide the questions you need to ask candidates for specific job roles.
  • Sit back & listen to interviews at the time of your convenience.

Here’s how it will work for Jobseekers

  • Every application that you receive will be auto-replied to with the further process that includes call 6377208285 & further process
  • On calling the above number, the candidate would press the Job code he/she is interested in.
  • He/she is asked 2-3 questions (customized for each Job opening) and has a specific time to answer each question.
  • His/her answers are recorded and available for an interviewer to listen to in the recruiter dashboard.

Cost: 1000 Rs. for a month (for maximum 3 Job openings)
So, are you game for it? More details:
Have queries? Get in touch with us at or 9887890909
OTG makes you super-efficient in the below ways

  • An interview that took 16 minutes will only take 2 minutes now. It improves your efficiency by 800%
  • It saves you the hassle of coordinating with potential aspirants. Automated interviews can be given at any time of the day which gets reflected in real-time in employers dashboard
  • These interviews can be evaluated anytime from anywhere by the recruitment manager
  • Allows you to customize interview questions for each job posting.

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