What is freelancing and how does it work?

Freelancing jobs are growing rapidly, all because of the ever-increasing needs of the companies to outsource or contract the core or non-core activities at a really low cost. Even the individuals freelance the non-substantive activities. Many websites have given a platform to companies to search for remote workers online and freelancers to respond to more than one client simultaneously. 

Freelancing is emerging as the most suitable option both for the clients and workers. For the clients, it is easy to freelance the non-core activities and focus on the major areas to discover new opportunities. Freelancing can be a great start for those who want to begin or restart their career and gain work experience. 

Here you will get to know all about Freelancing, its pros and cons, types of freelance jobs, and the websites that offer freelancing services

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is contracting out the core and non-core activities of the business with the help of remote workers, who are experts in their fields. These workers are generally self-employed and are therefore contracted by the company. The jobs that can be freelanced depend upon their nature, such as graphic designing, blogging, web development, etc. 

Who is a freelancer?

freelancer is a self-employed person who takes on multiple client orders at the same time. While freelancers perform significant activities for the companies or organizations, they are called contractors and not employees. Freelancer is an expert in his field and hence executes the important and non-core tasks for the company.

What are the pros and cons of Freelancing?

As every coin has two sides, Freelancing also has its own merits and demerits, which should be considered before opting for freelancing to earn money and get services done at a relatively cheaper cost.

Pros of Freelancing

Freelancing offers many benefits for both freelancers and clients. 

  1. The work is completed at a relatively lower cost through Freelancing. Usually, the freelancers charge depending on the nature of work and the number of pending orders. But it is much less than hiring an employee. 
  1. Freelancers get a higher degree of flexibility than employees. There are comparatively fewer time boundations or deadlines for the freelancers. 
  1. Freelancers get to work in their comfort. They are not bound to work in offices or attend conferences and meetings. Instead, they work in comfortable night suits with a coffee mug.
  1. Freelancing does not involve a supervisor and does not require reporting to a senior. In Freelancing, you are your own boss. 

Cons of Freelancing

Some demerits of Freelancing are as below:

  1. The nature of freelancing jobs is irregular. At one point, you are busy with numerous orders, and the other time you will not get a single order. 
  1. Freelancers don’t enjoy the benefits that an office employee gets, such as normal salary, medical, retirement, disability benefits, etc.
  1. Freelancers don’t get to work in a dynamic office environment with colleagues and employers. They are clueless about coping up with the challenges in the offices. 
  1. Freelancers don’t have a stable income. Moreover, unlike an employee, they have to fund their equipment.

The above mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for freelancing as a career.

What are the skills that a freelancer should possess?

Freelancing is not easy-peasy. It demands some skills and dexterity that need to be possessed by freelance workers. Here are some skills that will land you to the high-valued gigs and establish you in this expanding industry. 

  1. Communication skills– An excellent communication skill will land you the best client orders. You have to communicate with the clients and understand their requirements. Hence it should be done efficiently.
  1. Marketing skills– Digital Marketers are required by the clients to handle their social media accounts and improve their SEO ranking. Those who can communicate with the prospects and retain the current customers by their effective communication skills and induce creativity to attract new customers have their career set in this field.
  1. Writing skills– Those who are willing to work as freelance writers must possess the writing skills to engage more people and receive more client invitations.
  1. Strong Portfolio– Designing your portfolio is the foremost step of kickstarting your career in Freelancing. A strong portfolio base attracts the attention of big businesses and companies.
  1. Consistency and accuracy– A freelancer, should be consistent and has a rational approach towards the problems.

What types of freelance jobs can I do?

There are numerous high-paying jobs in India suitable for freelancers. Many of these jobs do not even demand any qualification or degree. 

The below mentioned are the types of freelance jobs:

  1. Designing– Graphic Designing such as Logo Designing, Brochure Designing, etc., and Web Designing is a perfect job to kickstart your freelancing career. Many companies, organizations and even individuals such as online content creators freelance the designing work. 
  1. Copywriting– Article Writing, Blog Writing, Feature Writing and writing Press Releases have become an important domain for a company’s marketing. As content is the king, a content writer is highly demanded these days.
  1. Marketing– Digital Marketing or Online Marketing that comprises Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing etc. has gained popularity in the gig economy over the past few years. This includes managing the social media handles of the companies, producing SEO content, searching prospective customers and maintaining current customers.
  1. Developer– Web Development, Computer Programming and Coding has an exciting career base in today’s world. Various client requests are received for programming and coding, and it is still growing in the gig economy. Most companies prefer freelancers with a strong portfolio and complete knowledge of JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, and other coding languages.
  1. Videography– If making videos and creating attractive and engaging content interests you, then this one’s for you. Individuals and businesses significantly demand videographers for creating and editing appealing videos and presentations. 
  1. Translation– With the evolution of big MNCs, many companies are looking for excellent translators. This type of freelance job involves fluency in English and any foreign language.
  1. Accounting– Accounting and Bookkeeping are the jobs that are freelanced by the businesses. These freelancing jobs require freelance workers who are qualified with a bachelor’s degree in the related field. 

What are the websites that provide a freelance marketplace?

The freelance marketplace offers a common platform for both freelancers and companies. Companies lookout for freelancers through these websites called a freelance marketplace. Many websites offer freelance services in India, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Toptal, Guru, 99designs, WorknHire etc. 

What is the scope of freelancing in India?

Freelancing is a flourishing career in India. It is said to give much better returns than the regular nine-to-five job. It is expected to grow manifold within the coming years. Freelancing is an excellent career choice. Except that, in the beginning, it becomes difficult to search for clients, but as soon as you establish yourself in the freelance domain, you will be paid for your skills. Freelancers are paid based on their skills and the nature of work performed by them. In India, an average freelancer earns INR 400 to INR 500 on an hourly basis. 


Freelancing can be a perfect career option if all the pros and cons are considered. The aspiring freelancer has communication skills, organizational skills, and an analytical approach towards the problems. India is witnessing a flourishing career in Freelancing.


  1. What type of jobs are contracted out or freelancing?

The freelanced jobs involve Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Computer Programming, Web Development, Coding, Online Support, Videography, Translation and varied jobs are freelance.

2. What are the functions of freelance websites?

Freelance websites provide a common platform to companies and freelancers and help design attractive portfolios for aspiring freelancers. These websites enable companies to get the best freelancers for their work.

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