How to Write Salary Increment Letter with Sample

One of the many things that we bother about is salary, whether its credited or not, whether it’s worth the hard work we are putting or not, whether it is enough for us or not and so many questions around it. No matter how materialistic it sounds, our lives revolve around it. And why not? Our hard work needs to be paid; our bills need to be paid and more utilities and luxuries that we desire or aspire to purchase. 

Talking about logically tangible aspects of it, salary needs to be adjusted according to work and responsibilities as well as the state of the economy. It is not necessary to bag a promotion to demand a salary increase. If your responsibilities have considerably increased and your seniority is considerable, you deserve an increase based on your loyalty and services.

The question, which often confronts us and eventually prevents us from doing anything is- how to ask for increment? It needs to formal, of course, and it should be straight up to the point, it should include the reason why you are asking for the increment and why do you think you deserve it. We have come up with a few points that you need to pay special attention to while writing the salary increment letter. For your convenience, we have added a sample to absolve off all your doubts.

How to Write Salary Increment Letter

1. Follow the Format

Formats are very important while writing any letter. They show your professional work ethic and smart approach. If you deviate from the official formal letter format, you might sound casual. The letter might give you a bad start and a bad image too. You, seniors and stakeholders, are going to give your letter great importance while dealing with your problems. If you follow the formal letter format, your chances of getting your increment will increase due to professionalism.

2. Sound Professional

Keeping great care of the format and sounding unprofessional with poor word choices and badly put arguments and reasoning might give you another thing to worry about by creating a bad impression. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your sentences and words along with the format that you are following. It can surely be the deal breaker.

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3. Pay Attention to the Matter

The matter is really important while writing a salary increment letter; by matter we mean the content you are putting up. Since it is a salary increment letter you should pay special attention to questions such as your position, the work and responsibility that you are assigned, the salary you are receiving now and why do you think you deserve the increment. Also, highlight why do you think it is a fair option and justified one. Don’t forget to end the letter on an optimistic as well as a grateful note.

4. Don’t Mention Irrelevant and Unnecessary Information

Although you need to pay special attention to the content you are mentioning, by this, we don’t mean you need to add a bulk of information and other arguments. It is simply going to add up the length, sound utterly unprofessional as well as bore the decision makers so much so that they might not consider your appeal. To maintain professionalism, smartly pick up information, weave them into clear sentences and sum up as briefly as possible.

5. Always use Microsoft Word Document for Drafting Letters

Writing and communicating through letters can be a bit confusing since you can directly draft an email, send a pdf, a google doc or a word doc. Too many options might overwhelm and confuse you, but there is an only viable option here, i.e. Microsoft word document. It is easy to print and almost available in all the desktops. Google docs might hinder with accessibility glitches, and email is difficult to print. Therefore, always stick to the most viable option, i.e. Microsoft Word Document. 

Salary Increment Letter Sample

Samit Singh
95, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi, PIN: 23432789

May 26, 2020

Shri Ramesh Nath,
Manager, GHF Organization,
23456, Greater Kailash,
New Delhi, PIN: 00834

Dear Mr. Nath,

I am writing to formally request a review of my current salary. As an Account Executive with five years at the organization, I have always been ready and able when asked to take on additional work and new job responsibilities. I believe a review of my track record with the company, my recent achievements, along with industry average salaries, will demonstrate justification for an increase of at least 10% in my annual pay.

My role has evolved and multiplied many folds. Added duties now include staff management, budget decisions, and project management. In the past year, I have distinguished myself with the following accomplishments:

  • I improved efficiencies in the accounts payable system, saving the company 1 Lac in annual revenue.
  • I managed the successful launch of our new product Lypha.
  • I’ve strived for excellence, continued adding value to the company, and never missed a deadline.
  • Peer reviews indicate that my colleagues appreciate my management style, and I am a valuable member of the team.

Further, the average annual salary for my position is (the salary you want to be paid) according to data from This is more than 12% higher than my current salary of XYZ amount. A 10% raise in salary would put my compensation in line with industry and regional expectations for the work.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am willing to work with you to accommodate my request, along with what is best for the company. If you have another amount in mind or a plan to increase my salary in the future, I am open to negotiation.


Signature [for hard copy only]

Samit Singh

I hope this guide will help you to write a perfect salary increment letter to your boss. Comment down below if you still have any queries.

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