Highly Satisfying Jobs With High Paycheck

There are numerous highly satisfying jobs in India. Most of these are flexible and offer a high salary. Job satisfaction is considered to be the most important factor while looking for a promising career. Various factors determine job satisfaction. If you are looking for a job that makes you happy, there are several parameters to consider. Over time, the definition of the happiest jobs has changed. Now, money is not the only characteristic of satisfying jobs. 

There are various types of jobs. Some offer high salaries, some have flexible schedules, and some jobs provide other benefits, like a bonus, leave rules (emergency leave, casual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave etc.), retirement benefits, and the list goes on. But what makes any job a satisfying one depends on person to person. In this article, you will get to know about the 15 most highly fulfilling and rewarding jobs, along with the qualifications necessary for these jobs and their average salary in India. 

What makes a job fulfilling?

According to most people, a job is satisfying if it fulfills the needs of its employees. Therefore, job contentment is a deciding factor for a flourishing career. Here are some major determinants of job satisfaction:

  1. High salary– This is truly a deciding factor for being happy while you are at work. There are so many high salaried jobs that offer extreme satisfaction. 
  1. Skills and interests– Jobs that match your skills and interests are the most satisfying and enjoyable.
  1. Time flexibility– Jobs that offer a flexible schedule and have the least deadlines are preferable by many people.
  1. Recognized company– Company reputation and prominence is also looked upon by new aspirants. 
  1. Progressive growth– Job satisfaction is said to be the most when there are ample opportunities for improvement and changes to effectively deal with challenges.

What are the jobs that are high paying with high satisfaction?

There are a large number of jobs that will make you feel content and earn you a handsome salary. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Dental Hygienist

Job Description– A Dental Hygienist works under Dentists and treats patients for tooth diseases and gum problems. They also advise patients on oral hygiene.

Qualifications– Diploma in Dental Hygienist and attaining a license.

Salary– INR 30000 per month in India.

2. Radiation Therapist

Job Description– Radiation Therapy is a bit stressful job, but at the same time, the satisfying feeling of bonding with patients and listening to their problems is immeasurable.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree, work experience in the allied field and attaining a license.

Salary– INR 3 lakh per annum to INR 4 lakh per annum.

3. Education Administrator

Job Description– An Education Administrator ensures the proper functioning of learning institutions. He/She manages the processes involved in running an institution.

Qualifications– Masters in Educational Planning and Administration.

Salary– INR 30000 to INR 50000 per month.

4. Occupational Therapist Assistant

Job Description– An Occupational Therapist Assistant works under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist. The main duties of an OTA include helping in the treatment of patients and providing them therapies.

Qualifications– Degree in a related field, work experience, and OTA license.

Salary– INR 15000 per month to INR 30000 per month.

5. Sales Operation Manager

Job Description– A Sales Operation Manager ensures coordination between the sales team and the management and at the same time, ensuring that customer orders and complaints are adhered to effectively.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as business and marketing, knowledge of databases and analytical skills, and past work experience.

Salary– INR 10 lakh per annum to INR 30 lakh per annum.

6. Conservation Scientist

Job Description– This is said to be among the most satisfying jobs, which involve protecting the natural resources, advising farmers on the judicious use of land to improve productivity, and conducting studies to improve soil quality.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree in forestry or environmental science.

Salary– INR 3 lakh per annum to INR 5 lakh per annum.

7. Medical and Health Services Manager

Job Description– A Medical and Health Services Manager supervises medical services and ensures sound health of people in a particular area. 

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree in a public health-related field and a master’s degree.

Salary– INR 10 lakh per annum.

8. Professor

Job Description– Teaching is a fulfilling job as teachers prepare the future of the country. This job does not only involve teaching but also preparing lesson plans, imparting practical knowledge to students, attending webinars, preparing student reports, conducting events and so on.

Qualifications– Masters in education or a diploma.

Salary– INR 5 lakh per annum to INR 10 lakh per annum.

9. Speech-Language Pathologist

Job Description– A Speech Pathologist is provided the speech training to help and improve people with speech-related issues and remove language disorders.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in speech-language pathology and diploma in hearing and speech.

Salary– INR 3 lakh per annum.

10. Actuary

Job Description– Actuaries involve conducting research and determining the amount of risk and returns for a project. They are responsible for drawing future happenings and providing ideas for reducing the amount of risk.

Qualifications– Post-graduate degree in economics, statistics, or any allied field such as MBA in finance.

Salary– INR 10 lakh per annum.

11. Audiologist

Job Description– An Audiologist treats hearing disorders and diagnoses using various instruments to determine the cause of hearing loss.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree, diploma and certification course in the allied field.

Salary– INR 3 lakh per annum to INR 5 lakh per annum.

12. Pediatrician

Job Description– Pediatrics comprises tracking the health status of infants, suggesting measures to improve their immunity and carrying regular checkups.

Qualifications– MBBS degree

Salary– INR 10 lakh per annum to INR 12 lakh per annum.

13. Human Resource Manager

Job Description– A Human Resource Manager is responsible for maintaining the workforce in the organizations by carrying out workload analysis, conducting job interviews, negotiating salary with the newcomers, and introducing them to the company and its policies.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s and master’s degree in human resources.

Salary– INR 25000 per month to INR 35000 per month.

14. Chief Executive Officer

Job Description– A Chief Executive Officer is primarily responsible for formulating policies and making major decisions in a company and ensuring that the company functions smoothly.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree in economics, business, accounts etc.

Salary– INR 20 lakh per annum to INR 30 lakh per annum.

15. Optometrist

Job Description– To be an Optometrist requires a lot of hard work, and the main job duties include diagnosing eye and ocular diseases and advising patients regarding vision aids and other eyeball issues.

Qualifications– Bachelor’s degree in related field and association with Optometry program.

Salary– INR 2.5 lakh per annum to INR 3.5 lakh per annum.

What are other fulfilling jobs with high salaries?

Physical Therapist, Public Relations Manager, Forester, Physician, Software Developer, Psychologist, Surgeon, Product Designer, Marketing Assistant, Data Scientist, Customer Service Manager, Communications Manager, Executive Chef, Law Clerk, Financial Consultant, Enterprise Account Executive, Brand Manager, Construction Manager and Product Engineer.

What are the skills required to pursue these jobs?

Communication skills, analytical skills, fluency in English, multitasking, prioritizing work, effective dealing with customers, marketing skills, patience, mathematical skills, complete knowledge of MS Office, listening skills, optimism, social skills, consistency and reading skills are necessary for the above-mentioned jobs.

What does the survey indicate?

Job satisfaction depends on numerous factors such as salary, relationship with colleagues, and work benefits. According to a survey, most Indians tend to be happy and content with their jobs. But many are not satisfied by their salaries. In India, medicine is the field that involves the most satisfaction.


Job satisfaction is determined by salary, work environment, relationship with colleagues, perks and benefits, skills and interests and flexibility. Many jobs are fulfilling as according to a survey, more than half of Indians are satisfied by their job duties, but many are not because of low salary.


  1. What are the jobs that are highly remunerative with high satisfaction?

Some of these jobs are Speech-Language Pathologist, Medical and Health Services Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Psychologist, Surgeon, Optometrist, Pediatrician, Actuary, Conservation Scientist etc.

2. What are the skills required for these jobs?

Skills such as communication, listening, reading, analysis, mathematics, computer science, marketing, dealing with customers etc. are important.

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