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Here is an exhaustive (we hope so) list of queries any Job-seeker might have. While, we have tried to include all potential queries; should we have missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


Query Solution
I am looking for a Job. How can Zigsaw help me find the Job of my Choice
  • All the Jobs available with us can be viewed here:
  • Click on the State below to view Jobs from specific states.
  • Search for your city in the above links and you can view
    • Link to view Jobs: This link includes all current Jobs in the city. Click on Jobs to find interesting to know more about specifics (example Job-description, name of the company, salary, required qualification etc.)
    • WhatsApp Group: Clicking on this link would add you to a WhatsApp group of Job-alerts of your chosen city. Kindly note that we share Job vacancies periodically in these WhatsApp groups
    • Facebook Group: An open community to explore Jobs in your selected city.
I have found the Job of my choice. How can I apply for this Job Lets assume that you have found the Job of your choice based on the search explained above. Here’s a step by step guide to apply for any Job at

    • Click on “Apply online” at the top of the page
    • Case1: If you already have an account on zigsaw but are not logged id.
      • Clicking on the “Apply online” would redirect you to a login page
      • Kindly enter your email address & the account password here to login.
      • You will be redirected to the Job-details page at this point. Kindly follow the instructions in Case3 now, to  apply for this Job
    • Case2: If you do not have an account on Zigsaw
      • Clicking on the “Apply online” would redirect you to a login page
      • If you do not have an account on Zigsaw, Click on Register at the bottom of the page that says “Don’t have an account? Register”
      • On this page, Kindly enter your name, Mobile Number, Email Address, password & upload your resume. Complete the Google Captcha if required & Click on Register
      • This would successfully register you & redirect you to the Job-details page at this point. Kindly follow the instructions in Case3 now, to  apply for this Job
    • Case3: If you have an account at Zigsaw and are logged in
      • Clicking on Apply online would require you to answer some questions (typically asking you why do you think you are a good match for this Job, your earliest Join date & expected salary). Kindly fill these questions carefully as our internal team uses the answer to these questions to approve OR Reject your Job-application
      • After answering these questions, your application would reach us & our internal team of Recruiters would take action on your Job-application within 48 hours

Kindly note that you will receive an SMS from us saying that we have received your application, upon successfull receipt of your Job application

How can I update my resume on Zigsaw?


I have applied for a Job at Zigsaw. Where can I check the status of my application?
  • After logging in Zigsaw, kindly goto View Application Status page ( On this page your Application Status
  • Incase your Job-application is approved & your profile shortlisted, you can expect to hear back from the Employer OR the recruiter at Zigsaw shortly
  • Incase your Job-application is rejected, we try to provide reason of rejection of your Job-application in most cases. Most commo causes of rejection of Job-application are as below
    • Lack of relevant Skills/Experience: This is a typical reason when Your profile does not meet the educational OR experience qualifications required for this Job
    • The most prominent case of rejection happens because Job-seekers apply randomly on Jobs and without a clear understanding of the skills & experience required for any Job. Applying to random Jobs that do not match your skills reduces your credibility as a Job-seeker
    • Salary Expectations: Job market has grown very competitive in the last 3-4 years and sometimes unreasonable salary expectation wrt required skills/experience can cause your application to be rejected
    • Lack of sincerity: A lot of times Job-seekers do not show up for the interview or back out in the middle of the recruitment process. Sometimes applications can be rejected if the Recruiter thinks you are not sincere enough for the role.
    • The employer is not comfortable with Your earliest Join
    • The Recruiter did not find your answer to “Why do you think you are a good fit for this role” impressive
    • Interaction with the candidate: Sometimes although you check all points on a Recruiter checklist, the Recruiter does not find you suitable after an interaction with you.

We, at Zigsaw recommend you to apply more judiciously to the Jobs that are relevant to you & answer sincerely to the questions asked while applying for Jobs


How can I refer my friends for Jobs? Fantastic
Here’s a detailed guide to start referring your friends/family/colleagues for Jobs( Kindly note that we have attractive Referral incentives for most Jobs
I have applied for a couple of Jobs at but haven’t received any call from Zigsaw. I am not sure what might be causing it. Can you help? Whenever you apply for any Job, we usually take action on your Job-application within 48 hours of your application. The action would be informed to you via an email/SMS and can be viewed under the Application status tab at We only sometimes give a personal call/WhatsApp to shortlisted Job-seekers corresponding to their Job-application
What happens when my Job-application was shortlisted by Zigsaw but I haven’t heard from the employer? When we shortlist any application, it is forwarded to the official email address of the HR. If HR finds your application relevant, he/she would get in touch with you soon. However, if you haven’t from the HR/employer in 7-10 days, it usually means one of the below case

  • The HR was not impressed with the answers to the screening question provided by you.
  • The HR estimates that you are under qualified as per their expectations
  • The HR estimates that you are overqualified for the Job (might negatively impact stability)
  • The HR estimates that your salary expectations do not match their expectations from your skills/experience.
  • They have already hired someone else or are in final talks with someone.
  • The position was filled internally.
  • The position went on Hold
Where can I find some tips/tricks to improve my resume? Here’s a useful blog you can refer to for improving your resume:
I found an error on the website and would want to do that. How can I do so? You can report us any errors you might find by emailing us at We would be happy to make your Job search experience simpler

Wish you all the best for your Job-search. Hope you find your dream Job soon #beZigsawed

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