Pocket Friendly hiring plan for growing teams

What is the most important ingredient of Success for any organization?

Idea? Usually most over-rated, Alibaba was not the first Ecommerce website, nor was google the first search engine

Team? At the core of each success story is a team that made it happen. If the team is good, even an average idea could evolve into a great company. It is the people that sometimes bring ideas to revolutionize business for smaller teams AND bring operational efficiency to teams as they scale. A skilled & driven team is the key to any success story.

Wow!! How do we build an ideal team?

As critical as it is, it can sometimes also get complex. Lets break this down to 3 simpler processes for a better understanding. It includes

    • Sourcing Profiles
    • Screening Profiles
    • Coordinating with leads

We offer our Recruitment Expertise to growing organizations to make effective hiring decisions by providing them armour in terms of Recruitment Knowledge, Recruitment Resources & an experience layer via an Expert Recruiter. We help organisations with

    • Sourcing: We use our expertise to engage multiple channels to source the best-fit profiles for you. Our wide range of Talent Acquisition capabilities allow us greater bandwidth to source the most relevant profiles. Below are some of the channels we use 
      1. Organic Reach of www.zigsaw.in
      2. Integration with Google Jobs quadruples our reach
      3. Niche Job Boards (Eg. Naukri.com, Indeed etc.)
      4. Premium Access to LinkedIn.com, the world’s largest professional network with more than 56 crore users
      5. Social Media Marketing
      6. Paid Digital Media Ads (Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Niche portals/websites etc.)
      7. Referrals
      8. Headhunting
    • Screening: Our expert team of Recruiters screen profiles effectively, not just based on Skills, but also on Candidate sincerity, Culture Fit etc. This saves Recruitment teams the time & energy to go through less relevant profiles and keeps the process simpler for the in-house teams. 
    • Speed: Our well-defined processes allow us to get results faster for Job positions, even for typical positions.

Our prospectus here shows how Zigsaw helps organizations meet hiring goals and ensure effective ROI

Zigsaw offers a pocket friendly hiring plan for growing teams to leverage its recruitment expertise. Our delivery in Rent-a-Recruiter (or RAR) Model is as below

  1. Free Job posts on Zigsaw/other Job portals included
  2. Social Media Hiring included: Google, Facebook, WhatsApp & LinkedIn promotions.
    • Free Google Jobs listing
    • Facebook Job Posts included. 
    • Job posting would be propagated as a Verified Job opening among our Whatsapp connections.
    • Jobs would also be promoted through our Facebook group and WhatsApp groups.
  3. Naukri.com premium Resdex Subscription to be used to source 250+ profiles/position
  4. A LinkedIn premium account to be engaged for sourcing 100+ profiles from LinkedIn/position, the world’s largest professional network with more than 56 crore users

The dedicated resource would assist you with sourcing profiles, screening, coordinating and counselling Job-seekers.

How it works

  • We would allot an Expert Recruiter to you to assist you with your hiring requirements. 
  • The Recruiter would offer you everything the Dedicated Hire offers viz Sourcing, Screening & Coordination. 
  • The Recruiter to assist teams on a maximum of 5 positions
  • Our tentatively delivery on each position would be as below
      • Managerial (>5 years of experience)
        • Tech: 3-4 profiles/position
        • Non-tech: 5-7 profiles/position
      • Experienced (<5 years of Experience)
        • Tech Position: 5 profiles/position
        • Non-tech: 10 profiles/position
      • Freshers
        • Tech: 10 profiles/position
        • Non-tech: 10 profiles/positionTentative Deliverables for each of the positions shared in the RAR model would be as below.
  • Recruiter Fee (GST extra)
    • Fixed: Rs. 15,000/month (advance)
    • Variable: The pricing would be 5000/- Per Hiring (GST Extra) payable within 7 days of candidate joining.

To engage with us on the RAR Model, email your requirements to nikhil@zigsaw.in OR Call/WhatsApp us at 8875544428

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