Refer your friends for Jobs and earn attractive referral incentives

Refer your friends and win referral incentives

Why should you refer your friends?

  • Win cash prizes when your friends, friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends switch Jobs
  • Gain points & up your rankings. Join the #beingRecruiter and win daily cash prizes
  • Get treats & parties from your friends for finding them the right Job. #Spreadthegoodness

How it works

  • Step-1: Go to and Login
    1. If you are a registered user, click on Login and enter your login credentials. On smaller screens, login options is displayed after clicking on the 3 dots that appear on the top RHS of the page (Check image for reference). On larger screens, this option is available directly.
      Login OR Register at in Mobile version

      Login OR Register at in Mobile version

      Login OR Register at on larger screens

      Login OR Register at on larger screens

    2. If you are visiting for the first time, click on “Register” and create your account. To create your account, you will be required to enter your name, email address, mobile number, select a password and select your category as “Search Jobs”
  • Step-2: Go to All the live jobs are listed on the above page and have a thorough look at all the Jobs. Referral incentives (Referral Bounty you can earn for each successful referral) for each position is displayed under the referral amount head. Click on the Job opening for which you would like to refer friends.
  • Step-3: When you click on any Job, you will be redirected to a page that looks like Kindly note that XXXX is the Job code that uniquely identifies this Job.
  • Step-4: Different methods to refer your friends (Check image for reference)
    Understanding Referral Incentives & step-by-step guide to refer your friends family or colleagues for Jobs. Step-by-step guide to refer friends for Jobs on Mobile

    Refer your friends on Mobile Site

    Step-by-step guide to refer friends for Jobs on Desktop

    Refer your friends on Desktop

    • Method-1: Via the Social Media Icons Do have a look at the referral incentive tab. 6 Social Media icons are provided under this head. You can share the Jobs at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Telegram or via WhatsApp. Kindly note that the Jobs shared via this method would include your unique referral link. All the users who visit the website via your referral link will be counted as your referrals
    • Method-2: Via a unique link Do find your unique link of Job under the referral incentive tab, share it with your friends/family and help them bag the job of their choice. It would typically read as In the above link, YYYY is your unique referral number.
    • Method-3: Submit an Anonymous TipSometimes, you would want to refer someone anonymously. In such cases, Click on “Submit an Anonymous Tip” at the bottom of the page. A dialog box would open. Enter the details of the person you would want to refer. A good tip would typically include the name and contact details of the referred person. A more detailed referral tip would be eligible for a better referral incentive.
    • Method-4: Via an email/SMS
      If you are comfortable with the other person knowing that he/she was referred by you, we recommend using this option. By filling out email/contact details of the person and clicking on “Invite”, the invitee will receive an email/SMS alert for this Job.

Understanding the referral incentive

  • Browse to the referral incentive section of the “Job Details” page.
  • Usually, we give our referral incentives under 4 categories.
    • Amount R1: =40% of total referral amount. This goes to the person through whose link the successful candidate applied. Amount 1 is the incentive to share specific opportunities with your friends.
    • Amount 2 (Guy Q): ~34% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the successfull candidate was first registered on the portal. Amount 2 is the incentive to get your friends registered on
    • Amount 3 (Guy R): ~17% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the Guy Q was registered on the portal. Amount 3 is the incentive to motivate your friends to register his/her friends on (2nd degree of connection)
    • Amount 4 (Guy S): ~9% of the total referral amount goes to the person through whose unique link the Guy R was registered on the portal. Amount 4 is the network incentive amount you get when a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend (3rd degree of connection) registers on

To know the live status of your referrals, visit here: Kindly note that the placed candidate needs to complete 90 days at the organization to make his referer eligible for referral amount. Post completion of 90 days, our executive would reach out to you and collect your bank account details. Post this, the referral amount would be credited to your bank account within 5 business days.

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us over call / whatsapp: 6377208285 . Email us at

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