Smart Questions To Ask Job Recruiter Before An Interview

When you apply for your dream job, you get a call from the recruiter saying that you have been shortlisted for the interview. At this point, you jump with excitement and forget to ask vital questions about the job and the interview, which might land you in big trouble. If you don’t know who will be interviewing you, what are they expecting from you, and what are the company’s policies, then you might not be able to answer them confidently and may not excel in the interview.

Job recruiters serve as a link between the organization and job aspirants. They may be internal or external to the corporate. The company’s recruiters may give you information about the upcoming interview, whereas, if the company has outsourced the recruiting process, you might not be able to take out much information. Still, you should not forget to ask these 10 questions which are crucial for your job.

What are the basic questions which should be asked from job recruiters?

To ensure that your interview proceeds smoothly, ask these basic questions to the recruiter:

1. What are the company’s expectations from the candidate?

It is important to know beforehand whether you will fill this job position according to your interests and capabilities. Also, to get a fair idea of your duties and responsibilities as an employee. 

2. What is the dress code for the interview?

Be fully prepared for the interview and confirming in advance that the interview attire is safe. A formal dress or a three-piece suit is mostly preferred for a job interview.

3. May I know about the panel of interviewers?

Always be ahead of time by enquiring about who will be interviewing you. This will help you know about them when you run your fingers through social media and know about them. Therefore, you can establish a connection with them and strategize well for the upcoming interview.

4. May you please elaborate on the company’s policies for the new employees?

Many places do not offer permanent job positions to new employees. Some policies specify the salary and perks of the newbies. You can ask the recruiter about these policies to get a rough idea about your job.

5. I would like to get an idea about the starting salary for this company. 

This is a very important question when it comes to looking for a job. An idea about the starting salary for a particular job position in a particular company is required to decide about the job.

6. At what time the interview will commence?

Another important question, as punctuality is also a factor that is judged by the panel. Always ask this question so that you will be able to reach on time, and not be in a hurry.

7. How long will the interview continue?

This is to gather an idea about the interview process and a small clue about the panellists’ expectations.

8. When is the company expecting the new candidate to join?

This is asked to get a rough idea about when you will be informed if you are shortlisted for further process. Some companies take only a day or two to inform, whereas other companies inform about the further process in 15-20 days.

9. May I know about the selection procedure after the interview?

Ask this question to know about the selection process of the company. If there will be other formalities or another interview round, then you will know in advance.

10. What are the perks for the employees of the company?

Like salary, having information about the employee benefits and perks is also significant for the aspiring candidate.

What are the pros of asking these questions?

1. By confirming in advance, you will be on time for the interview and in the proper attire.

2. Knowing beforehand about the panellists will help you know more about them and develop a connection.

3. A slight idea of the questions that could be asked in the interview will help you practice well before and lead to success.

4. You should know the company you are applying for a job in, which will be useful for you to judge whether you are at the right place.

5. Asking these questions will also give you a clue about the number of days the company expects the new candidate to join.

What are the points to keep in mind while having a conversation with the recruiter?

When you are on a call with the job recruiter, you should bear these points in mind, as this call is a very important one and the questions you put up at this time will boost your interview. 


1.    Interact politely with the recruiter. This is really important as the recruiter will have a number of candidates to talk to. If you are being constantly unavailable or not responding to them well, you might miss the opportunity. 

2.    Always revert to your recruiter. If they have a job lead for you, you should check that. But always remember that you should not bombard their inbox with questions or continuously putting up questions for them on call. Instead, you should check back to them in a week or so or if on a call, ask in a rather polite way. 

3.    Ask appropriate questions to the recruiter. Suppose you know that the recruiter belongs to the company (internal recruiter). In that case, you should ask them relevant questions such as about the interviewers, questions they might ask, starting salary range etc. But if the recruiter is external to the company, then they might not know much about all these.


1. Don’t bombard the recruiter with questions because you might portray yourself as awkward and desperate. 

2. Asking questions related to salary too early might sound that money is your sole motive and will make a bad impression.

3. If the recruiter asks about your experience or details, you should not direct them to your resume. This may lead the recruiter to rethink and remove you as an option for the job position. Instead, you should help them by giving every detail and asking if they require more documents.


Job recruiters serve as a communication link between the employers and prospective candidates aspiring for the job. Internal job recruiters may have information about the selection procedure of the company, whereas external job recruiters may direct you to other job offers.

If you feel that the recruiter with whom you are on call know about the upcoming interview, you should ask them about the interview and the job to prepare well in advance for the job interview. 


1. How should I talk when on a call with the recruiter?

Remember that this is a very important call as it prepares you for the interview and, if asked carefully, can give you the required information about the company. Talk openly and in a polite manner with the recruiter.

2. What should I not do when I am having a conversation with the recruiter?

Never be in a hurry while the conversation, and don’t act desperate. Most importantly, don’t jump to salary right away, as that might appear vague.

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