How to express gratitude after an interview?

You have been shortlisted for the interview for your dream job, and in your dream company, you excelled in the interview and amazed everyone. And now you are just waiting for the second round of interviews without even following up with the recruiter. Then, there will be a high probability that the company might not consider you as a good fit for the job position

It is always better to express your gratitude as a follow-up soon after the interview. You must express your thankfulness through this note, and also write about how much you are looking forward to the second interview, why you consider yourself perfect for this job position, any new ideas that you have got based on the projects that you discussed in the meeting and most importantly, your contact details.

During this article, you will get to know the reasons companies look forward to the follow-up message, ways to write the perfect thank-you note, important points to remember while writing the note, and a sample note that is sure to woo anyone. 

Why do companies expect follow-up from the candidates?

Almost all the companies look forward to receiving a gratitude letter from the candidates after an interview. It also increases the chances of selection of the candidate for a particular job position. This is due to the following reasons:

  1. A thank-you note is important as the employer will judge the worthiness of the candidate. 
  2. The employer also gets to know if a candidate is a perfect fit for the company or not. 
  3. If the candidate mentions new ideas related to the discussion held during the interview, it also helps the employer boost the projects on hold. 
  4. The candidate also tells how much he is looking forward to the next round of interviews, which also indicates that the candidate is punctual and responsible
  5. The thank-you note also contains the contact details of the aspiring candidate.

What does a thank-you note consist of?

A typical thank-you letter consists of the following contents:

  1. Gratitude towards the interviewers.
  2. Expressing how much you are looking forward to the next round of interviews.
  3. Enumerating your skills and interests along with how you consider yourself compatible for this job.
  4. Convey your ideas related to the projects discussed in the meeting.
  5. Availability of the candidate for the next round of selection.
  6. Contact details like mobile number and email address.

How to write a perfect thank-you note after an interview?

thank-you note is written to express how much you look forward to hearing from the recruiter or the employer and how much you are thankful for their time, what you have learned from them, and the reason why you can be perfect for this job. 

Here are some steps by which you can write a thank-you note after a meeting with the employer:

1. Subject

The subject of your note should be short and clear. Simply writing, ‘Thank you for your time’ or ‘Thank-you for the interview’ will do wonders. It will be more than enough for interviewers to understand what the letter is about.

2. Greeting

You can address the interviewer by name. An example of greeting would be, ‘Respected Mr. XYZ.’ 

3. Content of the letter

This is the main part of a thank-you letter as this is the body of the letter. In the content, you can express that you appreciate this opportunity and thank the panelists for their time. You should include that you have an inquisitive mind and that you have acquired a lot of knowledge by discussing major projects during the meeting. Propose the ideas that you have in mind related to the projects that you discussed. Rephrase that you are highly compatible with this job. Finally, remind them of your next meeting with them. 

4. Closing

Conclude your letter by thanking the interviewer again and appreciating them for their time. Give a sincere thanks and a perfect closing to your note, for instance, by writing, ‘Yours sincerely, XYZ.’ 

5. Details

Enclose the note with your name and contact details, such as your phone number, email address, and important links to your LinkedIn account or your website, if any. 

What are the important points to remember while writing a thank-you note?

Some important points that you should always remember while writing a thank-you note after an interview:

  1. If you were interviewed by more than one person, then you should write personalized thank-you letters for each of them.
  2. Always remember to send a thank-you note within 24 hours of an interview or meeting. Make sure that you send them the note as soon after the interview as possible.
  3. You can be creative while writing the note, such as you can leave a handwritten letter on the employer’s desk instead of mailing it to them.
  4. Always make sure that the content of your note is perfect, as that will surely increase your chances of getting selected for the job. 
  5. In your note, you must never forget to remind the interviewers about your next meeting with them, as discussed earlier.
  6. Always mention your name and contact details at the end of the thank-you note.

Sample Thank-You Note

Subject line: Thank you for your time, Mr. XYZ.

Greeting: Respected Mr. XYZ,

A cordial thanks to you and the whole team of the interviewers, who were so generous to take out some time to discuss the prospects of this reputed organization, and about the job position of a Technical Analyst. I am highly delighted as I got to know so much about ABC Ltd. and learn so much in the presence of a highly knowledgeable and supporting panel. 

Furthermore, I would like to put forward my views regarding the upcoming venture we discussed. (You can present your ideas based on your current job experience).

I believe that my inquisitive mind and experience will be of great help to this prestigious organization and its upcoming ventures. 

I can provide you with more information on the project as and when you require it. Looking forward to hearing from you next Monday as discussed. 

Thank you again!

Yours sincerely

(Your name, contact number, email address, and other important links, if any)


Almost every company looks forward to receiving an interview follow-up from the candidates. It is very important as it determines the worthiness and potential of the candidate, and it increases the probability of selection for the job position. 

A thank-you note consists of the subject, greeting, content or the main body of the letter, closing, and the respective candidate’s contact details. The aspiring candidate should always elaborate on why he/she is a perfect fit for this job position and mention his/her contact details. Always read a sample thank-you note before writing to ensure perfection.


  1. What is the best time to write a thank-you note?

A thank-you note should be written as soon as you come out after an interview. You should send your note to the employer within 24 hours after the interview.

2. How should I write a perfect thank-you note after an interview?

A thank-you note is written just like a letter for formal occasions. Make sure that the content of your letter should amaze the reader. Always mention the reason why you are a good fit for the job, thank and appreciate the interviewer for their time and don’t forget to mention your details. 

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