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Welcome to Zigsaw. Rated a perfect 5 Star on Facebook & 4.8 on Google (out of a total of 75 reviews), we at Zigsaw believe that building the right team is at the center of every success story. We are the preferred Recruitment Partner for companies who resonate our idealogy of the importance of “Building the right team”. You can also refer to Zigsaw’s prospectus to know more about us, our clients & what they have to say about us.


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If you want a glimpse into the Different Hiring Models of Zigsaw, check here. This also includes the details of Free Model

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How can you help us hire?  We help companies hire by associating with them in either of the below 3 models

  • Free Model: Absolutely FREE. You can use this model for a better reach.
  • Dedicated Hire: In this model, we provide end-to-end support for Candidate Sourcing, Screening & Interview Coordination
  • Referral Hire: In this model, we provide Sourcing Support to HR Managers to meet their hiring needs
What are your prices
  • We have a FREE model which is completely FREE.
  • For Dedicated Hire model, our prices are as below
    • CXO roles (Any role that manages a team of >40 people OR CTC>50LPA): 15% of annual CTC of the selected candidate within 7 days of candidate joining
    • IT Profiles: 15% of annual CTC of the selected candidate to be paid within 7 days of candidate joining
    • All other roles: 8.33% of annual CTC of the selected candidate to be paid within 7 days of the candidate joining
  • In the referral hire, since our team does only sourcing, we give our Clients a 20% off on our Dedicated Hire pricing
What is your process for a Dedicated Hire Model? Here’s a step-by-step guide for Dedicated Hire Model

    1. You are requested to go through the detailed terms of Dedicated Hire mode. You can ask us any queries you might have at naziya@zigsaw.in OR on call/WhatsApp 8955973201
    2. Post this, you are requested to send across your confirmation to agreement of the proposed terms at support@zigsaw.in
    3. We would allot you a dedicated Recruiter at this point. Kindly note that the dedicated Recruiter is allotted based on your Industry, Function & the Job location. Typically allotted Recruiters have extensive experience of Recruitment in your domain
    4. Next, we do a multi-channel sourcing to source the best profiles for you
    5. Candidates you show interest are vetted not just based on their resume (skills & experience), but also based on a personal telephonic interview of our expert Recruiter
    6. Our team is available for support wrt Interview Scheduling OR follow up with the candidates if required
    7. The candidate our team finds a Perfect Fit for your role are sent across & you can hire whoever you find the best fit for the role
I am working with other Recruitment Firms at a lower price. Are your prices negotiable? Unfortunately, our prices are non-negotiable. However, you can always opt for the Referral Hire OR Free Model if pricing is a concern. For the Dedicated Hire Model, here’s how we are able to offer a premium experience to our clients

  • Our multi-channel sourcing along with vast network of Referral Partners allows us to source profiles faster, thereby increasing the speed of the hiring process. Our expertise in candidate sourcing skills allows us to have access to candidates that are otherwise impossible to reach. It allows us to broaden our Clients talent pipeline, thereby allowing our Clients to hire quality talent at a bargain salary. 
  • We are focussed on sourcing quality profiles for our Clients. This increases the quality of hire.
  • Our dedicated team can fast track your Recruitment process to ensure that you meet your hiring goals faster
  • We can offload work for your HR and make the overall Recruitment process much efficient. We allot an experienced Recruiter to yourself who not only understands your industry but also saves you time by an effective screening of Resumes. 


What if the selected candidate leaves after joining? Our screening process allows us to screen candidates not just on the basis of their skills & experience, but also on the basis of the ingenuity of their Job-application. Additional screening at your end would ensure a double check on this. Come worst may should a candidate leave within 90 days of his/her joining, we have a refund replacement clause which states that we would either find you a replacement within 15 working days OR process a refund within 7 working days.
 When I am required to pay to pay you?  Within 7 days of candidate joining
Tell me more about your FREE Model. How do I associate with you in this model?  You can post your Job for FREE on our website by sending across your Job-desciption at support@zigsaw.in Kindly include Roles & Reasponsbilities, qualifications, Job-location, approximate salary bracket while sharing the Job-description. Also, kindly include a brief about your company, email address on which we should send resumes & your contact number in case we need to reach you
What are the advantage of FREE Model
  • Since Job-seekers log on to zigsaw.in for their Job-search, it allows us to give you a broader bandwidth wrt your sourcing channels. Moreover, our integration with Google Jobs makes these Jobs available to anyone who searches for Jobs on Google
  • All profiles that reach you from our end are resume screened profiles from our end to ensure that only relevant resumes reach you. You could think of the FREE model as a way to broaden your talent pipeline at Zero Cost
  • You can also use our Social Media Reach to broaden your candidate search campaign
What is the difference between Free Model & Referral/Dedicated Hire The difference lies in our level of engagement on your Job vacancy. While FREE Model is a wait & watch model, we do proactive sourcing for Referral & Dedicated Hire.

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