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We are a recruitment consultancy and we connect Job seekers to relevant opportunities. We are young, dynamic & the go-getters of the recruitment business. While we are a small team, it has worked to our advantage by always keeping us on our toes. While most other consultancies offer a selection time-line (for their open positions) of 30 days, we deliver results in 15 days. However, we want to go beyond customer satisfaction, to customer . We want to deliver results in 10 days, beyond the dreams of our competitors. We know this is not possible without your support. You, yes YOU!! the one reading this. I, Vaibhav from Zigsaw request for your support to help us deliver results in 10 days.
What can you do?
All our job openings are posted on our job portal. We urge you to refer this Job to people in your circle. We value your help and would give you a referral incentive of Rs. 5000 on each successful referral
What do I need to do to refer to a friend?

  • Get the link of the job opening you would want to refer to your friend from our Facebook or Twitter
  • Facebook/Email/Twitter/Wassup the link to him/her.
  • Ask him to send across his CV to with subject line: Application for <abc position> at <xyz organization>, referred by <pqr person>

After we receive your friends’ CV, we will either select or reject the application in 7 days. In either case, you will be informed. If an offer is made to him & he joins the company, referral incentive would be transferred to your bank account in 3 business days.
Isn’t it simple? So start referring your friends, now. Stay tuned with our Facebook page or Twitter handle to get abreast with our latest job openings
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