In the present era if we talk about internships; they are not just a matter of choice but somehow they are becoming an integral part of the academic curriculum. Because getting a degree is going to help one get a job. But getting internships is going make one stand out of the crowd. And who doesn’t want to become an outstanding candidate? So let’s begin with the root question that why is internship necessary. Imagine a scenario where one is taught all about swimming and never allowed to practice it. What happens in such a situation when one is directly exposed to swim in the sea? Either of the two things is going to happen- a.) Start with baby steps, practice at the shore, and then when one feels that he/she is ready to explore the depth of sea they should swim till the farthest they can reach. b.) Dive straightaway in the sea. If the waves favor one will get through else signal for the lifeboat and quit it.
Evaluating both the situations it can be seen that the former situation demands a great amount of time whereas the latter one kind of shatters our hope. Neither of them is giving an optimized solution. Now just rewind the situation and consider that while being taught about swimming one is timely exposed to pools for a short duration of time to implement all that one has been taught. By doing this one can avoid the risk of taking baby steps as well as need to call the lifeboat.
Internships are the small pools that can help one to survive the sea of full-time jobs.
The example stated would have made it very clear that what is the evidence of internship in the contemporary world. Apart from it, a few more benefits that it can provide areas-
* An edge over all the peers.
* An impressive resume.
* Exposure to the real-world scenario
* Familiarity with the corporate culture
* A sense of the kind of future one wants for oneself.
* Providing a better view of the future requirements.
These are a few of the many benefits which can be sought from internships. Else for the right candidate ‘sky is the limit’.
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How would an intern benefit from his internship in a start-up?
You feel important
Decide if the start-up world is for you
Paid internships provide for your pocket money
A comparatively young team would foster an encouraging, challenging and friendly work culture
Learning would be Phenomenal
Build Relationships & not just network
Get a PPO
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