How to Write Congratulation Mail to Selected Candidates with Samples

Getting a job is probably one of the happiest moments of someone’s life. Being employed, the ability to fulfil the responsibility on one’s shoulder, the sense of accomplishment is something unparalleled for. In a country like India, the competition is extremely high. Here we have so many candidates competing against one another for the same job and with almost the same set of qualifications that it makes the selection process quite a challenging task for the recruiters. Everyone puts in their best to convert the opportunity, and when that mail finally arrives, stating SELECTED or HIRED, that moment is nothing but pure bliss.

Most of the companies follow a standard format for the congratulations mail when delivering the great news that lightens up the life of the candidate. The hired candidate is called and is given the news of his selection first through call or in person. It is not considered a good industry norm to inform the selected candidate only through the email.

Most of the candidates are looking at various job alternatives, so informing them beforehand through call is considered a better option. Then, the terms of employment, which include the salary, the duration of employment (if applicable), location, and others, are negotiated in person. Then the final congratulation mail is sent to the candidate. The email serves as the verbal agreement for all the negotiations held earlier.

Why Send a Congratulation Mail to Selected Candidates?

Congratulations! You are hired! Email is sent by the HR of the company to the selected candidate after the candidate is successful in securing the job. The reasons for sending the email are:

  • It is the most commonly practiced industry standard.
  • The candidate may forget the terms of employment if they are just discussed verbally, so to state the terms of employment clearly, the congratulations email is sent.
  • To make a formal documented proof of the negotiated and then agreed-upon terms of employment so that no discrepancy arises in the future, and there is no case of cheating.
  • To extend a formal welcome invitation to the candidate in the organization.
  • To get the candidate excited for the new stint at a new company and also covey the information required by the candidate for the first day at the company.

So, sending out a congratulations email does serve various purposes.

What to Include in Congratulations Email?

There is no perfect way to write a congratulations email. Still, some details have to be included in every Congratulations email that the organisation sends to the candidate. So, the most important aspects that have to be included in every congratulations email are as follows:

  • A catchy subject line that conveys the good news to the selected candidate. Examples of a catchy subject line are:
    • Job offer from [company name]
    • Your job offer from [company name]
    • Your offer from [company name]
    • Hired at [company name]
  • A vivid description of all the duties that the selected candidate is expected to perform.
  • The date from which the job commences, i.e., the starting date. This also included the job location where the candidate is supposed to be working.
  • Details of the immediate supervisor, the person to whom the selected person will be reporting to directly.
  • First-day reporting details.
  • Details of the salary, i.e., how much to be paid and when to be paid.
  • Detailed information regarding leaves, vacations, and personal leaves, how many are allowed, how many are paid leaves, and when they can be taken.
  • The benefits, pension scheme provided by the organization. 
  • Working hours that the candidate is required to put in. 
  • A deadline for the candidate to revert in case of any queries or when they accept the job offer.
  • Name and the contact information of the recruiter in charge.
  • The organisation’s stamp.

These are the mandatory details that need to be included in the congratulations email. Now, let us look at some sample congratulation emails so that the format becomes even more clear.

Congratulation Mail to Selected Candidates Samples

How to Write Congratulation Mail to Selected Candidates with Samples


Subject Line: Job offer from [company name]


Dear [candidate name],

Congratulations! This email is to formally offer you the job of [job title] for [company name]. We strongly believe that your skills and expertise will help our company to reach great heights.

As discussed with you previously, you must start on [start date], and the salary stands at [salary figure] per annum. We have the policy to disburse the salary by every 10th of every month, and it will be credited directly to your bank account. You are supposed to report to [reporting manager] on [day] at sharp [time].

The pension scheme offered by the organization covers your entire family, and it will begin one month from your first working day. You may sign up for additional benefits that the company provides [can include other benefits as negotiated with the candidate].

A copy of the offer letter is enclosed as an attachment. You are required to sign the document by [deadline] and return it to the below-mentioned communication address in case you accept the offer. After receiving the signed copy, I can further communicate the details of the benefits and the leaves that you are entitled for. 

We are looking forward to working with you.

Please contact me in case of any queries.

Yours’ sincerely,

[Signature of the employer]

[Position of the employer]

[Company name]

Sample 2:

Subject line: Offer from [company name]


Dear [Candidate name],

Congratulations. We are so happy to inform you that [name of the company] you like to extend the offer to you for the position of [job position]. After interviewing all the candidates, we found you the most suitable person for the job. You will be working directly under [supervisor name], and we believe that your addition to the team will add great value to the company.

According to the laws, we would require to check your employment eligibility. I have enclosed a form, which you need to fill in and report to the office on [start date] at [time]. You can report directly to [reporting officer], who will guide you through the training procedure.

On your first day, the HR team will brief you about the benefits and the insurance claims you can choose from. They will also explain the leave policy, profit-sharing plans, and the norms followed in the office.

Your salary will be [salary figure] per annum, which will be paid monthly and credited to your account by the 7th of every month. I have enclosed the offer letter and the document stating the terms and the conditions. If you accept the offer, you are required to send back the signed copy of the offer letter by [deadline]. The other steps in the hiring procedure will be communicated by me after receiving the signed acceptance letter.

Please feel free to reach out to me in case you have any other doubts. We look forward to you joining us and making us bigger and better than ever.

Yours’ sincerely,

[HR’s signature]

[HR’s name]

[HR’s contact details]

Sample 3:

Subject line: Job offer from the [company name]


Dear [name of the candidate],

We are excited to inform you that you have been hired as the [position name] for [company name]. You will work closely with [person’s name], and we believe that your combined excellence will help bring great laurels to the company.

Based on our conversation, your annual starting salary is [salary figure] payable monthly via direct deposit. You are required to report on [date] at [time]. Your job duties and responsibilities are explained in the document attached below. Please go through it and familiarize yourself with it. 

The rules and regulations of the company, terms and conditions of your employment, and the details of the benefits and insurances offered by the company are enclosed below. Please have a look. 

In case you accept the offer, kindly send the signed offer letter to [company’s address]. We are looking forward to having a great fruitful future with you.




[Contact details]

These were some of the sample congratulations emails. Every email contains the same basic information. The congratulations email serves as a ray of hope and happiness to the selected one. Everyone loves receiving good news, and a good email with a positive tone can do wonders. So, it is a great way to welcome the new addition to your work family and make them feel that they belong there.

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