Knowledge Management intern at µ-lessons

Intern KRA

  • Developing engaging engineering videos of first-year engineering content
  • Video Editing
  • Constantly improving the quality of video-lectures as per feedback shared by the mentoring team

Procedure of Video-making

  • A subject will be assigned to you as per mutual understanding between you and µ-lessons
  • The topic is researched and rough notes are prepared
  • The lecture is delivered and video made(approx 20 minutes per lecture)
  • Video-editing if required and submission.

Preferred Candidate Profile:

  • Second-year Engineering student from premier engineering colleges
  • Students willing to put in a minimum of 2 hours of effort on a daily basis
  • Third engineering students are welcome given that they can spare necessary time and sincerity
  • Students from other colleges with a good academic record and teaching skills will be welcomed with open hearts

Student Takeaways

  • Learn by teaching
  • Improving tutor-skills based on the feedback shared
  • Suggested for candidates who are considering tutoring as a career option.
  • A monthly stipend of around 2500-4000 based on performance

About µ-lessons
µ-lessons is an upcoming educational platform to help students have a better understanding of the topics typically covered in India class-rooms. µ-lessons aims to drive traditional classroom teaching to a fun, convenient, value driven and engaging benchmark of tutoring. (Website: )


Would you be our eyes in your campus?

        • Would you like to be a part of something awesome?
        • Would you like to be a driving force of the smarter ecosystem we are building?
        • Would you like Vinay, Prashant, Rohan, Sumit, Suhail, Aman, Shweta, Mohit, and Pooja in your college to make better career choices?
        • Would you like to build an ecosystem where opportunities are not missed and relevant opportunities are communicated to all suitable candidates?

      Guess what, here is your perfect chance. We are looking for College Ambassadors who could help us communicate opportunities in a fast and efficient way to their College Junta?
      What is a Campus Ambassador? A campus ambassador is our face & voice to your college.
      What would the campus ambassador need to do? Propagate the internship/Job opportunities with us to their college junta in a fast and efficient way via mails, notice board etc.
      I am from ABC college in PQR stream pursuing an XYZ degree. Can I be a campus ambassador for Zigsaw?
      It does not matter if you are based out of Mumbai or Mohali, Ranchi or Radhanpur
      It does not really matter if you are from from LPU or from IIPM; from IITs or from IIMs; from Christ College in Bangalore or from MICA in Ahmedabad; from Vidhyapeeth in Udaipur or from Xaviers in Jamshedpur; we are here to connect relevant opportunities to the most suitable candidates and if you really really want to be a part of the smarter system, we will be happy to have you on-board.
      Are you creative enough to connect with your campus?
      Are you passionate enough?
      We would like to hear from you
      What does the campus ambassador gain out of it?

        • We will provide an experience certificate at the end of your tenure.
        • A platform to boost the internship & Job scenario in their college
        • Marketing and PR skills
        • Recognition at our Wall-of-fame stewards
        • A performance-based stipend

      Why do we need a campus ambassador?
      God knew that we would discover an efficient way of conversing over the internet in 2004. HE also knew that in 2014, the Zigsaw family would be developing a streamlined and efficient channel for flow of opportunities. HE knew telepathy would not be around for another 25 years. HE knew that we would need to be at every place at every time for building an outstanding system. HE prophesied “Let there be Campus Ambassadors and the rest would be history”
      Yes, I am interested. How can I show my willingness to join? Share your views on you being a campus ambassador with us at