Women in India will never be equal to men

Hello Ma’am, we liked your profile and you have been selected for the XYZ internship you had applied ohhh!!!! That’s great, so how do we proceed now
We have arranged everything for you at the location when will you be able to join us?
oh no!!! I am afraid I can’t relocate. I won’t get the permission.
And this is how one more dream came to dust. Sincerely, girls, I hope all of the feminine society could relate to this. There have always been issues family issues, relocation issues, security issues, etc keeping you away from the job you have always dreamt of and always worked hard for. And why is that? Because you have not been in charge of what you want. Always there has to be a compromise for one or the other reason. Ladies, time for you to take charge. Time for you to decide what you want, what you want to become, where you won’t go in life. It is a well talked about a topic where equality of genders is firmly advocated by all. But how well is it being worked upon? By doing some protest? By following some videos? Or by any other stunt which catches the attention of social media but has nothing on you? SO here is what Indian men have to tell you. An open letter-
Dear Girls,
We have been unfair to you, since forever. But have you ever thought why? Because you gave someone else the charge to look after you, to take decisions on your behalf. It is going to sound so Gandhi but Be the change you want to see.

It is well said that we should respect girls. On the other hand, it is also true that respect is to be earned. We are not saying that you don’t deserve it, you deserve all the respect and love in this world. It’s just the time to take a stand for it. Don’t accept what you don’t want and don’t let go of what you really want. Take your own call, take your responsibility, and remember this does not come under the category of defying or disobeying anybody. In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take. Don’t regret ladies. Just Don’t.
Yours truly,
Indian Men.


In a conference that concluded at Abudhabi recently, Al-Qaeda’s board of directors unanimously decided to bring in more diversity in terms of non-muslim recruits. This is taken as a very positive move towards growth and is suspected to have been inspired by the Tata’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Meanwhile, Patels and Grujars have decided to join hands and asked for an 8.33% reservation in Al-Qaeda. The Al-Qaeda chief also agreed that it would be wise to hire engineers which can come at better ROIs due to widespread unemployment amongst them. Moreover, he also looked positive in raising the 341th round of funding to burn cash faster than some of the biggest names of the Indian start-up sector. He also added that Lalu’s win in Bihar is heralding the Ache Din for its plan to disrupt growth in India.

In line with their aggressive hiring plans to push projects, they have decided to partner with an exponentially growing recruitment start-up in India: Zigsaw. Also, note that you can also refer this opportunity to a friend/family and win a referral incentive of 5k on successful referrals.
Business Development Manager: Coordination with ground forces to understand their requirement and communicate the same to the Engineering Division. Also, to capture continuous feedback from existing territories of dominance and ensure sustainable growth. To also be on the constant look-out for growth avenues
Content Writer: Ability to write hate speeches for Owasi & other patriots to bring down the growth rate of the country. update the content on the Website and blog regularly to up the Alexa ratings
Engineers: Enhance the auto-pilot mode for ZT-291s and help in the design of Zugara tanks. Also to take ownership of enhancements and provide for the automation of SR-257s as per customer feedback.
Compensation: Basic: 18LPA Target based incentives (No Bar for the right candidate)
About our Work-culture: We are a very young team with dreams. We are a flat organization and fresh ideas of destruction are always welcome. Although, we are a target driven workforce; we provide flexibility in terms of cross-functional deputation to help in the all-round development of individuals. Emotions are at the core of our operations and we provide for an annual family (all expenses paid) foreign trip to a location of our choice in the Middle-east.
An experience to have worked in the cultural team of your College fests would be a huge plus. This helps us to utilize your expertise for creating non-required protests and bringing national growth at our mercy. If you have to lead a team of blind followers based on caste, geography, demography or language, Search no more !!
Disclaimer: The above articles is a satire and should not be taken in the literal sense.
Article By: Gavaksh Singh

Zigsaw looking for Winter Interns

What lies ahead? What we are coming up with
Recruitment has been a complex problem in the 20th century. With our entry in the start-up era, both employees and organizations have become more dynamic in nature which has even complicated it even more. We are not scared to say that all those who have tried this space earlier have failed and yet we are confident of our efforts. Be it the Job Portals or Placement Consultants, both have not been able to solve the basic case of recruitment i.e. a) Easy Job search for Job seekers b) Best Fit candidates for the employers
We are approaching this from an analytical perspective and are trying to measure things in numbers that have only been measured in adjectives up till now. We are secretive about what we are working on and you can expect yourself to be surprised in March
If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Word of Caution: Don’t apply for this internship if you are just looking for a certificate because let me tell you we would be working our asses off. It would be difficult, mentally stimulating, and a month of sheer madness!!
Another reason to do this internship: Google Udaipur
Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty. I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well: Theodore Roosevelt
Who are we looking for
UI/UX Developer

  • Updating the wireframes & layouts of the ZigZobs portal
  • Establishing the aesthetic thread of the Portal
  • Premium UI & intuitive UX design for the Portal

�Â� PHP Developer

  • Enhance the Portal
  • Enhancing the Test PlatformDesigner
  • Posters for Campaigns
  • Promotional videos
  • Re-invent Company Brochure

Stipend(for UI-UX/PHP Developers & Designers): Either a) 8k pm; or b) 5k pm Accommodation.
Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan
Momentum Officer
Key Responsibilities

  • Cold calling or cold emailing Startup owners and fixing an appointment (20%)
  • Meeting them with a presentation with how Zigsaw can help them take their brand to the next level (80%)
  • Bringing start-ups onboard as partners & closing deals.

Key takeaways

  • Networking with startups of the region of Ahmedabad/Mumbai/Delhi & Bangalore
  • Meet start-up owners, pitch them and get a chance to be the face of Zigsaw
  • Hone your presentation skills(with/without a ppt), communication skills thereby reflecting a stronger personality
  • The learning curve for people skills & negotiation skills

Job Location: Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore
Stipend: Mumbai/Delhi & Bangalore: 5k pm Travel Allowance
For outsiders: 8k Travel Allowance
Kindly note that for all the above cases if the Internship is done for anything less than a month, the stipend would be calculated on pro-rata basis
To apply: Mail your resume to vaibhav@zigsaw.in mentioning the work-profile of your interest

Have the Superhero Intern Team

Are you looking to hire Winter Interns?
Yes, I would love you but I have a lot of work at my disposal already and I would not want to go through the troubles of sourcing, screening, and selecting NOW !!
Well, If this was your answer, you have reached a perfect place. If you are convinced that hiring interns would bring value to your start-up, you can leave the rest to us. We would save you the hassles of hiring and connect you to your next superhero intern.

So what’s the deal? How do you go about hiring winter interns for us?

  • Send us the JD of your requirement at vaibhav@zigsaw.in
  • You would receive a mail-back from your end. This would include the confirmation of the option (based on mutual discussion) we would be going ahead with.

I am interested. But tell me, how would you source Internship seekers?

  • We screen candidates through our portal and by reaching out to placement committees
  • We also include candidates sourced through your channels (typically Internshala, Twenty19)
  • We would also include the referral program for #referring your friends for internships

Great, But how would you screen intern seekers?

  • The first stage of screening would be done based on availability and willingness(Location, Stipend, Company) of the prospective intern
  • The second stage would include ranking candidates based on preference skills as desired by the employer

At this stage, you can either select the candidates yourself or ask us and we would happy to help you here as well
Revision Notes
How would an intern benefit from his internship in a start-up?

  • You feel important
  • Decide if the start-up world is for you
  • Paid internships provide for your pocket money
  • A comparatively young team would foster an encouraging, challenging and friendly work culture
  • Learning would be Phenomenal
  • Build Relationships & not just network
  • Exposure
  • Get a PPO

How would #start-ups benefit from interns?

  • Generate Leads for your business
  • Give your social media the boost it needs
  • Optimize your website for the Google rankings
  • Reorganize your data to increase the efficiency of your core team
  • Hire your next sales and operations superstar after seeing the On Job Performance

So what are you waiting for, share the available internships at your company to vaibhav@zigsaw.in 
Internship seekers can apply online; by mailing their resumes at support@zigsaw.in

Go BIG this winter

Hey there, Greetings from Zigsaw
So, you would have read through a lot of articles that stress how can Interns bring value to your organization. How exactly?
Where can interns help you?

  • Lead Generation Interns: An average intern can generate 40 leads( estimating conservatively at 2 leads/day) for you. Even if this translates to a 10% conversion ratio, each intern can add a clientele of 4 customers to your bouquet
  • Social Media Intern: A social media savvy person will not only give a boost to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin campaigns but will also create original content which can do wonders to your Blog
  • SEO Intern: I don’t need to explain this, right? The only question I would ask is what is your Alexa Ranking target?
  • MIS Interns: In 21st-century data is abundant, the organization is difficult. I would assume if somebody can handle the side projects; the efficiency of your team can go up by 20%. Do you think it would be worth it?
  • Sales & Operations: You would be the best person to estimate this depending on the nature of your business and your target segment. I would assume if your current team size is 5; 3 interns can increase your operations by 20%. Do you think it would be worth a shot?

So, how fast would you like to grow in December? Write to us at vaibhav@zigsaw.in and we would like to be a part of your growth journey.
Okay, convinced. But how can Zigsaw help us with the Interns?

  • We are running an internship campaign for Winter
  • We currently have 17 partners onboard
  • We currently 4 college placement committees onboard.

What is this campaign about?

  • We are connecting Start-ups with their best-fit interns
  • This service is FREE

How would start-ups benefit from this?

  • Create momentum in sales
  • Get a Beta ready for testing/market research
  • Create a database of Potential Customers
  • Give your Social Media the outreach
  • They can test drive the talent before they actually make a hiring decision
  • Interns bring a fresh perspective to your faith (the idea)

All these advantages at

  • Almost no cost as the major concern for Interns is the learning Curve.
  • A minimum commitment of 1 month. This usually gives Start-ups the comfort to work with them as against when they are required to work with Full-time employees

Why are we doing this?

  • To kickstart our relationship with Start-ups and mesmerize you with the brand Zigsaw
  • We intend to create value for Start-ups

Yes, yes we would want to go BIG this winter. What do you need from our end for this to go through?
The confidence to make the hiring decision on your behalf. This is required as it is usually a concern for Placement Committees that 3rd parties cannot offer to join letter on the spot and we would want it to be a Win-Win situation for Placement Committees as well.
And if you are a student seeking intern, write to us at internships@zigsaw.in or register here
Do let me know your views on this Campaign. #ZigsawZindagi
Signing Off
Vaibhav Chouhan

Way forward for Zigsaw (Recruitment, Intern mapping and Test Algorithm)

2 weeks back, I was scared. Scared to leave my job which paid me on the 28th of every month. A week into Zigsaw, things look different and the whole credit goes to my team
Let me introduce them to you

  • Srishti: Do you have any idea how many recruitments opening a single person can handle. Meet Srishti, who has handled 8 clients ALONE. She is funny and confused at the same time, but not when it comes to closing positions. With 3 premium(12LPA) openings with us right now, I am sure she is the best person to handle this.
  • Devkaran: He will show you card-tricks and surprise you every time. He can talk to a person at 3:25 and schedule his interview at 03:30
  • Shubham: The superman who does things faster than the rest of us would ever be able to
  • Toshendra: He is our Chief momentum officer who helps us create waves with the Jobseekers
  • Anmol: He brings business and I am not sure what we would do without him

I am loving the energy here in Udaipur. It is not that the fear is gone but the confidence that my team would pick me up If I were to fall tomorrow.

Way-forward for us

  • Internship Tsunami: Devkaran. In our first year (April 2014 to May 2015), we had worked only with interns. I repeat, there were no permanent employees for the first year at Zigsaw(except August-September 2014 when we had Rajpal). I have experienced how resourceful interns can be. Also, it makes no sense to get industry veterans and pay them heftily when things are taking shape. Start-ups are about creating entropy in a tight budget. An intern can be resourceful when you would want to see an inflection in your Sales, Social Media Reach, and Google Rankings; Your core team can take it forward from there. If you are looking for Winter interns, reach out to us at support@zigsaw.in
  • Srishti would handle recruitments. Everything from sourcing, screening, and coordination would be her headache. She should have teammates in December
  • Portal: Vaibhav. There are many things that can go into this to make it intuitive & smarter. I am not saying we have reached our Eureka moment; but that we are trying and trying harder every next time. We would like to understand what is that 1 thing which when included in screening applications would change the face of Recruitment forever. We are waiting for Apple to fall.
  • Game: Vaibhav. Now, this is something people have tried time and again. We are just believing that recruitment if played with the spirit of Clash of Clans could change the way we look at recruitment.
  • Test: I think this is what you would be waiting for. After 3 beta versions, we roll out another. We are calling it for the same reason why some companies still prefer being called start-ups. It is because we believe that there is always further we can go with the Test algorithm and are open to discussions with experts about the scoring pattern. This would be a CAT preparatory adaptive test series of 3 Open Tests and we intend to cover 500 applicants through this test series.

@Team: Have I told you how good it feels when I’m with you? I feel home