10 Things You Should “Never” Do At Job Interviews !

People say to practice hundreds of aptitude questions for an interview. They say to prepare all possible HR questions you come across Google. They suggest random sites for preparation. They share interview experiences�Â� with you. They tell you what to wear and how to speak. They tell you�Â� to do this or do that. But.. Nobody says about the things that you shouldn’t do. Don’t worry, here are 10 things you should never do at job interviews:

Disability : Special Ability

Most of us know about the Olympics. But the question is, how many of us know about the Paralympics ? After getting a single bronze in Olympics, we started celebrating. But many of us don’t even know that we got 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in Paralympics. No matter we watched the match or not, almost everyone of us have heard about PV Sindhu winning silver and Sakshi Malik winning bronze in Olympics. But again, who knows about Devendra Jhajharia’s gold in the javelin throw or Deepa Malik’s silver in the shot put or Mariyappan Thangavelu’s gold and Varun Singh Bhati’s bronze in men’s high jump ? We haven’t even heard the name of these players. Why is it so ? What’s the reason they got less media coverage? Wait, you will get the answer very soon.
Undoubtedly, Sindhu and Sakshi played marvellously and off course, they deserved appreciation, awards and accolades. Sindhu recieved 5 cr and land from Telangana govt, 3 cr from Andhra govt, 2 cr from Delhi govt, 50 lacs from MP govt, latest SUV model from M&M and what not. Even many business men and jewellers from her state presented her gifts. Similarly, Sakshi recieved 1 cr from Delhi and Haryana govt. Delhi govt even gave promotion to his father in delhi transport corporation. Not only the government or the people, many celebrities celebrated all day on Facebook and Twitter. Sachin presented them BMW, while Salman Khan gave 1.01 lacs to both of them. Even pizza hut gave free pizzas for their namesakes and why not they truly deserve all this and even more. But why the Paralympics winners not even got the equal admiration ? If not the windfall of cash rewards like Sindhu and Sakshi, why these players didn’t get the same respect ? Why govt didn’t gave this much rewards to these people ? Why we didn’t celebrate on their victory ? PV Sindhu and Sakshi did hardwork. Similarly they also did infact more coz they are disabled. Then why are we not feeling proud of them ? Why, why and many more whys? And the only answer is: THEY ARE DISABLES.
Why disability is regarded as curse ? Why can’t we see that even after being disabled they have gone so far and we are still sitting here ? Because they are not disable, but our mentality is. Disability is nothing, every people have some special powers and they proved it.
Disability is just a special ability. Come, lets respect it.
Article By: Ms. Charul Barola

Highly paid jobs that don�â�€�™t require any college degree

Are you in one of the following situations?
:> Fresh out of school/ College dropout unable to get a job.
:> Your vast amount of talent is getting wasted as you don�â�€�™t have the popular parchment of paper known as �â�€�œCollege Degree�â�€�?
:> Want to do something creative, something you like and don�â�€�™t want to waste time in getting a degree and want to go straight away for the kill?
If you can connect to any one of the above situations and don�â�€�™t know how to get out of the �â�€�œDegree-zone�â�€�; Suit up, because the answer is here!! There are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you at your door, all you have to do is knock! So, here are some high paying jobs that do not require any college degree:
You might think that people with fancy degrees like B.Tech / BCA (Computer Science/Information Technology) are the ones for this job. But don�â�€�™t forget that all the famous software firms have an arrogant, strong hearted billionaire genius sitting at their top; be it Bill gates or our very own Zucky. The college degrees train you to become a �â�€�œComplete engineer�â�€� *enter sarcasm*, but that isn�â�€�™t the sole criteria for getting such jobs. All that you need is a computer language certification course and you are good to go. You can learn languages from the internet without spending a buck! If you are good at any language as of and have done several projects in that particular language; then you will be preferred over the degree holder with lesser knowledge. Knowledge is money, my dear friend!
Expected salary- (3-4 LPA)
Office Clerk:
Entry level jobs, data entry, email communication, phone answering, etc are the works of an office clerk. Though not much recognized, but this is one of the most important job profiles of every company. You need to have a basic knowledge about computer(including MS Office, Emails, Internet usage etc.) and 6/10 communication rating to take this job. Did you find any requirement of college degree here? This has also been proved as the one of the best jobs over the years, for non-degree holders. Go on!
Expected salary- (3-3.5 LPA)
Gaming Jobs:
You can do certification courses in the gaming or animation field to be a part of a�Â� gaming industry. If you know coding and programming well enough, you can develop and design a game. Besides that there are animators who require the simple knowledge of 2D �â�€�“ 3D animation views. Game Artists are required to be creative and imaginative to draw the real characters in the game. Game testers need to be passionate, if you have that zeal, this industry is waiting for you!
Expected salary- (4-5 LPA)
Social Media Manager:
Believe it or not, but knowledge about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc and how to increase traffic on social media can get you a good job. Branding being the main objective of the small businesses, this is the most demanding profile these days. Promotion and campaigning, creating influence and engaging more and more audience by using all techniques can fill your pockets in no time.
Expected salary- (3.5-4 LPA)
Content Writer:
The pinnacle of creativity and imagination. This job generally does not require a degree per se, but sometimes journalism and mass communication degree holders are preferred. Having said that, still, you can get this job easily as degree requirement is not as stringent as in other fields. All that you need is a passion for writing. But your writing should not be limited to blogging. There is a cut throat competition in the creative writing field and the content writers need to be more professional. Targeting the audience, generating more views on articles, you should have the knowledge to Optimize and manage the technical aspects of online content including SEO maintenance and internal linking to maximizing relevant traffic to the corporate web portal. Your work requirements also include Helping to create and support marketing content for social engagement purposes (e.g. blogs, customer case studies, customer videos briefs, and posts from analysts. Besides this, you can also go for offline content writing, as writing for magazines etc.
Expected salary- (2-3 LPA)

Never lose hope, never give up on your faith and never stop believing in your dreams, because miracles do happen here. Just believe in yourself! 🙂

More opportunities are coming ahead. Stay tuned with us.�Â� #bezigsawed #revolutionizingrecruitment.
Article by: Ms.Charul Barola