Impressions : Share your College Life Glimpses

It is often said that college is the greatest time of one’s life. It gifts us with a bunch of memories.
Time to re-live those beautiful memories which makes you smile. So keeping in mind with this belief Zigzobs is going to organize an online photo contest where you can share your clicks with us and win cash prizes and goodies worth Rs. 10000.

Mail your photos at

Contest Details(T & C):
1. The online photo contest begins on 18th July 2015.
2. Entries will be accepted till 19th August 2015(Till midnight).
3. A single entry will be accepted from each participant.
4. Your entries will only be accepted after you follow the procedure given below :

  • Share zigzobs page & hit like button.
  • Upload photo of your college memories on your ZigZobs Facebook Page with #zigzobs #collegedays #zigsawzindagi.’
  • Tag your friends.
  • Image discription (optional)
  • Email us your name, contact number along with the image at

5. Entries will not be accepted if any of the above terms are not fulfilled.

6. Zigzobs reserve the right to put any contestant/entry on hold or permanently cancel participation due to misbehavior/illegal/inappropriate content such as adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected,  promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff.

7. Zigzobs reserves the right to amend or withdraw the contest in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside their reasonable control.
8. Entrants are deemed to accept these terms and conditions by entering the contest.
9. In entering the contest you subject yourself to both the Contest Rules and Legal Terms and Conditions. By submitting images to the Contest, you are deemed to have reviewed, read, and accepted both.


1. All winners will be informed by us
2. A cash prize will be awarded to 3 best entries :

  • First prize: Rs 1500
  • Second Prize: Rs 1000
  • Third Prize: Rs 500
  • Goodies up to Rs 10,000 for best entries.
**Zigzobs has a sole right to change prizes in any circumstances.

INTERVIEW TODAY ??? Are You Nervous ??

I am good in coding, I am good in academics, I am good at problem-solving, my English is too good, my aptitude is good.
“Not everyone is perfect in everything….”

Many big MNC’s, government organizations have a first-round for recruitment i.e ” Aptitude round ” it just acts like a gate pass to proceed further.

Getting a gate pass is easy but the real challenge comes in a further round of face to face interviews.
Here are 5 interview questions that will help you in facing your interview :
( First thing to remember is don’t be nervous, keep a smiling face, be confident. the interviewer is not going to beat or eat you. )
1. Tell me something about you ??
This can be answered in a simple way just remember these keywords :
– Your name
– Where you are from
– Schooling & college degree in the stream
– About your family
– Your positives in a very precise way(hobbies, likes )
– Your experience
So now the answer will be like that :
Myself Ravi Kumar, I am from Udaipur, I did my schooling from st. Pauls and completed my in computer science from CTAE.
I have a small family that includes my mother, father, me, and my elder brother.
I love to read books, interact with people, love to read about new technology and I love to take challenges.
I have worked as a team leader in the XYZ company.
( You have mentioned everything about you. just remember those keywords )
2. What are your strength and weakness ??
A. Strengths: I am a good learner, dedicated to my goal, hardworking, team worker, creative, etc.
Weakness: this is a tough one but you don’t have to really tell your weakness to someone. in fact answer, this as
“I won’t feel better if I cannot complete my work within time.”
” I fell bad when someone says an incorrect English sentence ”
” I am focused on one thing at a time.
3. Why should I hire you?
A. Try to answer this question by remembering your skills, and you have to do a little buttering for the company too.
” You should hire me because I fit best for this role, I have the skills that are required for your company and it will be a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills to work for the growth of company and myself. ”
4. What is your long-range objective?
A. You can answer this in a quite simple way. ” my first objective is to work hard for the growth of the company. by this, I can eventually see my growth. I wish to be the BEST and Senior software engineer after 2 years.”
5. What is your greatest professional achievement?
A. In answering this question you have to tell your TRUE strengths, your technical skills, achievements (whether small or large ) you have to show them. don’t be fake in this question else you can directly be kicked out.
Last but important “BE TRUE IN YOUR RESUME”…never fake it.
We, at Zigsaw, are always there to help you in any way we can
Feel free to ask us at


Zigsaw consultancy is looking for interns for various profiles :
FoodeeBuddee is looking for various profiles :
Saladdays is looking for CUSTOMER SUPPORT executives
The Makeoverz is looking for various profiles :
I am good at coding, I am good in academics, I am good at problem-solving, my English is too good, my aptitude is good.
It is often said that college is the greatest time of one’s life. It gifts us with a bunch of memories.
APJ Abdul Kalam dreamed of Transforming the nation into a developed country, for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realize the Vision of Developed India.” This year we lost the greatest star of our times to heart attack on 27th July 2015. Even though he is not with us in the flesh, let us make sure that he is there with us in our spirits. Let us make sure that when he watches us from the sky on 15th August 2020, he smiles to see his Vision2020 come to reality.
What makes google, Google ?

Foddee Buddee has multiple openings :

Senior PHP Developer @ Razorpay at Bangalore
Android Game Developer @ BlackLight Studio Works at Noida (UP)
Content Collection Executive @ Grubbr Inc. at Bangalore
HR Executive and PHP Developers @ Marketing Mindz at Jaipur
Chief Technical Officer @ Modello at Gurgaon
Android/iOS Developer @ F!ZZ at Chennai
Background Story: We are a placement consultancy & are always eager to partner with other recruitment firms to form business alliances which pose a win-win relationship for both of us. In this journey of ours to partner with other recruitment firms, we came across another recruitment firm. Let us call this firm HM. We approached HM with our requirement for a specific Job Opening & they agreed to work together. Their terms were to pay upfront & we did so.
Senior PHP Developer @Writingminds
Hi friends,
Google search of Challenges Recruitment Industry returns about 36,10,000 results
2 weeks back, I was scared. Scared to leave my job which paid me at 28th of every month. A week into Zigsaw, things look different and the whole credit goes to my team
Company Name : F!ZZ
Job Profile: Android App/Game Developer
Company Name : Modello
Job Profile: Android Developer
Job Profile: Senior Web Developer
Hey there, Greetings from Zigsaw
Job Profile:Web Services Developer
Job Profile : Web Developer
Are you looking to hire Winter Interns?
Business Analyst (Cross-Industry Coverage)
What lies ahead? What we are coming up with
In a conference that concluded at Abudhabi recently, Al-Qaeda’s board of directors unanimously decided to bring in more diversity in terms of non-muslim recruits. Obviously, MNS & Karni Sena are the happiest. This is taken as a very positive move towards growth and is believed to have been inspired from the Tata’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Meanwhile, Patels and Grujars have decided to join hands and asked for an 8.33% reservation in Al-Qaeda. The Al-Qaeda chief also agreed that it would be wise to hire engineers which can come at better ROIs due to widespread unemployment amongst them. Moreover, he also looked positive in raising the 341st round of funding to burn cash faster than some of the biggest names of the Indian start-up sector. He also added that growing religious hatred ahead of the UP and Punjab elections is heralding the Ache Din for its plan to disrupt growth in India.
About our Work-culture: We are a very young team with dreams. We are a flat organization and fresh ideas of destruction are always welcome. Although, we are a target driven workforce; we provide flexibility in terms of cross-functional deputation to help in the all-round development of individuals. Emotions are at the core of our operations and we provide for an annual family (all expenses paid) foreign trip to a location of our choice in the Middle-east.
An experience to have worked in the cultural team of your College fests would be a huge plus. This helps us to utilize your expertise for creating non-required protests and bringing national growth at our mercy. If you have to lead a team of blind followers based on caste, geography, demography, Qaeda, or language, Search no more !! Here’s your dream Job
Disclaimer: The above articles is a satire and should not be taken in the literal sense