You might have heard that Flipkart owned Myntra has acquired fashion e-tailer Jabong at $70 million on last Tuesday. Now let’s look at this deal from the view of different e-commerce sites.
Jabong: I was facing rough weather for the past few months. Global Fashion Group had been seeking buyers for me after Kinnevik and Rocket Internet was no more interested in making the investments. Myntra got me.
Myntra: I acquired Jabong to become India’s largest fashion platform. I will now become the exclusive online platform for international brands like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Tom Tailor, G-Star Raw, Bugatti Shoes, The North Face, Forever 21, Swarovski, Timberland and Lacoste in India and will have access to a combined base of 15 million monthly active users.
Flipkart: The fashion and lifestyle segment has been a strong performer for me, and is one of the biggest drivers of the broader e-commerce sector in India. Thank you Myntra, you and Jabong together will make me the king of Indian fashion e-commerce.
Snapdeal: What..?????? I was about to make this deal and Myntra already made it!…. Wait let me inform Future Group and Aditya Group’s Abof too. 😉
Amazon: Jabong almost got sold to me in 2015. But we fell through due to a valuation mismatch. Anyways this deal makes them (Flipkart, Myntra, and Jabong) composite now, while I am still prime #Amazon Prime. 😉
In spite of whatever happens in these industries; there is always good news for you guys. According to HSBC study, around 12 million jobs will be created in India’s e-commerce sector over the next 10 years and is also estimated that the number of people employed will grow by 700% by 2020. About 70% of these jobs will be in logistics and delivery, while the remaining will be in customer care, IT, and management.
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Article by: Ms. Charul Barola

M&A story of Yahoo! – Riches to Rags

Twitter users these days.
Tweet 1: From $100bn to $5bn, #Yahoo! made it happen.
Tweet 2: I can’t believe #Yahoo! got sold. This marks an end of an era.
Tweet 3: Wonder how my yahoo mail will look like. Excited!
Yes……Yahoo! got acquired by American telecommunications company, Verizon for $4.83 billion last Monday. But why is this deal hard to fathom for everyone? Why it shocked everyone? What’s the M&A story of YAHOO!?
Well…! Before coming to yahoo’s story, let’s understand, what’s M&A? Merger and acquisition where, a merger means a combination of two companies to form a new company, while an acquisition is the purchase of one company by another in which no new company is formed. The intention, quite reasonably, is that the resulting combination of products, people, and pipelines will take the business to new heights. So what’s up with Yahoo’s merger or acquisition? Yes, you get it right, an acquisition it is.
1990: Internet giant Yahoo was once worth $125 billion at the peak of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s.
1994: Yahoo began as Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web, a directory of websites.
1998: Yahoo refuses to buy Google for $1 million.
2002: Yahoo realized its mistake and tried to buy Google for $3 billion. Google asked $5 billion. Yahoo refused.
2006: Yahoo made an offer to buy social networking site Facebook for $1 billion. Facebook refused.
2008: Yahoo refused to be sold to Microsoft for $40 billion.
2014: Yahoo was inspired by Modi Campaign. Still waiting for #Acche din! :p
2016: It’s over. Yahoo got #Verizoned.
Lesson for life 

If opportunity does’nt™t knock, build a door. But if it knocks, at least open the door. 😉

But we have lots of opportunities straight ahead. What if one opportunity would change your life?
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Zigsaw Design Carnival [live]

Hello & Welcome to the Zigsaw Design Carnival Fellas….. 😀 😀 :D�Â� So,�Â�  here we go…

Let the creativity flow

The first activity:�Â� Imagine yourself as Kickass Bike Rider and you want to go on a bike trip to �â�€�œLadakh�â�€�, which is amongst the deadliest and the most adventurous trips.�Â� Now, all you want is to make a group of the likeminded daredevil bikers, for which you have to make a Poster and float it over the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.
The second activity:�Â� Winners never quit and quitters never win…. So let give it up for all the champions who have never quit and made it through the hardest situations. They are the brightest stars. Yes I am talking about none other than our champions who have made our nation proud in the previously held Olympics.
We being Indians have never shown our support and enthusiasm to any other sports or game, that we tend to show for cricket.
But this time as the Rio Olympics 2016 are approaching, we need you to make people of India show the long due support and zeal to our stars that they truly deserve. So you simply have to design the poster and spread the word among people.
The�Â� third activity:�Â� Imagine that aliens have attacked our planet and Avengers are here to the rescue. The whole world is divided into teams of Individual Superheroes, and their team will consist a Graphic Designer. You are shortlisted as one of those graphic designer and you have to choose a Superhero.
Your task now will be to design a T-shirt for the Superhero to make the brand famous among the people and inspires them join your Superhero�â�€�™s team.
You can always choose an existing Superhero, or you can design the T- shirt for the Superhero who has been created out of your imagination.
The fourth activity:�Â� �â�€�œThis decade was for Developers, but the next one would be for designers.�â�€� ~Anonymous
But usually a designer�â�€�™s creativity is trapped between his 9 to 5 job, so keeping that in mind we want to give the designers a chance to revive their creativity.
We are going to celebrate a Design Extravaganza wherein we would conduct a design faceoff, by means of which the designers would get a chance to feed their creative appetite. It would also be a platform for them to connect with the people of the design community.
You have to design a poster that can convey the theme to the Creative Souls.
The�Â� Last activity:�Â� Truly said �â�€�œDesign is a journey of discovery�â�€� as the last assignment of the carnival we would like you to make your imagination visible. You can create anything that you want to.
Let your creativity wander wherever your imagination takes it to, let us not restrict it through any boundary.
�â�€�œCreativity is contagious, pass it on…�â�€�
Rules of the event
1. Dimensions: Any dimension
2. Software: Any software: photoshop, coral-draw, Ms publisher, Picasa, paint or any software on the face of the world. Even pencil sketches are allowed. However, whatever software you built it in, you will have to make the submission in .jpg or .jpeg format. A excel drawings�Â� would be really out-of-the box
3. Can I use images from the internet? Yes, you can. But we have kept some brownie points for the originality of the designs designed from sketch.
4. Submissions have to be (sent to OR (you can share them on instagram with #zigsawdesigncarnival)
5. Submissions to be done by 11:59 on 30th July
6. You can participate even [now]. Just start working on the assignment above. We can do�Â� the registrations later.
All the Best!!! & Happy Designing… 🙂
Who are we ? A small startup from the beautiful city of lakes with the only objective of #RevolutionizingRecruitment
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Designers are an integral part of any successful company

Think of your company and the services you offer. Now think of all the competition you have in terms of product, service, marketing and branding. Looks tough, right? Getting started in your company is no sweat.
So what separates the top 1% companies from the remaining 99%?
Is it the well �â�€�œdesigned�â�€� brand presence? �â�€�¦ Yes, it is!
�â�€�œA company’s design shapes the way an audience relates to your business, and any company, no matter the size, can benefit from employing design as a primary vehicle of brand expression.�â�€�
Apple is one of the best examples. It used design to distinguish itself from its competitors. In the 1980s and ’90s, the�Â� design was often an afterthought for many major technology companies. Apple worked with several partner companies to create the distinct, consistent design aesthetic that consumers recognize today.
“Through design, Apple was able to craft a positive brand presence that is slick and modern yet simple,” said Marlin creative designer at ShutterStock.
Every internet user spends an�Â� average of 4.5 seconds of time interacting per post on social media. Wouldn�â�€�™t you want to leave an impact in these 4.5 seconds? Now imagine if you are able to tap into the infinite pool of opportunities on social media through a strong design sense & brand identity. Images not only improve but have been shown to be a vital�Â� part of a company�â�€�™s marketing mix. For marketing campaigns, quality graphics have proven time and time again to be one of the most important factors to the success. Blog articles posted with images get�Â� 94% more views�Â� than articles without images. Twitter and Facebook posts with images lead to�Â� 2.3 times�Â� as many shares�Â� and re-tweets. Press releases with images�Â� increase views by 45%. 63% of online shoppers�Â� consider the quality of the product image to be more important than the product information and 53% consider them more important than ratings and reviews. 70% of marketers�Â� plan to increase their use of unique visual marketing in 2015. 95% of B2B buyers�Â� say they prefer shorter more visual content formats.
With these statistics backing them up, it�â�€�™s apparent that designers are an integral part of every successful company.
Design can do more wonders. Do you know how design changed the fortunes of the Airbnb? What was the turning point for the company?
They believed that everything they did had to be �â�€�˜scalable.�â�€�™ It was only when they gave themselves permission to experiment with non-scalable changes to the business that they climbed out of what they called the �â�€�˜trough of sorrow.�â�€�™ Here what they say scalable is 1000 lines of coding and non-scalable is design thinking.
Design thinking transformed Airbnb from a failing startup to a billion dollar business.
To be more recent, the perfect example is one the most successful�Â� iOS�Â� apps, Prisma. This photo-editing application had achieved 7.5 million downloads and over 1 million active users earlier this month, having been released just one month earlier.
How can design help you as a small business?
As a small business, this can mean the difference between gaining an edge over your competitors and turning customers off completely. That�â�€�™s why it�â�€�™s so crucial to invest the necessary time and resources in a visually pleasing, well-designed brand presence.�Â� The clearer your overall company identity is, the more likely your company is to survive and thrive.
You will feel more confident representing your company with a kickass business card a well-designed business card will bring life back to that first impression the client had of you. If it�â�€�™s representing your company, then make sure it is the best it can be. A�Â� stand out�Â� design will raise their confidence in you.
All you need is a good designer. #bezigsawed�Â� with us !
Article by – Ms. Charul Barola

Play Pokemon GO with Zigsaw!

Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen a lot of craziness about the game Pokemon GO. It is a location-based augmented reality mobile game. It allows you to capture and train Pokemon, who appear on screens as though in the real world.
But here is something which is completely new for you. Here we let you play our version of Pokemon GO of the recruitment world. Catch Pokemons with Pokemon GO, get jobs with Zigzobs!
Features of our game & the comparison with Pokemon GO !!

  • There you go for searching Pokemon; here jobs are available at your fingertips.
  • There you must physically travel to explore the game’s map, where you just need to register with us @ zigzobs
  • There, Poke Stops provide you with items, such as eggs, Poke Balls, and potions to attract Pokemon, here we provide you facilities like resume making and selecting your skills related feature.
  • There on encountering a Pokemon the Pokeball must be “thrown” to capture it, here job opportunities can be caught by clicking on apply button of zigsaw.
  • There you create an avatar by selecting a hair, skin, eye color, style, and outfit, here we counsel people for the interview. We explain answers to tentative questions and make them practice the answers, etc.
  • There are gyms where you can train your pokemon’s, we are conceptualizing Zigsaw Institute of Development

One feature that is planned for Pokemon GO is that you can share your Pokeballs /Pokemons with your friends. We currently have this feature as referring a friend button on all job opening. Plus you get referral incentives when you refer a friend for any job opening.
A glimpse of what we have made is here:

After catching all the 142 Pokemons, the game just ends there and nothing happens after it. You don’t get any rewards while your dream jobs await you when you play with us. Plus when you share pokemon’s with your friends/colleagues on, you can win cash prizes worth Rs. 5000
So what are you waiting for? Come on let’s play it..!!!
Somebody from future also spotted another difference: Pokemon went viral in 3rd quarter of 2016, zigzobs in 4th quarter
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Recruitment Drive at Udaipur

A well-known Microfinance company on this Monday
Date: 25th July 2016
Venue: AOFA Education, Near Ayad Police Chouki, Udaipur (Raj)
Time: 9.00 AM
No of Requirements: 900
Work Profile (Designation: Community Service Office)

  • Sourcing of loan proposals from those families that are financially excluded.
  • To conduct village mapping
  • To conduct a general meeting
  • There has to be no movement in the field after Sun Set

Job Requirement

  • EducationQualification: 12th / Graduate / Post Graduate
  • Job Location: Rajasthan (will be disclosed to the candidate during the interview)
  • Salary: 12,000 CTC Incentives Free Accommodation
  • Food charges: 800 Rs. per month
  • 2nd and 4th Saturday Off & All Sundays are Off
  • CL and PL are extra No Targets, No Sales, No MarketingJob Location: Min.
  • Training (for 6 months) will be at 250 Km away from home town. After training, candidates will be transferred to the location close to their hometown.
  • Bike mandatory post 1 month of service.


    1. When you’re bored and uninspired. You don’t enjoy the work you are doing and feel there is no scope for creativity.
    2. When you feel a disconnect at your workspace. You no longer feel like you add value to the organization. You want to be in a system of building processes instead of being in processes of established systems.
    3. When you feel your learning is limited. Your learning is limited to the proprietary frameworks of that company. You feel like you can’t grow personally. When you want to learn a lot of things in a very short time, startups are the place to be
    4. When you just can’t be bothered to excel. You have lost interest to get ahead on your career track. You are not motivated to perform well in your job.
    5. When you want to feel important. You cannot understand the significance of what you are doing on a day to day basis. You yearn to make an impact in the organization and would want to understand the ‘why’ of ‘how’ and ‘what’ you did
    6. When you want to work with a more transparent organization. You want to work at that place where you will know why the CEO decided to raise a new round of funding or why a VP of marketing was hired.
    7. When you know that you take on multiple roles. You know if you are not a developer, you can do business development, social media, ad sales, or customer service at the start-ups.
    8. When you feel the start-up culture will better fit your personality. When you have been a go-getter in your life and realize that your current role does not do justice to your capabilities.
    9. When you are ready to take risks The startup life is not all that glamorous. You will work insanely, handle a lot of pressure, and do a lot of jobs in a single Job. People will probably over-expect from you and you will 1.5X of how much you are currently working. If you are ready to risk the financial stability to feel ‘alive’ again, it is time for you to make the switch
    10. Lastly, and most importantly if you wait for the Friday evenings and hate Monday mornings, know that it is time to change boats !!

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To let go is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.
Article by : Ms. Charul Barola

the “Zigsaw” story

Ever imagined that a comment in Facebook can land you a job offer??? Well, that’s what, we at Zigsaw Consultancy services are trying to do. With our vision to simplify the process of recruitment both for the recruiters as well as candidates, we are all set to #RevolutionizeRecruitment forever
The recruitment sector is highly disorganized. There are people who need Jobs & then there are companies that need candidates. The good thing from a business perspective is that both are willing to pay & business exists on both the models. We intend to create an online community where Job seekers can openly & independently interact with Employers.
From the Clients’ perspective, If I were to explain our product to you; I would ask you to imagine. Imagine a world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job, you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options & delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this on auto-pilot mode. This magic-box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A total platform to endorse evaluates, verify & select, all at your finger-tips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment.
Inspiration to start-up?
I was preparing for CAT in my final year. All of the scores in the preparatory tests predicted a percentile of 99% in the CAT exam. My exam went well but I scored only 83%. I studied closely the normalization methodology discussed on various platforms. I also came to know that the bell curve hypothesis is valid only for infinite data points & would lead to inconsistent results if done on a finite data segment. Even for my friends, the scores were a little unexpected(both ways). On the other hand, scores of my lobby mates for GRE & GMAT were consistent with their expectations. It is also a well-accepted fact in the IIT fraternity that the IITians of the 90s were super-brilliant than their counterparts today. Although some may argue otherwise, I think it is unfair to take the cream out based on easy/average questions. I think it is of utmost importance that we come up with a smarter algorithm to rate aspirants for every exam. If you are to select the top 1%, this can be only done with tougher questions that draw a clear distinction between the top 1% & the next 1%. We wanted to develop a smarter algorithm so that every smart guy is flagged & no brilliance goes unnoticed.
We are a strong believer in the impact of Social Media on Recruitment and this practice is increasingly finding favor in different cities. We have created various Facebook groups, each city-specific to connect job and internship seekers with potential employers. We have been built these groups from scratch to a total of 40k members in the last 4 months would give you an idea of the effort we have put in this group. These groups have a huge engagement and have landed many people in their dream job /internship. These are no-spam open groups where recruiters can post their requirements and connect with Job seekers of their choice. Our Facebook groups are growing at approximately 500 members per day
How are we different? 

  • We evaluate skills through self-evaluation, peer evaluation & expert evaluation. This unique strategy helps us in creating a repository of pre-evaluated profiles which saves time & effort for the recruiter.
  • Gamification: We are building a game around recruitment and are incentivizing the whole system of sourcing applications through referrals. The system of referrals from the existing user network makes it easy for hiring the right person for the right job.

Future of Recruitment?
Have you played Clash of Clans? Candy Crush? Enjoyed the house competitiveness in Harry Potter? This is exactly what we would like to do with recruitment. To build a game that is engaging and helps people get Jobs. A demo version of the proposed game can be viewed at
(Username: demo, password: demo)
Personal Journey
It wasn’t easy. All the more for me because I was handling an independent HR role at my previous organization. Finding a technical cofounder gave me my first start-up blues. I tried finding a technical partner through the existing portals, my personal network, social media & all the ways I could think. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful and although it was difficult I am glad that I started anyways. Honestly, this was a major reason that highlighted the need for a smarter need and we started focussing on recruitment. I realized that It is difficult to convince people to experience a new way when they have been using the traditional methods of recruitment for years. We have been stopped at doors and shown out. Not listened to and been dismissed as bogus. But in the end, we have always prevailed. I think the feedback from Job seekers has been our biggest strength and has been something that has helped us through times when business wasn’t good.
Having catered to clients like, UBER, Indiamart, HRH Group, Miraj Group, Grey Orange Robotics, Urban Clap, Razorpay, and many other notable companies in the past, we are all set to change the face of recruitment forever. We have conducted 3 major events to date
1. Udaipur Job Festival: An offline Job Festival in Udaipur saw participation from 9 companies like Ziphop, Alien Tech Solutions, Spericon 3D, Rakhadu, etc.
2. Internship Festival (13 companies): Apart from the online nature of the festival, an offline internship festival was organized at SVNIT. It saw participation from companies like Urban Clap, Wedding Plz, Reval Regal, Career Crucible, etc.
3. Job Carnival: 62 Job openings from the likes of UBER, Mahindra Finance, Exide Life, August Infotech were shared over a span of 3 days.
Revolutionizing Recruitment
If you look closely, you will observe that Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. We want to be the Job portal that owns no data. People refer their friends & colleagues for Job openings. This, I believe can the smartest & the fastest way of finding the right person for the Right Job
The team
Currently, we are a core team of 2 members, me & Shristi, we have believed in hiring interns for getting work done. We have had interns from top colleges like IIT-Kanpur, BITS-Pilani, IIT-BHU, SVNIT, MNIT, VNIT & TAPMI. I believe it works brilliantly; interns create momentum & leave us with a lot of ideas, and “out-of-the-box” ideas is what I think will separate us from the other players in recruitment. If I look back now, I see a very rich pedigree of sweet that has gone in building what we are today.
What do you see ahead for Zigsaw? I would like to take you to that one scene in the movie where Brad Pitt is leading the boat on the attack on Troy and there is one soldier who asks him, what do you see ahead?. He says, immortality……. I am not undermining the challenges that lay ahead, I am not saying it would be easy. We are just stating that with our ideas to change and boundless energy; sooner or later; We will #RevolutionizeRecruitment