Zigsaw acquires Creative Cops HR Consultancy

Good morning to fellow friends, employers & Job-seekers. We are excited to announce that Zigsaw has acquired Creative Cops HR Consultancy, a reputed Recruitment Firm of Udaipur.

I would like to throw some light on the acquisition and other goals going forward.

Why this acquisition?

We observed that there has been a high demand in the semi-skilled workforce. Since Zigsaw had mostly worked in the White Collar segment, acquisition of Creative Cops allows Zigsaw to extend to cater to its customer’s needs across functions & industry. With the acquisition of Creative Cops HR Consultancy, we would also be extending our niche to industries requiring semi-skilled employees and allow Zigsaw in its expansion plan for Rajasthan, MP & Gujarat. Apart from being a strategic decision in its expansion plan, it also gives Zigsaw access to expertise & guidance of Mr. Rajesh Kabra who would be joining Zigsaw as a part of this acquisition. I remember an incident from the early days of 2016 when we were a very competitive bunch of Recruitment enthusiasts who were looking at innovative ways to close positions. Our competitiveness used to give us an adrenaline rush and we would mostly beat other firms in direct competition. It was during this period that Mr. Kabra beat us to a position in his unique ways. In its rarity, I had developed huge respect for Mr. Kabra and his do “Whatever it takes the attitude to close positions”. Mr. Kabra would be joining us full time as a part of this acquisition. Another major role of Mr. Kabra in the new Zigsaw would be to help in the extension of our Recruitment Team, guide and mentor young Recruitment enthusiasts. We, at Zigsaw, believe that we want to be a leader in all Industries, extension of niche to include Semi-skilled workforce would allow Zigsaw to be a talk of every household in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat. This would help Zigsaw improve its brand identity with Job-seekers. The move is expected to strengthen its Jobs portfolio and compete more aggressively with other Recruitment Consultancies in the region. With the increasing capability of machines, people are the most valued assets for each organization and as companies lineup to rack the best talent, the market for the Recruitment industry is going to grow further than its current estimate of being a $200 Billion industry worldwide.

Goals for this year?

We currently have 1000+ verified Jobs listed on our platform www.zigsaw.in for Rajasthan, MP & Gujarat. We intend to reach 1500+ Jobs by the end of this quarter. For the FY 2019-20, our most important goal is to do 2X of the revenue we did in FY 2018-19 while maintaining Profit/Earning ratio close to what it was in the last year.

Biggest Challenge ahead?

While the Service industry has its positives, it is also a very competitive industry by its nature. Its competitive nature causes high attrition rates which makes it sometimes difficult to conserve knowledge acquired. We, definitely need to establish a process to retain top talent and work on building existing talent.

People-centric initiatives

People’s development is an important factor to cause & maintain the high growth rate which has caused Zigsaw to taken organization-wide initiatives to fuel its high growth aspirations. In its endeavors for capacity expansion, Zigsaw rented another office in Manglam Fun Square, Udaipur. Glimpses of our new office are here

Zigsaw acquires Creative Cops HR Consultancy

It is very rare for a Bootstrapped startup to acquire another startup. While I would like to think of this acquisition as a milestone in our journey, a lot of contribution to where we are today goes to a lot of people. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to our current team for making this happen. Previous teams to have probably endured the most challenging times, especially Shiv, Srishti, Kanika & Yash & the wonderful mentors we have had along the way: Mr. Fulendra Dhurandhar, Mr. Arun Singhal, Mr. Madhukar Bhardwaj. Going forward, we look forward to joining forces with more Recruitment Firms and help each other grow faster. We, at Zigsaw, are serious about growing faster & are open to considering partnerships, mentorships & investments forging long term meaningful partnerships. 

Are you hiring?

Yes, we always are. Recruitment is probably the most fulfilling career there is and It gives us immense satisfaction to get people Jobs based on their preferences. We are looking for smart, sincere & driven individuals to join us in our growth journey. Our performance-linked incentive structure & half-yearly appraisals appeal high to individuals who want to create a mark for themselves. We have limited Fixed component for Compensation and award attractive performance-linked incentives to reward top performers. We a building a core team that would be central to our success story in the years to come. If you think you are made to beat the best and are looking for a challenging & fulfilling career, Zigsaw would offer the right fit. Feel free to reach us at career@zigsaw.in

While giants are taking on the Recruitment Industry at a global level, Zigsaw is taking the Job-search hyper-local.

Have a wonderful day ahead !!