Zigsaw Internship Festival

Name of the CompanyLocationWork-profiles spends Referral Incentive Career CrucibleWork From HomePHP Development (Front End Backend)10k (fixed) 5k (variable)Rs. 100Career PediaMumbai, PuneMarketing5k pmThrilophiliaJaipur, BangaloreBusiness Development, Sales5 -10k am Mukta FabricsMumbaiPHP Development10k pmYsCartBangaloreDigital Marketing, Marketing Research3000 pmConsult PadJaipur3-5k pm. & Mrs. PetJaipur, UdaipurBusiness Development4-8k pmUrban ClapAhmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, and Jaipur10-15k (for 2 months)Gateway InternationalUdaipurMarketing & Operations10-15k pmAmbraiFront Office Executive, (Cook, helper, steward, etc. in Hospitality Management)WeddingPlzDelhiContent, Operations & Backend6k pm

Attend the free #CVBanalo workshop by Zigsaw on 9th April

Your CV must speak loudly and clearly of your value as a potential employee. And the value must be spoken in a few brief seconds, because, in the business world, that’s all the attention a CV will get. The CV takes you only the first few paces toward that new job. It gets your foot in the door, and because you can’t be there to answer questions, it has to stand on its own. Martin Yate

When you sit to write a CV, the things that come to your minds are:
Simple English or Flowery language? Colored paper or white? Times Roman, Calibri, or Comic Sans? Just job title or complete description? How long? Achievements since class 2 or just the last 2?
There is so much confusion over what an ideal CV should look like and more importantly, what it should carry. These details should be stressed as you’ve probably heard the expression – First impressions are lasting ones; your CV is usually your first impression with a potential employer. Your CV has the power and authority to either make or break your chances of being invited to an interview!
Like the first date, they are the first time an employer gets to form an opinion about you the first impression can make all the difference The CV is your vital opportunity to present yourself at your best.
For competitive jobs with many applicants, a selector may only read your CV for one minute before deciding to reject or to shortlist for detailed consideration. Thus it is important to know how to put the relevant details of your entire life on a page or two.
All this is more difficult done than said. Not everyone is capable and aware of how to write a good CV. Moreover, we have very little idea about what employers want. Thus, in this highly important time for students as well as job seekers, Zigsaw Consultancy is holding a CV Banalo Workshop to help you with the skills to write an effective curriculum vitae.
Companies like Fusion, Lexis and EduWings will give you insights on what the industry expects, and then Zigsaw’s professionals will guide you to write an effective CV.
Venue: Ashoka Palace
Date: 9th April 2016
Day: Saturday
Time: 5 pm
IN THE END, We only regret the chances we didn’t take – Lewis Carroll