Posting Jobs at

Posting Jobs on is FREE. Here’s a 2 minute “how to” guide to post Jobs:

Here’s our WHY? 

We want to create an open community where employers would have a direct access to Job-seekers for FREE. Besides helping employers build the right team to scale their business, it will help Job-seekers connect with the employers of their choice.

Here’s the 2 step process to post Jobs at

  1. Step-1: Goto Click on Sign Up under the “Join us” tab in the LHS panel. Kindly enter your company name, email address, contact number and a suitable password. Kindly select the role as “Find suitable candidates”. Click on register.
  2. Step-2: You will be redirected to your employer dashboard where you need to click on “Post a new Job”. Fill in type of Job, position title, Job Details, Maximum salary etc. and  click on Post Job.
  3. If you need to post multiple Jobs, repeat Step-2


Advantages of posting a Job at

  1. We will promote your Jobs with our Social Media Outreach (Facebook & Whatsapp groups with 1,00,000 members)
  2. Out team of recruiterswill screen resumes for you and you will only receive the relevant profiles in your inbox. We will do it for you for FREE.  This will help your HR team’s time in screening 1000’s of the irrelevant resumes that you receive.
  3. Besides, every 5th employer gets a credit of Rs. 100 Zigsaw balance to promote the Job at  You can use this balance to keep an active referral bounty on your Job, which would not only improve your Job visibility for the next 30 days, but also drive people to start referring their friends for the available Job. This would improve your chances of closing the position manifold.


Who are we

We are an HR Technology company, established in 2013 and operating from Udaipur, Rajasthan.  Know more about s here: Here are some facts from Udaipur

  • India has a population of ~1.4B. X is the biggest player of recruitment in India. It has ~ 265K unique visitors everyday ( This means 1 person out of every 5303, uses X to search Jobs. Lets look at a small city in the south of Rajasthan, Udaipur. The population of Udaipur is ~ 4.5 Lakhs. Last month, we had ~3k unique visitors from Udaipur. This means 1 person out of every 150 from Udaipur visited Hence, it makes it 35 times more likely to find the right talent in Udaipur through us, than through X.
  • Posting Job on is FREE and posting Job on X takes 1650 Rs./post
  • Our facebook group of Jobs in Udaipur had 12.5k active members in the last 28 days (source:Facebook Group insights)

We use our achievements in Udaipur as a  benchmark to our targets and we intend to replicate the success we have received in Udaipur to PAN India. Are you with us?Lets do this together.

Have Queries? Feel free to reach out to our Client Relationship Manager, Srishti at 9057305559 or email us at