Work from Home Internship for MBA Students || Exposure to Business Development, Recruitment & Marketing

Hello students,

We are looking for individuals who are smart, driven, with excellent communication skills, and willing to punch above their weight

Work Profile: Work profile of this internship would be a mix of Business Development, Recruitment & Marketing. Your internship would begin with the Business Development role & could slowly evolve into broader roles of Recruitment & Marketing based on your performance. The internship would provide you exposure in all 3 domains i.e. Business Development, Recruitment & Marketing. The comprehensive rich exposure would not only enhance your skills but also help you make a more informed choice in your career going forward. Your roles & responsibilities during the internship are mentioned below for your broader understanding

  • Business Development
    • Search Potential Leads via a free 1 month trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    • Approach them in a professional setting via LinkedIn
    • Qualify leads & help Clients build their dream teams
    • Account Manage: Be a dedicated Account Manager to the bagged Clients
  • Recruitment
    • Research potential Job-seekers and help them search the Job of their choice
    • Research Job-openings & share them with Job-seekers
  • Marketing
    • Social Media Management of our Facebook & WhatsApp group
    • Drive engagement of Job-seekers & employers via Social Media
    • Communication/PR to increase the visibility of the brand “Zigsaw”  amongst Job-seekers & employers

Expectations: Work for 1.5-2 hours on a daily basis

Internship Duration: 3 months minimum

Internship Certificate: Would be provided on successfully completing the internship

Stipend: On Performance basis

Grow & Learning Opportunities

  • Grow your professional network
  • Improve your LinkedIn Profile: An insight into “How to create a Rocking LinkedIn profile”
  • Experience Business Development: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the fastest growing lead generation channel. This internship would offer a Hands-on experience on LinkedIn Sales Navigator & it would be a fantastic tool to your skillset. This internship would also offer a holistic experience into a typical B2B Business Development function.
  • Experience Recruitment: This internship offers 1st hand insight into Recruitment where you would help connect Job-seekers to relevant Jobs. You would also resolve Job-seeker queries to better understand the expectations of Job-seekers
  • Exposure to Marketing: A hands-on experience in Social Media Marketing & PR to enhance your resume
  • Besides, this internship would show you a way to access to thousands of Learning Videos on LinkedIn for FREE

About Zigsaw: Zigsaw is one of the fastest-growing Recruitment Firms in India.

Are you interested? Reach out to our team on WhatsApp at 8619011848 mentioning your interest in pursuing this Work from Home Internship. We would be happy to answer any queries you might have & take it forward from there.


Happy Interning 🙂

Becoming Self-dependent | Start & run your own Recruitment Business

Have you longed to be an entrepreneur & be self-dependent? Here are some advantages of becoming an entrepreneur

  1. The thrill to build something: let’s face it, Jobs can sometimes get monotonous, sometimes in terms of role OR learning. Being an entrepreneur allows you to be always excited about what you are building. You navigate through the ups & downs to embark on a memorable journey of thrill & passion. 
  2. Reach your true potential: There is no upper limit to what you can achieve. The upside is a tremendous success, otherwise impossible working a Job.
  3. Impact: The impact you could have on society, inspite of the industry is tremendous. You create Jobs & address an existing problem thereby making the process efficient in some way.
  4. Retire Early: Successful entrepreneurs have the luxury to retire early to an evergrowing income.
  5. Satisfaction: You have yourself to credit with the failure OR success you achieve. This is a very important aspect for overachievers to be able to credit their success/failure to themselves
  6. Staying close to your family: For the top talent, a lot of times growing in our career requires us to move out of our hometown. Starting your own business allows us to grow as per potential without the need to compromise on your social OR family life.

Advantages of running a Recruitment Business

  1. Opportunities to learn & grow: Recruitment offers a learning curve like no other. Interacting with a lot of people of different industry, functions & seniority not only hones your Interpersonal Skills but provides for a learning curve like no other role. Recruiting for clients from different industries gives us an exposure to diverse industry backgrounds. When recruiting for Top Management positions makes People from Recruitment Industry very professional and thorough. 
  2. Work with Top Clients from across the globe: As Job-seekers and Clients have moved online, most of the Recruitment happens online. This enables you to work on Junior positions from Tier-4 cities to CXO roles in Different Continents. This allows you to choose your own sweet spot in terms of industry, function and geography and craft your own niche. 


How to bag clients in Recruitment Industry

  1. Approach via LinkedIn: Most Hiring Manager publicize their available Job openings via LinkedIn which makes it a fantastic platform to find new prospects.
  2. Find leads from other Job-boards: Hiring Managers find it most convenient to post their Job Ads on leading Job Portals
  3. Refer to newspapers: This mostly works for Tier3 & Tier4 cities with mostly traditional Clients


How to close positions in Recruitment

  1. Getting premium access to is the best way to close Entry & Mid-level positions
  2. Referrals are the most popular method to close mid-level to senior positions. Becoming a partner of allows you to be a part of our wide referral network of Recruitment Consultants.
  3. Posting Job Ads on Zigsaw, Indeed, Facebook Jobs could help you source more relevant profiles. Whilst the reach of Facebook Jobs could be high, applications on Zigsaw are pre-screened by a team of Recruitment Specialists of Zigsaw enabling effective screening for even beginners.


Enthusiasts could also choose to become a Franchise Partner of Zigsaw and start Recruiting from Day1


Advantages of becoming a franchise partner of Zigsaw

  1. Start from day 1: Partnering with Zigsaw would allow you to start from Day1 as you receive access to Members ONLY playbook of Researching & Approaching Clients; Sourcing & reaching potential hires without the administrative hassles of GST, office, overhead costs etc.
  2. Establish Trust: Zigsaw being one of the fastest-growing & the best-rated Recruitment Firms in the country, there are good chances that the Candidate/Client has heard about Zigsaw. Approaching them with the brand name Zigsaw establishes rapport and increase the Conversion % for both Candidate & Clients
  3. You can choose to become a Business Development Franchise Partner OR Recruitment Franchise Partner of Zigsaw based on your strengths
    1. Business Development Franchise Partner: Our automated systems have tools to engage potential Clients to drive conversions
    2. Recruitment Franchise Partner: Becoming a Recruitment Franchise Partner would allow you to create & send Automated campaigns for Job-seekers: Whenever you post a Job at Zigsaw, our automated candidate outreach tools would reach out to relevant candidates & invite them to apply on the posted Job. This happens without any effort from your end and increases the chances of closing any position multifold.
  4. Manage the ups & downs of Business: Becoming a franchise partner allows you to share your risks with us & other franchise partners. The diversification of risks allows all of us to benefit out of the association

How to become a Business Development Franchise Partner OR Recruitment Franchise Partner of Zigsaw?

  1. Discuss any queries you might have with our Franchise Partner on Call/WhatsApp at 8619011848 OR on email to OR by leaving comments below this blog post. The franchise partner would help you with your queries.
  2. A registration fee of 50,000 is required to become a Franchise Partner of Zigsaw. Post your application, you would be subjected to a rigorous screening process since we are sensitive about our brand and who we associate ourselves with. If your application is rejected, you would be refunded your application Fee. Kindly note that the Registration Fee is non-refundable in case your drop off during the screening process.
  3. On successfully qualifying via our Selection process, you would be allotted a specific niche (Industry/Location/Function) and you can start delivering results from the word Go. A dedicated mentor would be allotted to you to help & guide you through any challenges you might face.


Choosing between Business Development Franchise Partner Versus Recruitment Franchise Partner

Here’s what we would recommend for you

  • If you have <2 years of experience in Recruitment, we recommend becoming a Business Development Franchise Partner
  • If you have >2 years of experience in Recruitment, we recommend becoming a Recruitment Franchise Partner


Hiring remote sales team that works from home || Generate cheap business leads

Hello People,

Are you looking to hire Remote Business Development Executives that could work from home & generate economic business leads for you? Your search ends here


We connect you with professional remote Business Development Executives who could help you generate more leads for your Business. Details of a typical Sales Hire are as below

Skills of Remote Sales Team

  • Good English Communication Skills
  • Basic knowledge of Internet Research, Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets
  • Sales knowledge & Experience
  • Excellent knowledge of LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Roles & Responsibility of Remote Sales Team

  • Generate Leads online via LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Prequalify leads based on the requirement
  • Provide Customer Support
  • Measure & Report Key Matrices on a daily basis


Advantages of a Remote Sales Hire

  • Generate Business: Cash is the King & Sales is the Kingmaker.
  • Get Customer Feedback to reach the right product/Service Market Fit: The remote staff help organizations in presales, Invite customers to try, get feedback, make recommendations & improve product/service offering
  • Increased margins: Not only would you be able to hire cheap but also save on overhead Administrative & infrastructure costs. These increased margins would allow you to scale rapidly by plowing the margins back to the system
  • Provide Flexibility: Temporary contract workers help you manage efficiently the ups & downs of the demand with the flexibility
  • Consistent High-Quality Professionals: Everyone on our platform is pre-vetted & trained for the basic skills mentioned above.


If you would like to get in touch with us, feel free to reach us at and our representative would get in touch with you.

Top 10 Job posting sites in India 2023 – Free and Paid

Kindly note that the below article is for Employers/Recruiters looking for Top Job Posting Sites in India. If you are a Job-seeker looking for Job opportunities, view Top 10 Job portals for Job search in India

India has a vast pool of talented resources with millions of job seekers looking for growth opportunities online. This includes both, freshers & experience professionals. The Internet has tremendous reach and it makes sense to reach our target hires online. Hence, free job posting on Job-portals helps Recruiters reach out to a broader audience. The “Free” concept broadens the pool of data for today and tomorrow. As more & more people move online, this is the ultimate solution in the coming times for matchmaking of the right person with the right job. We have curated a list of Top Job posting sites in India

Top 10 Job posting sites in India 2023 (FREE & Paid)

Indeed is a worldwide recruitment portal that gives paid and  free job postings both. It is one of the finest portals to post jobs. It is a great boost for startups and small enterprises to post jobs and is adverts free. The only difference between paid and free listings in the manner in which post appears. While paid ones are promoted to appear on top of a search page, free job postings will appear at the mid or bottom. However, this doesn’t adversely impact your free job posting in any manner. This is because job seekers look for multiple positions and apply to every Job that suits their educational qualifications and skills.

Zigsaw is an HR tech firm that provides the best solution in terms of recruitment to all the leading companies, it is one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms of India.Start posting your Job online for FREE Zigsaw join hands with companies to help fulfill their hiring requirements in the short span of time & in the best possible manner. It helps to deliver the most effective and efficient human resources to their clients and provides end-to-end solutions for hiring by justifying the definition of recruitment i.e., right man at the right place. Zigsaw also encourages its international client base. Most recruitments at Zigsaw happen through Social Media and their versatile job portal website fit both, the startups and the corporate. Zigsaw offers both FREE Model to help employers hire Talent AND Premium Model (Dedicated Hire/Referral Hire) to help employers hire for critical positions

It is considered one of the best job portals in India for mid-level professionals working in the corporate sector. The active HR’s and recruiters can freely post and advertise on LinkedIn. Many working professionals use this social network cum job search portal to find the Job of their choice. This site allows jobseekers to create a profile for free and make it visible to employers. It also provides an option for serious job seekers to upgrade their LinkedIn profile page.All that an employer needs to do as a recruiting manager is to make a connection with the right candidates who are already there.

It is among the first job portals in India, Naukri has expanded massively over the years and created a radical revolution in the world of staffing and human resources especially in India. It is one of the best websites which offers free job posting among the rest job portals in India. Most users don’t get to pay one penny for applying for employment on this site. Naukri, however, has now expanded its offering and has a premium subscription-based service too which promises to match you with the best jobs matching domain based on profile and qualifications of the candidates.

It is a leading employment website in India owned by Times Group which features all the top leading vacancies nation- wide and also from Middle- East Asia. It provides free access to the candidates to find the jobs matching their requirements and also allows employers to post their jobs at free of cost at the initial age. Being the leading employment site, it has all the relevant job posts from the big-fat Indian and Middle East companies which helps the prospective to get their dream jobs.

It is a free job classifieds website that offers other services such as buying and selling used and second hand stuff and also recruitments. However, the advantage with Quickr is, individuals can do free job postings for all kinds of jobs, especially common jobs such as domestic helpers, cooks, drivers, and many other essential professions.

Internshala is a trusted free job posting site in India that boasts of connecting learning students with their dream companies in India. It is best for those recruiters who want to post for student internships. It is the beginning platform towards an emerging career. Internshala enables students to search for internships by stream, location, company, and duration.

Owned by the popular newspaper company Hindustan Times group, Shine has a special significance among the top job portals in India. Several multinational companies find this portal best to post their top jobs on Shine as the USP of it is that it positions itself aggressively to those that are already employed and looking for a change.

Created in 1999, Monster is a global employment web search portal. It expanded its roots all over the world, including India. It is amongst the top job portals in India and offers a great variety of jobs, even with international companies, on its job portal. Monster India is a trustworthy portal for Indians looking for jobs overseas, especially in the Middle East & Southeast Asia. It allows its users to search for jobs under different categories like Government jobs, Contract jobs, Walk-in jobs & fresher jobs.

Upwork is among the simplest job portals for freelancers in India. This US-based site has postings from across the world. The best part is that it allows you to choose from a readily available talent pool & get short projects done faster. The website allows candidates and employers to create a profile for freelance assignments. Upwork takes a percentage of the total amount once the assignment is completed successfully. As a result, it’s completely transparent and genuine. Upwork enables employers to connect with talented freelancers across the globe for a short- term OR temporary OR freelance projects.

Advantages of hiring online with Job portals  

  1. It’s cost-effective: Placing job advertisements on the Internet is a lot cheaper than placing them in newspapers, magazines and other media. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter can even make publicizing an edge an essentially free exercise for companies
  2. Clear communications: On the web, there’s no word limitation and everyone has relevant details that are often expressed unambiguously.
  3. Broader search, deeper pool: The Internet’s virtually instantaneous global reach means companies have the advantage of reaching a broader pool of candidates, which increases the probability of finding the right candidate. Candidates also can permit recruiters to view their CVs online, and even update them from time to time. This means that recruiters have a deeper pool of candidates to hire from.
  4. Marketing Tool: Generating dynamic content on job portals regarding companies could build up employer branding in a successful way to attract top talents and to boost corporate culture. Social media account to spread the word and to attract more traffic to both your website and social media accounts.
  5. Green solution: The gathering and compilation of filing of records of everyone and related administrative work is completed electronically. Hence, paperwork is reduced & less physical space is required for file storage. Thereby, the ecological footprint is smaller than more traditional recruiting methods.

Step-by-step guide to hiring team online in India 2023

  1. Identify job requirements
  2. Post job at online job portals for FREE
  3. Source candidates on professional social media or portfolio sites. You could leverage these Facebook Groups & WhatsApp groups to source Job-applications
  4. Do a basic telephonic screening
  5. Arrange for Interview with Hiring Manager & take feedback
  6. Conduct Final round of Interview
  7. Extend job offer
  8. Onboard New Hire

As Hiring Managers, our performance is usually measured by the quality of the people we onboard. The above article enlists top Job posting sites for employers in India (including Free/Paid). It also includes the advantages of hiring online and provides a step-by-step guide for HR Executives to hire talent.  If you face any difficulty, feel free to reach our team and we would be happy to help you. Contact Details are as below

  1. Call: 9509623304
  2. Email:
  3. WhatsApp Support

Top 5 Work from Home Jobs India 2023

If you are excited about the option of working from home, you will find many perks and advantages that will come along. You can start earning money from day one and without any travelling, you can make handsome money if you have work from home job! In today’s post, we are going to mention the top 5 work-from-home jobs that you can start immediately without much hassle. As networking and the internet keeps on getting larger, the demands for internet jobs are also increasing rather quickly. If you look at the statistics, you will come to know a huge increase in the demand for people looking for the option to work from home. So, let us make this task a bit simple for you and jump to our top 5 work from home opportunities that you will not want to miss out on.

Top 5 work-from-home Jobs in India 2023

  1. Business development: 

    Yes, it is an amazing career option that you must not ignore if you are a marketing and sales expert & love talking to people. The work requires you to interact with various people and convey your message in the correct way. For some people, the business development career option might be a bit challenging due to the responsibility of getting in new business daily and needs continuous follow-ups, patients, and luck. You are the best fit for this job if you have good verbal and written communication skills, effective marketing, sales, and management skills, are able to understand the customer’s industry & core business processes and analyse business justification & closing skills. 

    Though there is a huge growth in this work and it depends upon how you can handle, materialize, and bring in high closures. Business Development Managers will be responsible for managing the business prospect of an enterprise. They should identify increasing business opportunities and develop long-term relations with their prospects. It is required to improve company revenue and increase profits.

    Business managers or developers help the organization to become successful. They rely on theory, knowledge, and experience for helping businesses to expand. They will evaluate business performance and find out ways to reach their complete potential.

    Here is a Work from Home opportunity (Job/Internship) for Business Development Enthusiasts

  2. Recruitment

    The second option for work from home career is recruitment and this is one industry that easily adapts to this culture of home working. We will check out a few reasons why home working is simple for recruitment agencies compared to other businesses or industries. Some remote recruiters are employed by the recruiting companies and work in-office, but, many can still work from home. 

    • Screening of a candidate can easily be done on the phone
    • Recruiters communicate with clients via email and virtual chats and can be managed from home.
    • Recruiters just need a phone and computer for doing their job

    Many other professions do not have the luxury to be so flexible when it comes to location, so we must count ourselves a bit lucky and must not be afraid of putting home working in practice. It is easy to track recruiter productivity on the internet. 

    A key responsibility of a recruiter will be searching for the right candidates for the relevant profile, understanding the complete recruitment process, scheduling the interview, coordinating with the candidates and company till joining and being responsible for sourcing, screening & shortlisting the right candidates for the job. A recruiter needs to have a good command of the English language, requires good communication skills, and must adapt quickly.

    Work from Home Job for Recruitment Professionals

  3. SEO Specialist

    SEO Specialist is a need of an hour and is increasing quickly in today’s work-from-home scenario. Everybody wants to rank first on Google and for this, they need the help of an SEO specialist. What does this work involve? The work is all about taking projects from clients and improving their organic traffic. To prove your skills in this field, it is important to have a verified track record to get a good number of clients. 

    Though SEO Specialist does not need any particular degree or certification, but, it is important to have good knowledge and experience in this field. You need to have a real interest in the SEO and digital marketing field must have a strong online profile, a better understanding of Search Engines, and customer search patterns, and experience in HTML coding, preferably, PHP and Javascript.

  4. Content Writing

    Content writing or article writing is one of the most admired works-from-home professions today. Content writers are in huge demand for writing web content, ad copies, blogs, stories, and more, and recruiters are looking out for the right people who have got expertise and skills in this field. If you have a good grab of the English language and grammar, an innovative writing style, and are ready to research various topics and write most appealingly, then this work-from-home job is a perfect fit for you.

    Although most of the bigger websites or companies have got in-house professional writers, many websites outsource their writing work and hire remote writers for their writing tasks. Having good experience in writing will prove very helpful, but what can take you ahead is your ambition, drive, and ability to find a unique angle on various events that happen daily.

    To get hired, you may need a good portfolio of your work and some writing samples that you can attach to your resume. If you are choosing this profession, it is important to have a very good grasp of English and grammar and be able to write on various topics. Even knowledge of SEO and HTML can prove very helpful to you 

  5. Social Media Marketing

    Last but not least is social media marketing, though it has become highly important for businesses to have a strong presence on social media. And if you have a good knack for using different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can stay home and earn a living by helping businesses to reach out, connect and endorse their products or services through social media marketing.

    A key responsibility of a social media manager includes developing proper social media strategy and goals to improve brand awareness & engagement, handling various social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, managing campaigns to promote your brand and organization and more.

    Social media specialists can also make money through consulting and training. Though there aren’t any set qualifications of becoming a social media expert, many entrants have a degree. This field is open for everyone from any discipline; however, the following subjects will be quite helpful:

    • Marketing (mostly digital marketing)
    • Media & communications
    • Business management
    • Public relations.

Final Thoughts 

Work-from-home choice can be empowering, exciting, and also profitable, given that you are aware of its pros and cons. Doesn’t matter if you are a company part-timer, full-timer, or freelancer who does not hit office on some days, it is a good way to escape your daily grind. However, there are some added duties with this freedom, and not to mention foresight, planning, focus, and self-discipline. And, of course, hours of hard work. 

Effect of coronavirus on Indian economy and Jobs

The greatest pandemic the world has faced after World war II has its name as Noval Coronavirus or to shorthand it as COVID-19.  This virus made its way in December 2019, through Wuhan city of China and since then has been spreading across the globe at an increasing pace. To date, more than 200 nations have been affected by the outbreak of corona, and the loss it has made or is making to human life is unexpected.

It has not made its feet limited to human lives but has started to work as a termite to economic life as well.  The global economic impact that this virus has been making is way broader than our imagination.

The COVID-19 outbreak has left no sector untouched. It has marked its footsteps in almost every sector of the Indian economy leaving us with a road full of bumps to be covered over the shortest period to incur the least possible losses.

India is no exception; the already degrading Indian economy is going to have an extremely bumpy path ahead. The Indian GDP for the financial year 2021 by various renowned bodies like World Bank and credit rating agencies is seeing a vulnerable downfall amidst this lockdown. The Indian monetary fund has made a 1.9% GDP projection for India which is supposed to be the highest among G20 nations.

In one of the joint survey conducted by FICCI and tax consultancy Dhruva, “tremendous uncertainty” is expected to be seen in the business sector in India. Among the 380 companies that were undertaken for the survey, 70% of them have already stated that they are going degrade their sales as well as have some reduction in manpower to cope up with losses.

The unemployment rate in India has increased almost four folds in the last one month; it was projected to be 6.7% by March 15th, 2020, and has grown up to touch a high mark of 26% by April 19th, 2020.  About 140 crore people have been unemployed all over the world during this lockdown.

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India have clearly stated in their respective statements that if the lockdown continues India is likely to see a huge death toll due to hunger and economic downfall rather than the outbreak of this pandemic. The daily wage workers are left jobless and even homeless due to this pandemic and in a country like India’s hand to mouth labor force counts for a huge percent of the population. Small traders & laborers are the worst hit

Around 53% of the businesses are going to see a significant effect of this pandemic. Laying off employees, reducing their salary by a huge percentage can be very well seen in even the big names that we have in the Indian industries. The auto industry, the aviation industry, the tourism sector tops the list of businesses affected by this virus.


The auto industry in India accounts for about 10 percent of the GDP and it employs roughly 40 million people. This sector was already seeing a decline in sales and the COVID-19 outbreak has added to its losses. With such situations going around, it is even difficult for the company to retain such a huge workforce.


The tourism and aviation sector contributes to roughly about 9 percent and 2.4 percent respectively towards the GDP. The impact on these sectors can be very well figured out by the closure that has been faced by a few. They are constantly having layoffs and are cutting salaries to a huge extend. About 42.7 million people get a job in this sector, which is on the verge of losing their livelihood.


IT sector functions as the main key in the Indian economy but shortly is going to lose its immunity towards this pandemic, as the IT sector gets a major portion of its business from North American and European countries which themselves are severely impacted by COVID-19.


Popular names in the market like L&T, UltraTech cement, Grasim, and many more have lessened their production, to, meet there needs. The e-commerce brands such as Amazon, Flipkart lost their pace in this lockdown, as they were allowed to sell only essential goods. Keeping in mind the social distancing norms even swiggy and zomato were not allowed to function in many areas.


The supply chain constraints that are applied amidst this lockdown have not even left the online businesses to flourish. There is a big sector that has had an all-time impact on the market, these are the local businesses. This part of the economy is going to face immense loss due to social distancing. The stress on supply chains and the reduced customer activity that we are seeing and will see in the future will account for a negative graph for many such small or local businesses.


The food industry, restaurants, malls are going to a shortfall of money to survive the loss that we are facing.

The economic crisis that we are going through will leave us in a state that would be the greatest crisis that India has suffered post-independence. As Narayana Murthy stated “What is important for us to understand is that India cannot continue in this situation for too long. Because at some point of time, deaths due to hunger will far outweigh deaths due to coronavirus,”

So, we should come out from this lockdown to the fastest possible and as said by many doctors, economists and politicians we should adapt to herd immunization i.e. start to live with the pandemic and get ourselves immune to it. We should also come up with more medical facilities and fix our market places in a way to cope up with such pandemics in the best possible way in the future.

Though these are a tough time for all, I would like to say that we need to adapt to this “new normal”. It has been rightly said by Einstein “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

Employers Frequently asked questions when partnering with Zigsaw

Hello people,

Welcome to Zigsaw. Rated a perfect 5 Star on Facebook & 4.8 on Google (out of a total of 75 reviews), we at Zigsaw believe that building the right team is at the center of every success story. We are the preferred Recruitment Partner for companies who resonate our idealogy of the importance of “Building the right team”. You can also refer to Zigsaw’s prospectus to know more about us, our clients & what they have to say about us.

Here are some useful links for a better understanding

If you want a glimpse into the Different Hiring Models of Zigsaw, check here. This also includes the details of Free Model

Here are the most asked questions

Question Answer
How can you help us hire?  We help companies hire by associating with them in either of the below 3 models
  • Free Model: Absolutely FREE. You can use this model for a better reach.
  • Dedicated Hire: In this model, we provide end-to-end support for Candidate Sourcing, Screening & Interview Coordination
  • Referral Hire: In this model, we provide Sourcing Support to HR Managers to meet their hiring needs
What are your prices
  • We have a FREE model which is completely FREE.
  • For Dedicated Hire model, our prices are as below
    • CXO roles (Any role that manages a team of >40 people OR CTC>50LPA): 15% of annual CTC of the selected candidate within 7 days of candidate joining
    • IT Profiles: 15% of annual CTC of the selected candidate to be paid within 7 days of candidate joining
    • All other roles: 8.33% of annual CTC of the selected candidate to be paid within 7 days of the candidate joining
  • In the referral hire, since our team does only sourcing, we give our Clients a 20% off on our Dedicated Hire pricing
What is your process for a Dedicated Hire Model? Here’s a step-by-step guide for Dedicated Hire Model
    1. You are requested to go through the detailed terms of Dedicated Hire mode. You can ask us any queries you might have at OR on call/WhatsApp 8955973201
    2. Post this, you are requested to send across your confirmation to agreement of the proposed terms at
    3. We would allot you a dedicated Recruiter at this point. Kindly note that the dedicated Recruiter is allotted based on your Industry, Function & the Job location. Typically allotted Recruiters have extensive experience of Recruitment in your domain
    4. Next, we do a multi-channel sourcing to source the best profiles for you
    5. Candidates you show interest are vetted not just based on their resume (skills & experience), but also based on a personal telephonic interview of our expert Recruiter
    6. Our team is available for support wrt Interview Scheduling OR follow up with the candidates if required
    7. The candidate our team finds a Perfect Fit for your role are sent across & you can hire whoever you find the best fit for the role
I am working with other Recruitment Firms at a lower price. Are your prices negotiable? Unfortunately, our prices are non-negotiable. However, you can always opt for the Referral Hire OR Free Model if pricing is a concern. For the Dedicated Hire Model, here’s how we are able to offer a premium experience to our clients
  • Our multi-channel sourcing along with vast network of Referral Partners allows us to source profiles faster, thereby increasing the speed of the hiring process. Our expertise in candidate sourcing skills allows us to have access to candidates that are otherwise impossible to reach. It allows us to broaden our Clients talent pipeline, thereby allowing our Clients to hire quality talent at a bargain salary. 
  • We are focussed on sourcing quality profiles for our Clients. This increases the quality of hire.
  • Our dedicated team can fast track your Recruitment process to ensure that you meet your hiring goals faster
  • We can offload work for your HR and make the overall Recruitment process much efficient. We allot an experienced Recruiter to yourself who not only understands your industry but also saves you time by an effective screening of Resumes. 
What if the selected candidate leaves after joining? Our screening process allows us to screen candidates not just on the basis of their skills & experience, but also on the basis of the ingenuity of their Job-application. Additional screening at your end would ensure a double check on this. Come worst may should a candidate leave within 90 days of his/her joining, we have a refund replacement clause which states that we would either find you a replacement within 15 working days OR process a refund within 7 working days.
 When I am required to pay to pay you?  Within 7 days of candidate joining
Tell me more about your FREE Model. How do I associate with you in this model?  You can post your Job for FREE on our website by sending across your Job-desciption at Kindly include Roles & Reasponsbilities, qualifications, Job-location, approximate salary bracket while sharing the Job-description. Also, kindly include a brief about your company, email address on which we should send resumes & your contact number in case we need to reach you
What are the advantage of FREE Model
  • Since Job-seekers log on to for their Job-search, it allows us to give you a broader bandwidth wrt your sourcing channels. Moreover, our integration with Google Jobs makes these Jobs available to anyone who searches for Jobs on Google
  • All profiles that reach you from our end are resume screened profiles from our end to ensure that only relevant resumes reach you. You could think of the FREE model as a way to broaden your talent pipeline at Zero Cost
  • You can also use our Social Media Reach to broaden your candidate search campaign
What is the difference between Free Model & Referral/Dedicated Hire The difference lies in our level of engagement on your Job vacancy. While FREE Model is a wait & watch model, we do proactive sourcing for Referral & Dedicated Hire.

top 20 interview questions for hr round and their answers 2023

Word ‘Interview’ is enough to freeze anyone even the experienced candidate. However, good preparation will prove very constructive. This post comprises of 20 top Interview Questions for HR round with answers.

Many times HR interview isn’t the selection process, it is just the shortlisting process, and where selected candidates from the previous rounds will be out. Besides concentrating to get selected, you need to focus more on NOT being rejected. Your first few minutes in the interview rounds are quite important. Interviewers don’t know much about you. So, the impression that you will make initially, will set the right tone for the whole session and plays a crucial factor

Disclaimer: There are no right OR wrong answers for most HR interview questions. Your answers should ideally reflect your personality and preferences. Interviewers usually check the cultural fit in the role. It is best that you remain true to your personality. This way, both you & the interviewing HR could see if you are a good fit for the role you are being interviewed for. Generally being positive & energetic works well for most HR interviews (Except when it is about salary negotiations 😛 ) Here’s a list of most frequently asked questions and what could typically be some good answers.

Tell me something about yourself? 

This will be the first and common question asked by an interviewer and sometimes tough to answer the question for some candidates. The question puts pressure on a candidate. You must be well prepared to answer the question. Start with a confident tone and give your answer promptly in the right way. 

With this question, an interviewer wants to know more about you beyond your cover letter.

Start by greeting your interviewer: “Good morning or afternoon, I am thrilled to introduce myself to you. I am XXX and belong to XXX city. I have completed my degree from XXX University.

I have 5 years of work experience at XXX. In my current company, I was responsible for the XXX platform. I perform better in the fast-paced environment.

Presently, I’m looking for the right opportunity to use my technical know-how and creative skills at the most innovative organization like yours.

What do you know about our company?

Make sure you have done proper research about the organization where you are going for the interview, you must check out the history, work structure, and style of working. Check the company’s website, social media handles and gather all the details.

We all know it’s the fastest-growing company in India. Facilities offered by the organization to their employee are the best. People feel proud of being a part of this company as it provides complete support to the employees in the work front. The professional environment of the company is amazing. And I was searching for such a company.

Why would you like to join this company?

It is one popular question asked by HR in an interview

I will feel very proud of working for this company with a history of strong leadership. I have done web research and truly believe that company’s products or services and future projections are quite promising and impressive. This is one perfect place where my abilities and background fit rightly and will be used, respectively.

What are your strengths?

One of my best qualities is my positive attitude towards work. It motivates me even in challenging situations. I get along very well with the people and learn new ideas and concepts quickly leading to trouble-free teamwork. 

Do you have any weaknesses?

This question is to cross-check you. It will be suicidal if you counterclaim the strengths that you mentioned, or, say weakness that can be the important part of a role you are hired for. But, you can’t stay quiet or say you do not have any weaknesses. The best way is to put ahead of the weakness that is not related to your job or give information as to what you can do to overcome it.

I generally tend to eat plenty of sweets though I know it’s not good for my health.

What are your hobbies?

Make sure you declare your hobbies in such a way that provides priority to the hobby, which is closest to your job applied for.

I love writing and researching about modern technology and have also published some articles. You can check out my work at the XXX link. Besides that, I like playing XXX.

Why we must hire you?

In this question, you must tell your qualifications or highlight the points that make you different and unique.


If it is your first start, you can start with something like “I believe every fresher must get a chance to prove themselves, even I am looking for a platform where I can prove my skills and abilities. For me, this is the best company where I can explore my skills. I am looking forward to being an important part of the company’s growth. I will try my best.”

Will you go for further studies?

This question basically to check your commitment towards the company and job. Never get carried away & answer it by saying yes you wish to. You have to give a little confidence to an interviewer that you won’t leave their company for your further plans.


Doing a PG is great, but I believe in industry exposure for better involvement in this domain. This industry provides much better opportunities for growth and I am looking ahead for the same.

Why are you leaving your current job?

*The main point is to focus on the positives and stay future-focused, instead of focusing on the negative things about your past or present at the current role.

There are quite a few reasons I want to move from my present job and wanting to acquire a new skill in my career growth in a direction I am interested in.

How long are you willing to work for us?

I am not somebody who jumps options frequently. Thus, I am looking ahead to serving the company for a very long time. And, it is my dream company and the job role offers everything I am looking for.

How do you handle work pressure?

Working in pressure brings out the best skills in me. There’s the determination that makes me do things in the best way. During my college time, I had to complete my presentation and had to complete multiple assignments at a given time. I broke down my project task in the right format and submitted my assignment on time.

How do you differentiate hard work & smart work?

Hard work involves plenty of efforts to acquire a certain goal. And smart work will take very little effort to achieve a similar task. However, both the work goes together because many areas that are new need hard work and some areas that are already tried have to be handled smartly.

How will you feel if you fire an employee?

It is a tricky HR question. You may have not done it or will never want to do it too. But ensure you put this right by reasoning out why to do so.

Firing is the last option I will consider. However, if there is not any way out, I may have to do it just by my organization’s rules. Frankly, I will feel terrible doing it.

What’s the difference between a group and a team?

The team involves people having the same skills and common goals they are focused to achieve and the group comprises team members of different interests and skills.

From scale 1 to 10, how will you rate yourself as per the skills required for the position?

It is a question to check your confidence level. Don’t fear to give the rating that justifies your skill levels.

From a scale of 1 to 10, I will rather give myself 8 for the technical skills since I can do XXX well. But, I definitely will work a bit harder in the areas of inexperience and improve myself.

Where will you see yourself after 5 years?

I am sure after 5 years, I will grow my skills and knowledge and find myself at the senior level position in your company serving better.

Why do I consider you over other candidates?

I find myself unique among the rest of my work-related and interpersonal skills. I give full commitment to my job and ensure I finish my tasks within a given time frame.

What is your salary expectation?

At present, I have not thought much about this area. I am a bit more focused on learning the essential requirements for the position I have applied for.

Do you have any future goals?

My first goal is to join the organization similar to yours and enhance my knowledge and skills thus serving as an important asset in return. Over a progressive note, I want to become XXX in the domain and ensure I keep this organization at a topmost in this industry.

What would you do if you are not selected for this job position?

I am quite sure that I will get hired. If the table turns other way around, then I will need to move on & look for another job.

Udaipur work-life balance and quality of life || Work in Udaipur

If you are looking for a Jobs in Udaipur, you should check out this link

Udaipur is known to be the most elegant and picturesque city of Rajasthan in India. Popularly Udaipur is called “The City of Lakes”. Though it is the largest city of Rajasthan, Udaipur has retained its appealing small-town vibe. The powerful growth rate ensures the city offers plenty of job opportunities for everyone. Jobs are in large quantities for qualified and skilled people in Udaipur. Some of the sectors include BPO, banking, information technology, textile industries, medical and healthcare, insurance, hospitality and tourism, and more. Besides these, there are many government jobs to select from.

Udaipur, as a whole, has witnessed exceptional growth in the past some years that has opened up the new world of job opportunities for people across the nation. Thus, it is the best time for the young job finders to seek their dream job here.

Quality of Life in Udaipur

Udaipur is really good place for living. Some people call Udaipur as a “Mini Bombay.” Udaipur isn’t a large spread city. This city is spread in the radius of 5 to 7 Kms.

Udaipur is a modern city with the royal palaces with beautiful lakes all over. When it comes of pollution, Udaipur city has the least amount air pollution than other cities.

The city is well equipped with modern trade centers, a good number of schools, colleges and universities and even hospitals are well-equipped with all modern facilities in Udaipur. Udaipur is also among the top wedding destination for its historical importance and Royal charm. Being one of the most popular tourist place of the country makes it a hybrid mix of culture that is accomodating for all. It is also a really safe city in terms of crime. People of Udaipur are usually helpful  of people from outside resonating with “Atithi Devo Bhav”

Travelling around Udaipur is a breeze, with everything in close proximity. Udaipur is well connected with other cities and just 250Km away from Ahmedabad and 390 Kms from Jaipur. Soon, Udaipur will have its own International Airport.

Cost of living in Udaipur 

Are you worried about the living standard in Udaipur? Do not fret! The cost of living in Udaipur is negligible if you spend cautiously. The city is well equipped with modern trade centers, a good number of schools, colleges and universities and even hospitals are well-equipped with all modern facilities in Udaipur.

Though there are not plenty of supermarkets in historic parts of the city, you will find many in the surrounding neighborhoods, and where options include Celebration Mall and Urban Square which is the largest mall in the whole of Rajasthan. On the other hand, you can find the daily food market at Clock Tower district that is one best place to find good grocery bargains. No matter where you shop, the rates will be low, and you can find milk at Rs.40/litre and eggs at 60 Rs. a dozen. So, you can see the cost of living is reasonable here and if you find some good job opportunities in Udaipur, go ahead with your dream job. 

In Udaipur, the overall cost of living is around 10,000 to 15,000 INR that includes an average rent of one-bedroom apartment at around 5000 INR per month, and other utilities cost around 3000 per month.

Suppose a typical person with a family earns over 25,000 to 30,000 INR per month is considered to be a good salary based on an average living cost. And it is not qualification specific.

Udaipur has a good number of School and Colleges, with IIM Udaipur, CTAE, RNT, Techno, Janardhan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Agriculture University and more.

Weekends in Udaipur

Udaipur is the “learning city” which means there are always new activities coming up such as Cycling, Kayaking, and more which people enjoy on weekends. People of Udaipur are health conscious and visit Fatehsagar Lake for morning & evening walks. Fatehsagar Lake (or popularly knows as FS) & Ambrai Ghat offer the most picturesque view of Udaipur. 

Work Opportunities in Udaipur

Now as the city is developing in talent, many different entrepreneurs & budding entrepreneurs that have carved their niche have made it highly famous here. Today the world knows the power of Mewar Soil has huge talent in each molecule. You do not need a magnifier to find jobs in Udaipur, this peaceful and loving city nation made its mark in the world map. Udaipur is a gateway to several mid-sized enterprises, dynamic NGOs, and entrepreneurial ventures that have made Rajasthan a center of social and economic change. IT companies play a very important role in today’s society, as every platform is shifting towards their digital preference; even India’s PM Narendra Modi is striving hard for creating a Digital India. Today, Udaipur has transformed into the IT Hub with many software firms to select from for tech people and many businesses to develop a digital platform. The best way to find your dream job is by taking the help of the best Job Consultancy Service in Udaipur. Rated a perfect 5 star on facebook and 4.8 on Google with a total of 80 reviews, makes Zigsaw Consultancy Services the best job consultancy in Udaipur with an idealistic dream of helping people find the best Jobs in Udaipur.

Work from Home Job for Business Development Executives in Recruitment Industry

Hello there,

Are you someone who wants to reach his true potential while working from home?

If you said yes, we are glad to meet you. Zigsaw is hiring for a permanent Work From Home Job in Business Development domain.

Position Title: Business Development Executive

Work Objective: Onboard Companies willing to hire, to hire through Zigsaw

Job role

  1. Lead Generation: Find companies that are hiring & finding the contact details of the HR Manager/Company Director
  2. Cold Calling potential clients: To understand if they could use our services. Explaining the salient features of our service and answering any query our potential clients could have.
  3. Onboarding Clients: This would include maintaining positive rapport with the client (and following up if required) to successfully onboard the lead.

Work Details

  • This is a Permanent Work-from-Home role
  • The selected candidates would be required to devote a minimum of 2 hours on a daily basis (ideally between 03:00-06:00 pm)
  • The salary would include a Fixed & Variable component
  • Students, Homemakers planning to restart their career, Entrepreneurs etc. can also apply for this Flexible Work-from-Home role
  • An ideal candidate would be smart, have excellent listening skills, and good English communication skills (Verbal + Written).
  • Perks
    • Steep Learning curve, work with a fast-growing startup all set to conquer how recruitment happens globally.
    • We are a young team and offer a flexible working framework.
    • Tremendous opportunities to learn & grow await you on this role!!

Compensation & Perks

  • A work from Home Job-opportunity, now & forever
  • Fair Compensation with attractive performance-based incentives
  • Compensation: Since it is a WFH opportunity, the salary is calculated objectively based on your results.
  • Commercials would be as below
    • Fixed: ₹500/conversion
    • Variable: 10% of the net billing amount (excluding tax & deductions) of the empanelled client in 1 year from date of empanelment.
    • Conversion is defined as a Client when they agree to hire via our Dedicated Hire OR Rent-a-Recruiter Hire model
    • Estimated Compensation for a full-time work from home engagement would be as below
      • 1-2 Month:  ₹4-₹8 pm
      • 2-6 month: ₹10-₹15k pm
      • 6-12 months: ₹15-20k pm

Performance Evaluation: Your performance would be evaluated on the below mechanism. Rating evaluation would be as below. Freelancers with Performance Rating as “Excellent” would also be considered for “Performer of the month” award

Clients Bagged per month Performance Rating
<11 Ok
11-15 Good
>15 Excellent

Kindly note that your overall rating would also be mentioned on the internship/experience certificate issued to you. Kindly note that you need to bag a minimum of 10 clients to be eligible for an experience certificate of 1 month.


Selection Criteria

  • Send your resume on WhatsApp at 8619011848 with the subject line “Job application for Freelance business development”
  • WhatsApp screening
  • Mock evaluation based on Reference Material shared
  • Onboarding & Induction (3 day OJT)

About Zigsaw: Zigsaw is one of the fastest-growing Recruitment Firms in India. The trust of our team in us and our objective to reward them fairly has helped come thus far. We are looking for ambitious Business Development Executives who are willing to punch above their weight to join us in our growth story. This offers a unique opportunity to experienced account managers & Business Development Executives to work from home, now & forever.

Sounds interesting? If yes, share across your resume on WhatsApp at +91-8619011848 with the subject line “Job application for Freelance business development”. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on the above WhatsApp number

Hire Digital Marketing expert | Boost your online presence at a fraction of typical cost

Hello people,

I hope you & your closed ones are safe & healthy.

The world is moving online much faster and the entrepreneurs who predict this trend would offer themselves a unique advantage in terms of the online visibility of their brand. Starting now gives entrepreneurs a unique headstart in the digital transformation of their brand. Here’s why Digital Marketing is important for your business now

  1. Unwavering Attention of your customer: Average time a potential user/client spends online has gone up. There would not be a better time to have the user’s full attention. Brand images established during these times would be more sticky
  2. Lower competition means Lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of acquiring a user/client

With our starter plan, we intend to engage with small-medium enterprises & help entrepreneurs boost their Search Engine & Social Media visibility. We have an extensive understanding of the Staffing Industry and can help Recruitment Firms build their brands online not only for potential clients but also for available candidates. 

The objective of our Starter plan would be to not only obtain a 5 Star rating from you, but also build a long term partnership of mutual growth

  • Offpage SEO of your website: This would boost the search engine presence of your website. While it might be difficult to rank for generic keywords, our team of SEO specialist could research niche keywords that could not only generate traffic for your website but also generate sales.
  • Content Writing (4 articles/month): All of us have heard “Content is the king”. This is because search engines place a lot of weightage on quality content. A well researched content not only brings visitors, but also engages users which gives positive signals to search engines about our business.
  • Social Media Posts (3 unique posts per week): Unique social media posts would help us stay relevant and continuously engage with our existing audience. This creates a lasting impression that provides long terms returns

Key features of our offerings

  • We offer a 7-day no-commitment trial.
  • Ability to upgrade/cancel anytime
  • Cost: 25,000INR/month (Kindly use Google to translate it your currency) (+5% transaction cost for offshore payments)

If you have any queries, feel free to comment below OR write to us at OR Call/WhatsApp us at +918619011848

About Zigsaw: We are rated a perfect 5 Star on Facebook & 4.8 on Google with a total of 75 reviews on these platforms.

Writing a professional resignation letter

Along with the excitement of a new role, writing a letter of resignation will appear like a bridge to cross before moving onto your next career goal.

Still, like every reason for resigning, it’s important to keep a professional approach. Even though your boss does not demand any written notification, but, writing a resignation letter will improve your professional status and support a strong working relationship with your boss.

Writing a resignation letter is a courtesy that will help you to maintain a positive and healthy relationship with your manager that is important if you want to use it as a reference or keep them as the networking contact. In this post, we will learn why it is important to write a resignation letter, how to write a resignation letter in 3 parts, what you should and should not include in your resignation letter, and the resignation letter sample. Let us start:

Why Write One?

A letter of resignation is the most efficient way of sending the document to many departments and keeping relevant parties informed about your departure. If your letter is courteous and straightforward, your employer will be highly impressed with this gesture and gratified for the information. If it is written in a constructive tone, it will bring indefinable benefits down the line, like positive appraisals through word of mouth, letters of recommendation, and can also help you come back to the same company.

Now, let us look at how to write a best resignation letter in 3 parts:

  • Part 1

 Understand the Basics of Your Resignation Letter

You do not have to sugarcoat and get creative right in the start; only state the position you are resigning from & effective date. If you already have shared your reasons for resigning from the job, you do not have to describe it again here—just keep it simple.

  • Part 2 

Thank You Part

It is always good to thank your boss or manager for this wonderful opportunity, by describing key things that you have learned and enjoyed on the work. And yes, it is true even though you are thrilled to leave. Always remember—you might need these people at some time for reference, and if you leave on a friendly note it can create a long-lasting impression.

  • Part 3

Final Hand-off

Lastly, state your readiness to help with this transition. You do not have to go in minute detail (and don’t promise things you cannot deliver), but some lines stating you will ensure smooth wrap-up from your duties can show you are in a game until the end.

What Should You Include in Your Letter?

If you have decided to resign from your current job, it is important to resign professionally and gracefully. Here is what you should include when you are writing a resignation letter:

  • Intent to Resign: It is important to give enough notice to your boss, draft an official resignation letter, and get ready to move on before submitting your resignation. Make sure your resignation letter begins with a fact that you are resigning.
  • Last Day of Work: A resignation letter will not just describe an employee’s intent to resign but also give information about their last day of work or other details and requests. This relieves the transition for the employee and employer both.
  • Offer to Help with the Transition: Many times resignation letters can offer to help with the transition, no matter if it is by training or recruiting a replacement. Like this, both the employer and employee will leave the matter with a sense of amicability and respect.
  • Provide Contact Details: You must include your personal details so that it becomes simple for the organization to get in contact with you.

What Should You Avoid?

It’s possible your employer may store your letter with other files, and it can be referred to in the future if any company requests for a reference. If this is a case, then overly critical or poorly written resignation letter has complete potential to have a great impact on your career after you have moved on from the current job.

  • Never explain why you want to leave.
  • Never brag about what you are doing next.
  • Never vent about the downsides of your job, the company, or your coworkers.
  • Stick to basics, one page is more than enough.
  • Never send an unedited letter with a lot of errors.

Keep your tone professional and positive, and your letter of resignation won’t work against you ever in the future.

Tips to Write a Resignation Letter

The common consensus on resignation letters is, shorter the better. You do not have to provide any long-winded explanation about why you are leaving. Instead, it is good to be professional, direct, and outline important details about your termination process.

Helpful tips to write a resignation letter:

  • Stay direct and at the right point – a state in your first paragraph that you are leaving (or in the first sentence)
  • Give last day notice – provide the specific date that you agree to work until
  • Be professional – don’t use it as an opportunity to insult, complain, and criticize your company and other employees
  • Proofread & spell check – Make sure to proofread your letter before submitting and ensure all information is right and no typos
  • Provide details about your transition – you can offer to help out find the replacement, or you may agree to finish some projects or tasks before quitting 
  • Get legal advice – That depends upon your position, you might want to take professional legal suggestion about the resignation process

Resignation Letter Sample

Dear (Employer Name),

I am writing to hand over my official notice that I will be leaving my position as (Your Position) for (Company Name) on (Date).

I have received a job offer as (Your Designation) at a startup, and after giving a lot of consideration I am really thrilled to discover this new trail in my career drive.

I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been given working with the team for the past (No. of years worked) years. It has been an amazing experience of working for a great organization and helping to solve the company’s mission to offer better support for their older employees.

If I am of any help during this transition, please let me know. Thank you for your guidance. Wishing you the best!


(Your Name)

Wrap Up

A resignation letter is a most functional document that is used in several exit situations. Normally, this document mentions that your time for a particular position will end in a few days. Get prepared for any situations and modify the letter to match your situation.