Difference between Salary and Remuneration

While working in a professional space, we are rewarded for the services we render to individuals, organizations, or corporations. There are many ways to reward an employee’s contribution. Salary and remuneration are two such ways through which employees can be rewarded. Although there remains a thick line of difference between salary and remuneration, it can sometimes pose itself as a confusing question. This article is going to tell you what is the difference between salary and remuneration.

To understand the difference, we need first to understand their basic definitions.

What is Salary?

Salary is an agreed upon money, signed by both the employer and employee, which the employee is supposed to receive at the agreed upon intervals, i.e., weekly, monthly, etc. Salaries are also sometimes referred to as wages. These can also be received at the termination of the working tenure if the job type is temporary or ad-hoc.

Salary is determined by the employer; usually, organizations and employers follow a uniform pattern of salary in which workers are paid according to their position, job responsibilities, and seniority in the organization. These salaries or wages are based on the minimum wages set up by the authorities for different services and sectors. If the salaries are below the minimum wage set up by the government, then the employee can file a complaint against the employer as it is considered a violation of his right. For more information, you should learn about the minimum wage range set up by the central or state authorities for your particular organization and the sector it belongs to.

What is Remuneration?

Remuneration is the entire payment that the employee receives instead of his services by the corporation or the organization. It includes the salary and all the privileges that the employee enjoys while being a part of the organization. It is also an agreed upon package wherein the employee and the employer are the signatories.

Difference between Salary and Remuneration

Salary Remuneration
It refers to the exact sum of money, payment in cash or cheque, or money transfer that you receive in lieu of the work that you have rendered to the organization. It refers to all the components of the compensation package that the employee receives in lieu of his services rendered to the organization.
Salary is a part of remuneration. Remuneration refers to salary as well as all the privileges provided to the employee by the organization.
Salary is fixed and agreed upon by the employee as well as the employer. In most cases, remuneration is not fixed, the nature of remuneration can be agreed upon previously, but the amount of remuneration can vary. For example, remuneration can vary depending upon commission earned by employees in some cases.
Salary is provided to employees at all the echelons of the organization. In most of the organization, remuneration is enjoyed by employees at higher echelons of the organization.

That’s all you need to know about the two terms and the difference that lies between them. Be aware of your wages, salaries and remuneration offered, and you will be good to go!

Difference between Questionnaire and Schedule

We live in a time where data has become an asset; it’s equal to gold. Data collected both virtual or offline, stored in hard discs and iCloud, or in huge office files, have become important to organizations and authorities. The collection of data is very much important to the functioning of organizations, corporates, non-profits, and governmental authorities too. It helps them understand their audience, their customer base, their demands and needs, and level of satisfaction that they enjoy, and how you can make your product better.

It is impossible to name a business working for a larger good, profit, or smooth governance that cannot better their out with data collection. The mode and quality of data define how they can utilize data as an asset and benefit from its analysis. Out of all the ways of collecting data, offline or online, two methods are extremely popular, which are questionnaire and schedule. Often these two might appear similar, but there is an ample amount of difference lies between them, which determines how the data needs to be analyzed or evaluated. It becomes extremely important, therefore, to know the meaning of the two terms and the distinction between them.

What is a Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is a research or data collection instrument used to collect primary first-hand data. The data collected from the respondents are then used to solve many problems or understand the challenges better. Questionnaires are actively used by corporate to understand the needs and behavior of their customer base.

They are an ideal tool to understand the challenges or any specific issue that you face. It can help in collecting qualitative and quantitative data both and, therefore, a versatile option. Questionnaires are further divided into many categories and can be picked up according to the user’s need. Some of the types of questionnaires are exploratory and formal standardized questionnaires dealing with qualitative and quantitative data. They can be open-ended or multiple choice depending upon the need.

What is a Schedule?

The schedule is another research or data collection instrument which is filled alongside an interview. It comprises questions, statements and tables, and blank spaces which are to be filled by respondents. It is one of the most effective methods to collect data with utmost accuracy and without bias.

Difference between Questionnaire and Schedule

Questionnaire Schedule
Questionnaires do not involve person to person interview. Schedules are accompanied by person to person interviews.
Questionnaires mainly involve questions. Schedules involves statements, blanks, questions, etc.
 Questionnaires do not involve participation of the collector. Schedules involve active participation of the interviewer.
Needs to be filled by respondents. Can be filled by enumerators or respondents anyone.
Response rate remains low. Response rate is high.
 Overall cost is all. The overall cost is expensive.
Can’t be done when respondents are illiterate. Can be done when respondents are literate.

That’s all you need to know about questionnaires and schedules. It is imperative to keep your needs in mind to decide what data collection method to opt for. I hope you found this article helpful!

How to Write Resignation Acceptance Letter with Format & Samples

Working for a company is similar to that of a roller coaster ride. This is so because the ride may give a different experience to different people and add to that there exist various ups and downs. Moreover, according to the law of nature, which states that there is an end to every ride, so does our work in a company.

There may be various reasons for one to quit/ resign a job, the causes may include the following:

  • Health issues
  • Financial problems
  • Availability of a better paying job
  • Family-related issues

So, we might know the steps involved in the effective communication process, i.e., for every message, there should be feedback as this would ensure the effectiveness of the communication. As a result, to every resignation letter submitted there should be some acknowledgment from the management side, this is called the resignation acceptance letter. Moreover, this will also help in ensuring a smooth transition from one job to another one.

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Different companies have adopted various methods of addressing this issue, and some companies might also have a separate cell to address the problems related to resignation. In contrast, in other companies, this issue might be addressed by the higher-level authority/head. The work of this officer/ the cell would include investigating the reason for the resignation of their employee. Given that an employee is one of the best performers of the organization and resigns due to less pay, in this case, the management might request the concerned to stay back by quoting a revised high pay. But, if an employee resigns due to other reasons which might be beyond the management’s consideration, then it solely depends on the employer to accept the resignation.

The resignation acceptance letter is a way of formal acknowledgment of the employees’ experience and contributions to the organization and henceforth relieving him/her from the organisation’s services (once after serving the notice period).

Steps to Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter

  1. Adopt right structure and format: Includes usage of correct font style, size, and spacing between the margins.
  2. Include Date, Name of the employee, Designation, Contact information.
  3. Subject: Resignation acceptance letter
  4. Include a salutation: such as Dear(name)
  5. Mention the final date of employment
  6. Add other necessary details
  7. Express a few words of appreciation: it’s always better to acknowledge their effort during work with the organization and wish them luck for their future goals.
  8. Add a complimentary close: use of wordings like “Sincerely” / “Best wishes”/ “Regards”
  9. Signature
  10. Designation of the person accepting the resignation

Points to Remember

  • Keep the letter short
  • Make use of the right subject line
  • Proofreading
  • Adopt the usage of a professional language

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Here is the format of the letter:




Company address


Employee name

Employee ID


Subject: Resignation Acceptance letter


It is with regret that I acknowledge your resignation letter dated [date] from your position as [title]. Your resignation has been approved, and according to the norms of the company your final day of work will be [date].

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and on behalf of our entire team, I would like to wish you the best for achieving your future goals. [include other information here about the resignation process of the company.] The accounting department will clear your pay on or before(date).

Please feel free to contact about any queries and you can contact us for any future references.

Thank you again for your hard work and loyalty.


( Signature  )

Resignation Acceptance Letter Samples

Here come some sample letters, which can be modified according to the situation:

Sample 1:


Director of IT


Rajiv Gandhi Road,

Chennai 600113

July 30, 2020


18, Anna Salai


Subject: Resignation Acceptance letter

Dear Arun

It is with regret that I acknowledge your resignation letter dated July 30, 2020, from your position as Network Administrator with TIDEL park. Your resignation has been approved, and according to the norms of the company your final day of work will be August 15, 2020.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and on behalf of our entire team, I would like to wish you the best for achieving your future goals. The accounting department has been notified to pay you till August 15.

Thank you for your hard work and loyalty.



Sample 2:

Alvaro Morte

Director of E&T

Heist University

La casa Road,

France 600113

July 30, 2020


18, De papel


Subject: Resignation Acceptance letter

Dear Rio

It is a matter of regret we had to acknowledge your resignation letter dated July 30,2020 from your Associate Professor position. The management has accepted your resignation letter and as per the employment norms you will have to serve the notice period of 20 days. You will be relieved on August 19,2020.

We request you to collect your experience certificate and clear all your dues and payments from the accounts department on or before August 18.

We are thankful for your exceptional attendance record, excellent work ethics and we wish you all the best for your future goals.

Warm Wishes,

Director E&T

( Signature ) 

Sample 3:

Peter Mills

Project head


Navi Mumbai,


July 30, 2020



19, AW road


Subject: Resignation Acceptance letter

Dear Rocky

This letter is in reference to your resignation letter submitted on date July 29, 2020. Thereby, I wish to inform you that your resignation has been accepted by the organization and hence you will be relieved from the services on Aug 10,2020.

Your resignation letter has been forwarded to the accounts department for clearance the of your dues. You are asked to collect your experience certificates for the HR department.

It was a great pleasure to have you on board for our projects. We wish you all the best for your future works.


With warm regards,


I hope this guide will help you to draft a perfect Resignation Acceptance Letter. Comment down below if you have any queries.

How to Write Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues with Formats

Humans live in an environment that is also home to various bacteria, germs, and viruses. Hence, more possibility of an individual getting infected with diseases caused by either of these pathogens. At times, the disease caused may turn out to be deadly. Moreover, at present, there are various health issues raised mainly due to the lifestyle adopted by us. Added to this there also exist various health issues raised by the work environment, such as asthma (E.g., Coal mine worker), skin disease (E.g., Chemical industry worker), and this list would go on. Hence, due to such issues, one is compelled to apply for resignation from that particular job, which he/she cannot continue due to his/her health issues.

A resignation letter is a formal letter written by an employee informing his/her employer the intent/ reason to leave their current position. This letter is often taken as legal notice of departure and is typically kept in the employee’s file after vacating their position for proof of resignation for any future inquiries. Always, there exists a particular period before which an employee should notify his/her organization about the resignation. But as the health issue is raised all of a sudden, the above-stated procedure can’t be followed.

This resignation letter can be sent through e-mail or be submitted as a business- formatted letter to the concerned authority. Once after submission of this resignation letter, it is the role of the concerned authority to acknowledge it and thereby to write a resignation acceptance letter. The resignation acceptance letter is a way of formal acknowledgement of the employees’ experience and contributions to the organization and subsequently relieving him/her from the organisation’s services (once after serving the notice period).

Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues Formats

  1. From address
  2. Date
  3. To address
  4. Subject
  5. Salutation
  6. Body of the letter with a perfect reason for resignation, and other necessary details
  7. Add a complimentary close: use of wordings like “Sincerely” /“ Best wishes”/ “Regards”
  8. Signature
  9. Designation

Points to be adopted while writing the letter of resignation:

  1. Adopt to the usage of formal language
  2. Use the right subject line
  3. Be straight forward in quoting the reason
  4. Proofread it once before submission

Here is the format of the letter:


Employee ID




Employer name

Company Name

Company Address

Subject: Resignation letter


I am downhearted to inform you about my decision to resign immediately from my position (designation), due to my failing health. It is recommended by my physician that at this time I should withdraw myself from the workplace to better focus on regaining my health.

I have had a great pleasure working with you all and also gained a lot of expertise and I am deeply saddened that I will no longer be associated with the company in the future.

Added to this, I am wanting to comply with the company’s norms of resignation but my health is so unwell and hence I will be unable to complete the notice period, that is why I have requested an immediate release.

Thereby I would always be available in providing a helping hand to train the person who will replace me. I am thankful to you for all your contributions to my professional growth, and I would like to be in touch in the future.



If submitting your resignation via letter, this is a template you can follow:

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname:

It greatly saddens me to send you this letter of resignation. Effective the end of this month, I no longer will be working here as a P.E. teacher.

Recently I have been noticing some changes in many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. I have been overly exhausted, constantly in pain, and feel that my productivity has been cut in half. I went to a doctor, and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a condition that involves chronic pain and soreness. Because of the high activity level consistent with my work, I am no longer able to teach my students effectively, and I do not want them to be impacted by this. My doctor agreed with me that this is the best decision for all involved.

I have so enjoyed my time here at FMA Middle School. My work gave me great satisfaction, and I never will forget the last 20 years of incredible friends and colleagues that I have gained. I hope we will still stay in touch despite my early exit.

Please let me know if there is any way I can help in finding my replacement. Although I no longer can do the work I once could, I hope to remain a resource and that we will stay in touch. Thank you so much for all the opportunities, and I wish everyone at FMA the very best.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Your Typed Name

It is always prudent to attach a medical health certificate or a document of diagnosis with your letter or mail to give a clear picture of the ailment you are facing to your employer.

In case the resignation is to be sent through the mail, the following is the format:

Subject: Resignation—Firstname Lastname

Dear Mr. Manager,

I regret to inform you of my resignation, effective June 1, 20XX. Due to a recent diagnosis, I have become aware that my illness will require extended treatment and recovery, and I am unsure that my ability to perform the duties of my present position will return.

I appreciate your understanding. If there is anything I can do to help during the transition, please let me know.


Firstname Lastname


444-555-1212 cell

I hope this article will help you to write a perfect resignation letter. Comment down below if you have any queries.