Zigsaw looking for interns

What are we doing?
What if we include functionalities of Linked�â�€�™in & Naukri? What if we try & quantify each skill mentioned in every individuals profile. Does that scare that, already? Now, add the thrills of Clash of Clans to gamify recruitment over Social Networks!!
Who are we looking for?

  • We need a Developer who can carry forward the work from Winter Interns of IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, NIT Surathkal & SVNIT and do that in style!! (1 in nos.)
  • We are looking for a momentum officer who plans to do what MBA graduates struggle to handle (Marketing & HR) (1 in nos.)
  • Enhancing User Experience for Zigzobs.com & the test algorithm
  • Integrate Social Connections on Zigzobs
  • Integrate our COC version(already developed) with Zigzobs
  • Establishing the aesthetic thread of the Portal Game
  • Enhance Functionality of the Portal
  • Building momentum for the operations team of Recruitment
  • Drive Social Media Engagement
  • Drive strategy for Portal, Test Algorithm, Recruitment and Internships forward
  • Stipend: 11k pm Accomodation
    Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan
    What lies ahead? What we are coming up with
    Recruitment has been a complex problem in the 20th century. With our entry in the start-up era, both employees and organizations have become more dynamic in nature which has even complicated it even more. We are not scared to say that all those who have tried this space earlier have failed and yet we are confident of our efforts. Be it the Job Portals or Placement Consultants, both have not been able to solve the basic case of recruitment i.e. a) Easy Job search for Job seekers b) Best Fit candidates for the employers
    Word of Caution: Don�â�€�™t apply for this internship if you are just looking for a certificate because let me tell you we would be working our asses off. It would be difficult, mentally stimulating and a period of sheer madness!! Do you dare?
    To apply: Mail your resume to vaibhav@zigsaw.in mentioning the work-profile of your interest


    Passion is a Graphic Designer’s Inspiration
    To make it interesting let’s have a Q.A format.
    What is a Graphics Design?
    Graphics Design is an art planning and projecting ideas in the form of visual and textual content. It primarily includes designing posters, logos, brochures, banners, memes, comics, etc.
    What are the tools of Graphics Design?
    The standard tools of graphics design include Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, after effects, etc. but this software is quite expensive unless you have pirated ones. But don’t worry, there are open source clones like Gimp, Scribus, Inkspace which are more than enough for beginners. But remember you need a pen and a sketchpad to plan before you start designing.
    How to become a successful graphics designer?
    Here I would like to share another quote with you Design is intelligence made visible This quote actually defines graphics design. The ability to present your visualization and imagination in a graphical way is the foundation of graphic design. Secondly, your design must be visually appealing, attractive, and lucrative. To ensure this you see whether your design conveys the information, whether your design has the appropriate color combination and contrast, whether your words are visible or not, whether your images are getting pixelized or not. As it is said, Too many cooks spoil the broth keep in mind that too many colors and visual effects ruin your design. Obviously no design is perfect, so an almost perfect design needs a thorough inspection of every corner of your design. Here we see that patience is one more skill that a good graphics designer should possess. Don’t blindly follow trends and copy the ideas from the existing designs, this might leave some great ideas from your quiver.
    What if people don’t like my design?
    Sometimes it is possible that to save yourself from criticism, you try to make defensive designs, this habit generally backfires, and your design doesn’t appeal to people. In my personal opinion if you have a chance to create something extra-ordinary, why be satisfied with the ordinary design. Let your design be exposed to ideas, let it undergo all experiments and after all, it is not necessary that if some people don’t like your design others won’t like it too. Have confidence in your work and keep practicing, because behind every successful graphics designer there are many sleepless nights of hard work. A simple hack I would like to share, before finally launching your design, show it to your friends, if they like it then well and good, if not then try something else or improve the same.
    What if I find graphics design boring?
    Don’t design for the sake of designing, do it because you love it. Design is a passion not a burden, designers while designing tend to become insensate having nothing to do with the physical world. They don’t even know about the time despite it being in the bottom right corner of their laptops.
    What is my future in graphics designing?
    Designers can find themselves with a no of titles. They can design for a start-up, helping them in advertisement, social media, logo etc. You can work at freelance doing work on contract basis. You can later become the chief designer or the design head at senior positions in a company.
    Finally, I would like to conclude with the line – Design because you love to!


    Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for use over the internet. Content writers produce the content for many different types of websites including blogs, social networks, e-commerce sites, news aggregators, etc.
    Every website has a specific target audience &requires different types of content. The content should contain words that help attract as well as retain users on the website.
    For being successful, content writers must master different writing styles. The reason for this is that each form of writing has its own style. Blogging is often opinion-oriented &personable while an Ad-copy is short &persuasive. For being able to cater to different requirements, content writers must possess a mastery of different writing skills.
    For being successful in content writing one must be original. Each &every article or post bearing your name must be original. Being original helps one bring a unique voice, a different perspective, or throw new light on some overworked subject. Plagiarized content puts your career & the reputation of your client /employer in jeopardy.
    The key to success is to keep yours to keep your content valuable and relevant while ensuring that it is concise and to the point. Also checking and rechecking for grammar & spelling errors is very important. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a website having grammar & spelling errors.
    Follow an inverted pyramid method i.e. put your conclusion at the beginning of your content & work backward from there. This puts your most important information front &center.
    Use a conversational tone to connect with your audience and avoid using marketing and technical jargon as far as possible. This is essential for connecting with your audience in a better manner and help to engage them with your content.
    Use relevant images to complement the text and enhance the visual appearance for your content.
    Always remember nothing engages your audience than high-quality original content with a unique perspective.
    So folks put your thinking caps on & get going in your quest to be successful content writers.
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    Refer a friend

    We are a recruitment consultancy and we connect Job seekers to relevant opportunities. We are young, dynamic & the go-getters of the recruitment business. While we are a small team, it has worked to our advantage by always keeping us on our toes. While most other consultancies offer a selection time-line (for their open positions) of 30 days, we deliver results in 15 days. However, we want to go beyond customer satisfaction, to customer . We want to deliver results in 10 days, beyond the dreams of our competitors. We know this is not possible without your support. You, yes YOU!! the one reading this. I, Vaibhav from Zigsaw request for your support to help us deliver results in 10 days.
    What can you do?
    All our job openings are posted on our job portal. We urge you to refer this Job to people in your circle. We value your help and would give you a referral incentive of Rs. 5000 on each successful referral
    What do I need to do to refer to a friend?

    • Get the link of the job opening you would want to refer to your friend from our Facebook or Twitter
    • Facebook/Email/Twitter/Wassup the link to him/her.
    • Ask him to send across his CV to vaibhav@zigsaw.in with subject line: Application for <abc position> at <xyz organization>, referred by <pqr person>

    After we receive your friends’ CV, we will either select or reject the application in 7 days. In either case, you will be informed. If an offer is made to him & he joins the company, referral incentive would be transferred to your bank account in 3 business days.
    Isn’t it simple? So start referring your friends, now. Stay tuned with our Facebook page or Twitter handle to get abreast with our latest job openings
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    In the present era if we talk about internships; they are not just a matter of choice but somehow they are becoming an integral part of the academic curriculum. Because getting a degree is going to help one get a job. But getting internships is going make one stand out of the crowd. And who doesn’t want to become an outstanding candidate? So let’s begin with the root question that why is internship necessary. Imagine a scenario where one is taught all about swimming and never allowed to practice it. What happens in such a situation when one is directly exposed to swim in the sea? Either of the two things is going to happen- a.) Start with baby steps, practice at the shore, and then when one feels that he/she is ready to explore the depth of sea they should swim till the farthest they can reach. b.) Dive straightaway in the sea. If the waves favor one will get through else signal for the lifeboat and quit it.
    Evaluating both the situations it can be seen that the former situation demands a great amount of time whereas the latter one kind of shatters our hope. Neither of them is giving an optimized solution. Now just rewind the situation and consider that while being taught about swimming one is timely exposed to pools for a short duration of time to implement all that one has been taught. By doing this one can avoid the risk of taking baby steps as well as need to call the lifeboat.
    Internships are the small pools that can help one to survive the sea of full-time jobs.
    The example stated would have made it very clear that what is the evidence of internship in the contemporary world. Apart from it, a few more benefits that it can provide areas-
    * An edge over all the peers.
    * An impressive resume.
    * Exposure to the real-world scenario
    * Familiarity with the corporate culture
    * A sense of the kind of future one wants for oneself.
    * Providing a better view of the future requirements.
    These are a few of the many benefits which can be sought from internships. Else for the right candidate ‘sky is the limit’.
    Looking for meaningful internships?
    We have created 3 NO SPAM group where Start-ups can post their internship requirements and where Students can connect to Internships of their Choice

    How would an intern benefit from his internship in a start-up?
    You feel important
    Decide if the start-up world is for you
    Paid internships provide for your pocket money
    A comparatively young team would foster an encouraging, challenging and friendly work culture
    Learning would be Phenomenal
    Build Relationships & not just network
    Get a PPO
    So, connect with your interns’ superheroes.