A lot of people are going to lose their Jobs to coronavirus. Do you agree?

As Ravi Venkatesan calls this it could be a “Mass extinction of enterprises and jobs.”

Although a pessimistic outlook, but this is what it could be should the situation persist for 2-3 months. Not just a lot of employees, but also organizations could go under. “Point that is really terrifying is that you can see companies like Boeing & Mcdonalds go down,” mentions Ravi Venkatesan in another excerpt of a podcast series Outliers

Coronavirus was diagnosed in 885,924 people & has already claimed 44,220 lives across the globe. The mayhem of Covid19 is going to go beyond just lives and it is going to take away a lot of Jobs & businesses as well.

In India, the country has gone into lockdown and a lot of employees are already asked by their employers to take a sabbatical from work. Let us look at some examples

  • Tourism & Hospitality Sector: “Tourism industry in India is staring at bankruptcies, closure of businesses and mass unemployment. Seventy percent out of a total estimated workforce of 5.5 crores (direct and indirect) could get unemployed” according to The Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality
  • Aviation Industry: In words of Ronojoy Dutta, CEO, IndiGo “I cannot think of another crisis that has engulfed the entire world with its speed and penetration into the lives of every single human being on this planet”
  • Retailers, Automobile Industry, Restaurants & the Entertainment Industry:  Since these industries have huge Fixed Costs, a lot of them could face really tough times going forward.
  • While the Covid has killed the demand for a lot of Jobs temporarily, the industries that depend on Blue Collar employees would feel the heat even after the demand is restored due to the vast movement of manpower.
  • A lot of companies could take decisions that can be difficult in the short-term, but necessary in the long-term. Smaller organizations would have to layoff staff and put hiring on freeze to save their balance sheets. Payment cycles for all business would be affected due to the lockdown.
  • Small service businesses OR Businesses that operate on narrow margins would be the worst hit. Look at the gravity of the situation from the perspective that MSME’s employ ~ 110 crore individuals & adds 1.3-1.5 Cr Jobs annually. Can you imagine the impact?
  • The economic slowdown was already affecting businesses negatively. Oyo recently laid of 2000 employees, Zomato 500. The Coronavirus pandemic could be final nail in the coffin, as Barclays estimates that the lockdown could bring the growth down to 2.5%. Overall, this would affect the spending capability of the citizens & could worsen the situation. In the words of our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi this pandemic has the potential to move us behind decades.
  • A lot of companies would resort to hiring freezes. While numbers from India might not be accurately available, Goldman Sachs estimates that the Jobless claims in the USA could be 4 times the maximum of what they were during the 2009-2010 recession. What should also be noted is the comparison of Healthcare Facilities per capita in India Versus that in the USA to fight the pandemic. 
  • While the situation is not all gloomy a lot of Jobs could be created in AI, Data Science, Robotics, Automation & healthcare. A lot of us would have to upskill to keep up with the pace of the change

The good thing could be this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger !!

What do you think about the impact Covid19 could cause?

10 Best Answers for “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

Are you preparing for an interview the first time? Ensure you prepare it beforehand. Revise all interview questions & answers immediately. Being a fresher, one common question that you may face is ‘Why you should be hired for the internship?’ No need to worry as we have compiled the list of possible answers to this question! Continue reading and prepare nicely with the best answers to this important question. Each interview question generally is an attempt of gathering details to inform the hiring decision.  Most of the interviewers can specifically ask you make your own case with these questions:

Answers for “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

Answer 1

At present, I will finish my final year semester at college. In course of some years during the graduation or post graduation, we are taught plenty of new things. However, practical knowledge can help me to understand know how much I have learned. Joining your internship program can gauge where I actually stand. There is no better opportunity than can come on my way. I will showcase my real talent and show my ability here, whereas in turn, I will learn how the industry functions. This is why you can hire me for the internship.

Answer 2

Although I am the recent university graduate, but my coursework coincide with the current position. Besides that, I have got job experience that is relevant during my earlier internship and in volunteer gig I have worked, and both of this is mentioned in my CV. Finally, I’m crossing my fingers to be the part of this wonderful opportunity, because there will not be any place I would rather work!

Answer 3

Being a fresher, I’m still learning. However, it is a big benefit for me that I am a quick learner. I love to learn or unlearn at a same time. Unlearning in the sense to let go of any outdated practices or ideas and to move to advanced methods. I have raw and fresh ideas that I want to discuss with your management here in case I go through and I’m very sure they are going to like some of them. Thus, hiring me will be the beneficial arrangement for me and the company. I do not see any reason why I must not be hired for the internship.

Answer 4

“Thank you so much for asking the question! I think that I am a best fit for this internship as I am the quick learner as well as passionate about pursuing the career in this particular field. I have started my groundwork – and I have done complete research about the company, visions, and goals, so I am very much sure I will deliver everything you’re looking for in the candidate.”

Answer 5

To be very honest, joining this honored organization can help me to learn a lot. And I love to seek guidance of the experienced and the learned teams, which are onboard already. In that way, I will be able to become the better professional in future. Yours is the most renowned brand and to become the part of this vast enterprise can strengthen my base. This is what matters in an end, the strong foundation. I truly feel your company will undoubtedly help me to build one. And in turn, I will assure you complete dedication from my end and everything I can do on my level for betterment of the organization.

Answer 6

“I think I’m the right fit for the internship program as I am the best multi-tasker. During my initial years in my college or university, I would not just spend time in the academics, but also made a point to learn new things outside my stipulated syllabus, when you look over my Resume. As I had to put in many things in my plate to satisfy my urge for knowledge and learning, I’ve learned the skill of time management. So, I can say very confidently, that doesn’t matter what task I am handed over, I will deliver it in time without even compromising on quality of the work.”

Answer 7

I have decent grasping power and patient learner. I will learn things fast and will be highly productive at a same time. I also can be of good help while it comes about showing and ideating creativity. In addition to, my graduation had the paper wherein we need to do the project work about your industry. Thus, whatever I have learned during the industrial visits or previous internships are in sync with your job role. I do not have to begin from the scratch since I have the basic knowledge in the field already. Thus, at an end of a day, you may want to select me as the finalists for this internship.

Answer 8

‘Being a fresher, I’m still in the phase of learning and thus need this wonderful opportunity to know and show more about the industry. Although I am totally new, but I am a quick learner with the penchant to learn & unlearn. It is to learn latest relevant skills, corporate etiquette and business best practices, whereas letting go of any obsolete beliefs, procedures and skills.

Answer 9

I bring some fresh ideas & hope with me to discuss this same thing with my seniors over here. I am pretty confident they can find most of them to be innovative and useful. I have all qualifications and skills that are listed for this job description, and in case I am hired, I assure to deliver the best quality and timely work throughout my tenure of this internship.

Answer 10

I have held these positions of the ‘campus ambassador’ & ‘placement coordinator’ at my college days. Thus, I have the decent experience in picking the best talent for the specific task. Select the best person for any particular task is job half done. As I have knack for identifying the right talent for any task, I think I fulfill basic requirement for the internship or job role. In addition to, I am pursuing my PGDBA in HR management. Thus, I am the perfect candidate for this role.

10 Best Cities To Work In India 2023

Company environment and suitableness is an important thing for an employee to have better production and work. For a person who is starting out in a job circuit want to work in the city where jobs provide the combination of good work and life balance, promising salary growth and amazing opportunity. Obviously, it is a tough task when you need to select between the small city with low living cost and dense metropolis with various offers, but the below can help you to get started.

To achieve the good career growth, here are 10 best cities to work in India that plays an important role in fulfilling dreams of the youth and offers best work place.

10 Best Cities To Work In India

1. Bangalore

First in our list is Bangalore and it is popular known as Pink city of the IT Industry. For working and living, Bangalore offers the best opportunities for growing in very less time. This makes itself one major part of our Indian Economy. So, it distributes industries in 3 sub cities that are STPI, ITPB and Electronics city. Bangalore gives around 35% of employment to Indians. It is known as haven for the work opportunities. Many people move to this city, live here for years because of many job opportunities that city has to offer you.

2. Delhi

NCR’s Delhi is the entertainment and corporate hub. Delhi being a capital city of India is also a home to likes of Cognizant Technology Solutions, Siemens Networks, HP, Motorola, HCL Technologies, Mahindra, Microsoft, IBM, Dell Inc., and many more. Being an economic centre, Delhi’s IT and manufacturing industries are booming continuously. This city invites the job seekers from close by states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

3. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an ideal representation of the modern India since it has got old-school attributes with amazingly new opportunities & lifestyle. Hyderabad is a major IT center of the south. The companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon, have their vast presence in this city. Hyderabad and nearby areas have highest percentage of SEZ’s that offers huge opportunities. It has the sizeable startup presence as well as comes third in our list of best startups after Bangalore and Delhi. Apart from Pharmaceutical and IT companies, Hyderabad provides great working opportunities. India’s biggest pharma companies Dr Reddy’s, is headquartered over here.

4. Chennai

Chennai is a capital city of Tamil Nadu and is regarded as a ‘Detroit of India’. This city is popular for the industrial segment, and home to computer, automobile, hardware manufacturing, technology, as well as healthcare industries. The best place for budding business experts, Chennai prides in the electronic manufacturing and software development. Chennai is known as banking capital, with vast opportunities for the banking professionals. Automobile segment accounts for over 60% of auto exports in India.

5. Surat

Surat is a metropolitan city of Gujarat State. This city is famous for Real Estate and Diamond Industries in India. Over $10000 capita GDP gets produced by the city each year. Surat offers employment to Indians in Textiles. This city is world popular for the synthetic textiles. Environmentally and spacey, Surat is much better than other metropolitan cities. There’re many employers that presents the good working environment and space for dynamic employees.

6. Pune

Known as the IT hub and best education facilities, Pune has an inspiring lifestyle for the youth of our country. Pune is the top city in India in financial importance and also makes sixth top per capita income. Pune is economically-rich region with various sectors like research-based industries, IT, technology-based industries and automotive industry. Pune provides you a completely mix of the universities, ashrams, palaces, IT companies and museums. You have to spend very wisely when you’re staying in Pune or, it might put one big hole in the pocket but this city offers some amazing job opportunities.

7. Mumbai

Mumbai is known as a financial hub and has been the major living place for many Indians due to the various opportunities that the city offers. Mumbai is an epicenter of the big businesses, startups, Bollywood, and much more. Because of this rental price has become steep.  Mumbai city is teeming with great opportunities with the people from various fields finding job in this top city. One of the largest commercial districts is Bandra Kurla Complex or BKC that has many companies. Apart from film industry and Bollywood there are many healthcare, logistics, textiles, IT, and other organizations where you can find great success.

8. Gurgaon

With the salary of around 750,000 INR per year, Gurgaon, in some way or the other, tops on our list of the best places to work in India. This city has the employment rate of around 11%, and best place to start your career.

9. Kolkata

Kolkata is commercially and financially most important city located in East India. The city offers plenty of jobs of various scales in sectors, like primary, tertiary, or secondary. Kolkata is a capital city of West Bengal. The major industries you can get the jobs are food processing, steel, agriculture, mining, heavy engineering, minerals, electronics, cement, jute, textiles, and pharmaceuticals and more.

10. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the Union Territory & capital city of Haryana & Punjab States. It is one of the most beautiful city with small and large scale sector industries. Chandigarh has good GDP & per capita Income and is known as one of the richest place in India. There’re a lot of information technology firms that provide good employment to talented candidates.


Today, it has become really tough to search & get the lucrative job for a person. Opportunities of employment are very low, particularly for people who stay in the small cities, villages or towns, because all the important and big industrial activities are done only in the big cities and where people from all over the country gather in search of jobs. Big corporate houses, organizations and companies compensate their employees with good salary packages and offer lucrative opportunities for their growth.

Top 10 Job Portals In India 2023

Finding a job and getting your dream job are two different things. When you complete your studies, you want to get in the most admirable job, which gives you a good salary and a respectable position. However, it is not that easy when you are in India with a vast population. But, there are a few helpful and reliable job portals in India that will guide you in getting the desired job online.

As India grows continuously, there will always be a requirement for talented experts to work for the companies. With this, there has been a growth in many job portals. It is estimated that the top job portals fill up more than 80% of the job vacancies filled.

Thus, we thought of sharing the top Job Portals list to solve your work queries. You will get to know many emerging and best Indian job sites. If you are looking to post Jobs, here is the list of Top 10 free job portals for posting jobs 2021

Top 5 Job Portals In India

  1. Naukri
  2. TimesJob
  3. Zigsaw
  4. Monster India
  5. Indeed

Top Job Portals in India – 2023

1.  Naukri

Founded in the year 1997, the name of this company means “job”. One of India’s top job sites, Naukri.com, has expanded rapidly over the last couple of decades and created its name as a mammoth in Recruitment & staffing. There are 50 million users profiles on Naukri, and around 10,000 resumes get updated by the job seekers on this website daily. The company enjoys 60% of the market share in the Indian job search market. It is the biggest name when talking about the best Job portals in India. The sheer number of Job-seekers who find employment through this website is a testament to it.
The best part of the website is it is FREE for Job-seekers to use. The users do not have to pay anything to apply for jobs unless they opt for a Naukri premium. Naukri has expanded its offering and also has a premium subscription service. It assures you to match your resume with the right jobs in your field based on your qualifications and profile.

2. Timesjob

Operated by times group, TimesJob is one of India’s best job sites. The Timesjob portal primarily focuses on the jobs related to the corporate sectors such as IT, BPO, and Banking. Their community sites TechGig.com offer Jobs that are related to IT sectors and technology. The Timesjob has a vast candidate base and lists Jobs from India & abroad for professionals and freshers alike. It is effortless to create your free account in the Timesjob site and upload your CV. TimesJobs has more than 60 million page views every month and crowded with over 2.2 crores of resumes profiles all over India.

3. Zigsaw

Zigsaw is one of the fastest-growing job consultancy firms in India. They network with big companies and help Job-seekers find their Dream Job. All Jobs on Zigsaw are verified by a team of Recruitment Experts and assure guaranteed action on your Job-application within 48 hours of application. You can Register on Zigsaw to view 1000+ verified Jobs. It is entirely FREE for Job-seekers. Once you sign up on this website, they will deliver highly comprehensive and best solutions for talented individuals. Even for employers, it offers a freemium model that allows companies to hire talent for FREE. Zigsaw has its operations in 2 tier and 3 tier cities in India. The majority of the recruitments of Zigsaw generally happen via their Facebook Groups & WhatsApp groups for Job-search.

4. Monster India

Monster is the world’s biggest job search engine and is definitely among India’s best job portals. You can almost call it Google of this job search world. Headquartered in the USA, Monster.com is a global behemoth that has made India the prime markets. While Monsterindia.com helps people find Jobs in India, their international counterpart monster.com can help Job-seekers discover international jobs. Thus, if you are a young professional searching for a mid-level position, then Monster has some best multinationals looking for your attention.
Furthermore, Monster is among the top job portals for people searching for overseas jobs, particularly in South East Asia and the Middle East. Monster generally tends to vet and verify companies that post their jobs on the website, ensuring that the advertised position and company are trustworthy and legitimate. Furthermore, Monster has massively expanded in the small & medium business markets for providing the main focus on the jobs with such companies. Thus, it is the best job site for startup jobs in a country like India.

5. Indeed

Another highly renowned job portal in India, Indeed.com, acts as the catalyst in helping companies hire the right talent and job seekers an ideal job. Indeed provides services in over 60 countries, which allowing applicants to discover jobs in their field and expertise and the geography of their choice. Besides offering career opportunities in most reputed companies, one can enjoy access to the resume writing services, which are an essential component for the job applicant. Indeed is the Job aggregator website. It will crawl other Job search websites, Job boards, Company’s career pages, and aggregate the Job listing from all these websites. Thus, this has got more coverage compared to other online Job listing portals out there. Indeed has a solid user base than Monster and has more Job listing than other job sites in India.

Top 10 Job Portals In India

  1. Naukri
  2. TimesJob
  3. Zigsaw
  4. Monster India
  5. Indeed
  6. Freshers World
  7. LinkedIn
  8. Freshers Live
  9. Shine
  10. Placement India

6. FreshersWorld

Created for recent graduates or young job seekers, FreshersWorld is an exclusive Job portal for fresh college pass-outs. Recruiters on Freshersworld mostly do not seek specialists OR list experience as a pre-requisite for Jobs. You may register free at FreshersWorld account and get email and SMS alerts for various Job information or offers from Private Job and Sarkari listings. For one, this website features more than 60,000 recruiters. It helps job seekers to get a lot of genuine job profiles and posts. The site provides their featured sections like the hot jobs, govt and technical jobs, IT jobs, defense jobs, company list, careers, as well as Interview tips.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no more a traditional job website. If you are a professional, you need to update your profile on this platform to increase your chances of finding a good job. The best part about this website is that it is positioned as the networking and job hunt platform for experts worldwide. Besides, your connections can also endorse you for different skills and give you recommendations. It can help prospective employers to have a good idea about your qualities ad skill sets. Because it is a social-networking website, it is quite simple to access the managers and professionals without going through their HR department.

8. Freshers Live

Have you just started your career? Freshers Live is a website for you that can help you create your resumes and give proper training for job interviews in the private and public sectors. Suppose you’re the fresher and are rejected by many companies because of no experience; It is one best job hunt site for you that you need to sign-in.

9. Shine

Shine is one of the most popular free Job search portals with over 300000 of job listings from the small and big MNCs. This job portal is well suited for the senior-level experts, primarily in IT as well as the Banking field. They provide advanced solutions for the resume writings to the paid users. You can also apply for the Jobs and track down your resume from the Android or iOS App. Shine has crossed over 2.5 crores of job seekers landmark and has over 3 lakh new job vacancies from the leading companies. All because of the professional advice offered to the job seekers, it’s the most creative job site in India. From the past some years, Shine has become one of the most prominent names in this recruitment industry, supported by its partnership with LinkedIn.

10. Placement India

Placement India is one of the most popular placement consultants in India. Once you check the website, you will find job listings from various fields like Education, IT, Telecom, Hospitality, and Real Estate. You have to enter your preferred location, skill sets, and click on its search button. There are categories to filter Jobs based on work-location, functions, walk-in jobs, skills, fresher jobs, and much more that makes your search simple. People who want to hire may post their job listings free on the website.

What do you think about our list of Top 10 Job sites in India? Do let us know in the comments below.


With this job market expanding rapidly, there are many new professionals that graduate each year. As a job seeker, you need to focus on the skills and figure out your strengths! Many companies prefer specialists who have the necessary skills and are also good at teamwork, communication, and a fair degree of innovation and creativity. As a professional, you must always work like you are looking for a new job. What this essentially means is you have to invest a little time each week in the professional self-development.