10 Best Cities To Work In India 2023

Company environment and suitableness is an important thing for an employee to have better production and work. For a person who is starting out in a job circuit want to work in the city where jobs provide the combination of good work and life balance, promising salary growth and amazing opportunity. Obviously, it is a tough task when you need to select between the small city with low living cost and dense metropolis with various offers, but the below can help you to get started.

To achieve the good career growth, here are 10 best cities to work in India that plays an important role in fulfilling dreams of the youth and offers best work place.

10 Best Cities To Work In India

1. Bangalore

First in our list is Bangalore and it is popular known as Pink city of the IT Industry. For working and living, Bangalore offers the best opportunities for growing in very less time. This makes itself one major part of our Indian Economy. So, it distributes industries in 3 sub cities that are STPI, ITPB and Electronics city. Bangalore gives around 35% of employment to Indians. It is known as haven for the work opportunities. Many people move to this city, live here for years because of many job opportunities that city has to offer you.

2. Delhi

NCR’s Delhi is the entertainment and corporate hub. Delhi being a capital city of India is also a home to likes of Cognizant Technology Solutions, Siemens Networks, HP, Motorola, HCL Technologies, Mahindra, Microsoft, IBM, Dell Inc., and many more. Being an economic centre, Delhi’s IT and manufacturing industries are booming continuously. This city invites the job seekers from close by states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

3. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an ideal representation of the modern India since it has got old-school attributes with amazingly new opportunities & lifestyle. Hyderabad is a major IT center of the south. The companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon, have their vast presence in this city. Hyderabad and nearby areas have highest percentage of SEZ’s that offers huge opportunities. It has the sizeable startup presence as well as comes third in our list of best startups after Bangalore and Delhi. Apart from Pharmaceutical and IT companies, Hyderabad provides great working opportunities. India’s biggest pharma companies Dr Reddy’s, is headquartered over here.

4. Chennai

Chennai is a capital city of Tamil Nadu and is regarded as a ‘Detroit of India’. This city is popular for the industrial segment, and home to computer, automobile, hardware manufacturing, technology, as well as healthcare industries. The best place for budding business experts, Chennai prides in the electronic manufacturing and software development. Chennai is known as banking capital, with vast opportunities for the banking professionals. Automobile segment accounts for over 60% of auto exports in India.

5. Surat

Surat is a metropolitan city of Gujarat State. This city is famous for Real Estate and Diamond Industries in India. Over $10000 capita GDP gets produced by the city each year. Surat offers employment to Indians in Textiles. This city is world popular for the synthetic textiles. Environmentally and spacey, Surat is much better than other metropolitan cities. There’re many employers that presents the good working environment and space for dynamic employees.

6. Pune

Known as the IT hub and best education facilities, Pune has an inspiring lifestyle for the youth of our country. Pune is the top city in India in financial importance and also makes sixth top per capita income. Pune is economically-rich region with various sectors like research-based industries, IT, technology-based industries and automotive industry. Pune provides you a completely mix of the universities, ashrams, palaces, IT companies and museums. You have to spend very wisely when you’re staying in Pune or, it might put one big hole in the pocket but this city offers some amazing job opportunities.

7. Mumbai

Mumbai is known as a financial hub and has been the major living place for many Indians due to the various opportunities that the city offers. Mumbai is an epicenter of the big businesses, startups, Bollywood, and much more. Because of this rental price has become steep.  Mumbai city is teeming with great opportunities with the people from various fields finding job in this top city. One of the largest commercial districts is Bandra Kurla Complex or BKC that has many companies. Apart from film industry and Bollywood there are many healthcare, logistics, textiles, IT, and other organizations where you can find great success.

8. Gurgaon

With the salary of around 750,000 INR per year, Gurgaon, in some way or the other, tops on our list of the best places to work in India. This city has the employment rate of around 11%, and best place to start your career.

9. Kolkata

Kolkata is commercially and financially most important city located in East India. The city offers plenty of jobs of various scales in sectors, like primary, tertiary, or secondary. Kolkata is a capital city of West Bengal. The major industries you can get the jobs are food processing, steel, agriculture, mining, heavy engineering, minerals, electronics, cement, jute, textiles, and pharmaceuticals and more.

10. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the Union Territory & capital city of Haryana & Punjab States. It is one of the most beautiful city with small and large scale sector industries. Chandigarh has good GDP & per capita Income and is known as one of the richest place in India. There’re a lot of information technology firms that provide good employment to talented candidates.


Today, it has become really tough to search & get the lucrative job for a person. Opportunities of employment are very low, particularly for people who stay in the small cities, villages or towns, because all the important and big industrial activities are done only in the big cities and where people from all over the country gather in search of jobs. Big corporate houses, organizations and companies compensate their employees with good salary packages and offer lucrative opportunities for their growth.