Recruitment through Social Media

We are trying to build an open no-spam community for Job seekers to directly connect with employers.

Here are some of our associate facebook groups for job-seekers/employers to join

City Facebook Group Whatsapp Group
Sawai Madhopur
Sri Ganganagar

Other Job Groups

  1. Startup Jobs:

Internship Groups:

  1. Startup Internships:
  2. Bangalore Internships:
  3. Delhi Internships:
  4. Mumbai Internships:

If you want us to build us a facebook group for your city, do let us know in the comments below


Whatsapp Rules

So, would you be interested in receiving Job updates on Whatsapp? Fill this and you will receive an SMS on your mobile with the invite link.

As a team, we are committed to providing you the best job search experience. Hope you find your Dream Job 🙂 #beZigsawed

Below is the guideline for members of the WhatsApp group to ensure a quality experience for all.

  • The purpose of these WhatsApp groups is to share verified Job openings to all Job seekers in a convenient way. Job openings are delivered right to your inbox in a fast, effective, and convenient way.
  • These groups would also help Job seekers communicate effectively about the pros & cons of working in any company. You can ask questions and there will be people who will help you out. You can also raise anonymous queries by PM’ing the admin at 9887890909
  • Premium Jobs will also be shared in these groups. Premium Jobs are jobs with active referral incentives. When you refer premium Jobs to your friends, not only do you become eligible for a treat from your friends but also a referral incentive from Zigsaw
  • Chats are not allowed in the group. If you have any queries related to any Job, DM the person who posted the Job.
  • No non-job-related discussions are allowed in the group. Anything apart from Job-related discussions including promotions, personal agenda, social cause, Good morning messages, festival greetings are not allowed in the group.
  • The groups are “Job seekers” exclusive meaning ONLY Job seekers are allowed in the group. No recruiters are allowed to share Jobs. Employers can only post Jobs should they provide their official company email addresses. This rule is to ensure that only verified Jobs are posted in the group. If you are a recruiter and would want to get your Job verified, kindly get in touch with admin at or call at 9887890909
  • Kindly note that violators will be banned permanently. Should you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to the admin at 9887890909

Vision: There are 3 Lakh Jobs & 30 Lakh Job seekers in India but not even a single platform that connects them without ifs & buts. We want to be that platform where every candidate is able to find Jobs. We want to build a for the people and by the people service. We want to be work with like-minded people who could share our dream and passion to build a platform where all Jobs are shared seamlessly and the Jobs reach every Job seeker in India.

The points system on Zigsaw: No good in this world ever goes unnoticed. You earn points for every Karma on the website.

  • Activity Points represents the sum-total of your referred friends/family for Jobs. Higher AP represents higher income potential over the years.
  • Engagement Points represent your degree of interaction with your friends, colleagues, and other people you know. To improve your Engagement points, rate people on skills, and flag them; ask people to rate you, and flag you.
  • Karma Points represents your willingness to help fellow Job seekers find Jobs. Your Karma points improve when you post Jobs on behalf of employers. Our platform allows users to post jobs on behalf of other employers and help Job-seekers find the best Jobs. Your points also improve when people view, apply, or like the Jobs posted by you.

We are also finding out the most popular companies and popular institutes in India. It represents the sum total of all AP, EP & KP of all employees/students/alumni’s