Win a free meal at Subway

Welcome to Subway’s #spreadthegood campaign
What can you win? A free meal at Subway & a counseling session on “Resume Building”
What you have to do?

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How to increase points at the above rankings?

  • Find classmates on zigzags, rate them on skills & flag them
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Over 100 jobs listed on Discover Jobs & rediscover your career. Now, when you get a job, you don’t just get a job, you get a free meal from Subway as well.
In case of any queries, feel free to reach us at or 9887890909 (Whatsapp as well)

Winter Internship at Zigsaw

1 year from now, when you sit for an interview in your dream company, what would make you stand out? We give you this opportunity to build your profile for what most employers look for. We give you this opportunity to outshine everybody else in your next interview, be it Job or further studies. We give you this opportunity to learn now what others learn with years of experience. We give you this opportunity to change your career forever. Here’s your chance do the real job, meet people, have the market idea, learn a lot & make the difference. Sounds great, isn’t it?
Work Profile: HR & Marketing
Your takeaways

  • Network with 50 business icons of your hometown and connect with 100 business owners of your city
  • On-the-Job experience of doing something with all your passion. Awaken the entrepreneur in you.
  • For somebody who is looking for a job, who do you think matters the most? Not the one where he got the job but the one who got him the job. With this internship, you get a chance to get fans for life
  • The best performers of the internship will get a recommendation certificate and a chance to work with us during the summer. Now, this is important because our summer team has the brightest of minds from IITs and IIMs
  • Zigsaw credits worth Rs. 5000 that can be utilized for career counseling, job counseling, resume making, and psychometric tests. These credits can also be used to pursue online courses on Entrepreneurship & Digital Marketing

Job role: Trust us, it is simple & fun

  • Research the top 50 companies in your city.
  • Make available their Job requirements to the Job seekers of your city.
  • Engage with Job seekers of your city and help them apply for Jobs.
  • Accept/Reject Job applications with proper feedback.
  • Network with 100 startups and businesses in your city

While the strategy & executive to spearhead the revolution in your city will be yours, you will be appointed a SPOC who would help you in understanding challenges & coping with them. He/She would hand-hold you while you take this roller coaster that will change your life forever!! Extraordinary performers would also be given a chance to organize a Job Festival in their city
Internship Location: Work from home
Work timings: As & what suits you
About us: Recruitment has been a complex problem in the 20th century. With our entry in the start-up era, both employees and organizations have become more dynamic in nature which has even complicated it even more. We are not scared to say that all those who have tried this space earlier have failed and yet we are confident of our efforts. We have a simple vision

  • Easy Job search for Jobseekers
  • Best Fit candidates for the employers

We, at [Zigsaw] are creating a revolution. Creating an open community to facilitate jobs & job seekers in your city. At large, it would help in eradicating unemployment from your city and our baby step to push your city towards prosperity. While our resources are free and open to use for all, most of our employees work on a voluntary basis.
Our product: What if we include functionalities of Linkedin & Naukri? What if we try & quantify each skill mentioned in every individual’s profile. Does that scare that, already? Now, add the thrills of Clash of Clans to gamify recruitment over Social Networks!!
Covered by all major startup magazines, including but not limited to Yourstory, SME times, Networked India, startups, Rajasthan Patrika, etc.
How to apply: Send us an email at Do include details like your name, email, mobile number & the city you would like to work out of.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
P.S.: Certificates on internship completion and recommendation letters on good performance 🙂 Lets rock, now …

interview preparation

It consists of 2 telephonic sessions of half an hour each
Session 1: Suggesting what to prepare for interview, how to, what can be asked, possible answers, interview etiquette etc.
Session 2: Mock interview & feedback session

Offline Counselling

A session of 1 hour with our Recruitment specialist (Mr. Manvendra Singh, Ms. Srishti Mahatma or Mr. Vaibhav Chouhan) would cover topics like

  • Resume feedback and suggestions
  • Career counselling: Understanding user preferences, priorities, evaluating available options and suggestion
  • Further Studies: Evaluate avenues of further studies, feasibility, reality check and expected ROI’s
  • Job counselling: Understanding expectations, available options, reality check, where to apply ? how to apply ? suggestions etc.
  • Job Counselling

    An online Job counselling session would include

  • Analyzing skill sets acquired, experience, Job seeker preferences etc.
  • Evaluating available Job options
  • Suggesting jobs & avenues to apply