Jagga finds the “best-fit” criminal

It has been time that I wanted to tell you guys how we work. Let’s talk about Jagga instead. Jagga Jasoos is a professional criminal catcher. Below are some ways Jagga uses to reach the right criminals.

  • Ideally, the police stations should have the biggest database of Criminals. However, with growing digitalization, police stations have failed to keep up with the updation of the database. The friendly nature of policemen does not help either.
  • Professional connection website for criminals. Started by Mr. Lala Bhaiya, updating criminal skills & endorsing criminals is free on the platform.
  • Having been in the industry for the last 2 years, Jagga has a good database of existing criminals
  • This, another platform started by Shana Bhaiya aims to be the go-to place for revolver buying but the database is misused by Jagga Jasoos for his personal interests.
  • Search on the basis of radar card is a tough task but Jagga is determined to leave no stone unturned In her search of the right criminal
  • The diploma course in the shooting is priced at 65k for 6 months. Besides, a degree in extortion, rape, honor-killing & abduction is also provided. Strategic tie-ups help our case.
  • Advertisements are sometimes floated in Newspapers. However, these methods do not appeal much to the Generation Y of criminals which is online.
  • Most of the criminals are here & Facebook has magically cracked the code of legal extortion for leads!! What is difficult, though is reaching the right criminals.
  • Referral programs are run to reach a wider criminal database. Gone are the days when the bounty was only provided for crimes. These days, bounties are also provided for finding the criminal. Jagga is convinced that this would be the most powerful tool going forward to find the right criminals
    To stay updated with Jagga’s latest expeditions, stay tuned at https://www.facebook.com/groups/jobs4udaipur/

After edit: 1 can be Employment Exchange, 2 can be Linkedin, 4 can be true, 5 is a google search and 6 is college placement cells

Lessons to learn from the IndoBangla Clash

Here are 10 points tailor-made for the entrepreneurs out there.

  • Sometimes, smaller players can outplay the giants. Larry Page & Surgery Bin offered to sell their algorithm to Yahoo for pennies. Believe in yourself. That is the secret. Lamborghini came into existence for Enzo Ferrari insulted a farmer. And btw, didn’t Arvind Kejriwal took on, the then mighty Sheila Dixit?
  • Albert Einstein said I did not fail 99 times, I just found out 99 ways it would not work out. I think every loss teaches us something & if we fail 99, we are bound to succeed the next time. Afterall there can only be 99 unique ways to fail. I am sure Bangladesh is learning from its mistakes & would not repeat not taking a single the next time.
  • Believe in Magic. Till then, keep connecting the dots.
  • Keep calm. Done let the noise get you. Keep your ice cool especially the situation is tight. When it gets chaotic & things start falling, it becomes all the more important to stay put.
  • Most of the good work is lost due to the lack of a little more. Make sure you finish your battles and don’t give up.
  • Greed can sometimes be blinding. The greed to win with a glamour shot got the better of Bangladesh Batsmen & they succumbed.
  • Believe in your people. Ultimately, it is people that are the core of any success story. Take that away & there is nothing left. Sometimes, some team members just need the confidence of their leader & when it happens they overperform their skills. MSD believed in Bumrah & Bumrah proved him right.
  • A true team is what comes together when everything else is falling apart. One plus one more than two goes the famous saying.
  • A leader must believe in himself, must believe in his plans. Dhoni could have made a throw and could have still have hit the stumps, but he decides not to take any chances. He decided to believe in himself. This attitude is what usually inspires a team to give their best.
  • Things can go wrong at the last step as well. One needs a combination of passion, patience & aggression. Bangladesh had enough of 1st & 3rd but it is the balance that is important.

Last but not least. Luck plays its part. Some wise men prefer to call it Karma. Be good to people & things would ultimately work out.
Team Zigsaw
Interesting Fact: Dhoni saved the career of 10 chaps with his cameo. Would you like to build the career of your friends by connecting them with the best Jobs in Udaipur?
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At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutionizingRecruitment

A comment of Facebook can land you a job in 3 days. Don’t be surprised. Zigsaw has networked with close to 90 companies in Udaipur & intends to make difference to the Udaipur Recruitment Ecosystem. The platform is completely free for job seekers to use. Open Job positions are shared on daily basis in the Facebook group & sometimes referral incentives given for referring the right candidate.

Challenges that we FIGHT
One of the major challenges in Udaipur is that most Jobs in Udaipur are available are filled through reference i.e. a relative of a relative usually gets the Job. Sometimes, talented & hardworking students from an average background might miss out on these opportunities. Behold, Udaipur has its hiring superheroes. We intend to create a community that is creating value for itself. To create a community that drives recruitment on its own.
What is your #revoltionizingrecruitment
If you look closely, you will observe that Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. We want to be the Job portal that owns no data. People refer their friends & colleagues for Job openings. This, I believe can the smartest & the fastest way of finding the right person for the Right Job
So, how is Zigzobs different from other Job portals

  • We have a product that can objectively evaluate your skills based on your self-evaluation, colleague/friend evaluation & expert evaluation
  • Our locker should be [live] by 30th This would keep all your mark sheets, experience certificate & recommendation letters at one place
  • Going forward, we intend to integrate assessments that would [again] objectively evaluate skills, just a bit better.

So, what’s the dream?
Imagine a world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job, you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options, and delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this happening in an auto-pilot mode. This magic-box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A total platform to endorse evaluates, verify & select, all at your finger-tips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment

The GOD-mother at Zigsaw

Let us talk about HER

  • She works till 10:00 in office, gets to home at 10:30 & works again till 12:00 because it is the last day of Naukri’s subscription
  • She works all day, get the flexes printed at 09:00 pm, collects them at 11:00, reaches home at 12:00 only to reach office at 05:30 on a chilly winter morning. All because it is the Job Festival tomorrow.
  • She mail-merges people for a UI designer post at 02:00 am in the morning.
  • She works on a Sunday to complete the market work while everyone else (including me) is too lazy to get up.
  • Approximately 80% of the revenues that had been there in the last 4 months have been brought by her
  • She has not taken only 1 left in the last 140 days
  • She is ready to meet companies all by herself in the farthest corner of the city
  • She is willing to work when both I & Devkaran are exhausted to death.
  • She infuses positivity in the work-air. 2 people: Shibu & Shubham (out of a small team of 4) come to office only because you work here. She is 1 reason why our work-culture is the best
  • She had an offer from a very renowned (also technical) company in Udaipur at a salary that was twice of what you are paid here. You did not SWITCH
  • [Edit by Abhishek]: She buys us chocolates every day!!

Thank you #Srishti for being there for #Zigsaw. You are by far the best thing that has happened to Zigsaw to date. You are the biggest & the most important reason for it having come this far. Thank you for being there for us. Happy Women’s day!!