Educational institutions train millions of youngsters but corporates often complain that they do not get the necessary skill and talent required for a job. This results in widespread unemployment amongst college graduates. To make freshers Job, ready Zigsaw is proud to announce the launch of its flagship program: ZID… the stubbornness to grow

ZID is an idea to provide industry specific training to Job-seekers. Details as below

  • The training program will consist of several basic and advanced level training.
  • Batch-1 of training programs
    • Internet Research
    • MS Office and English (Written Communication)
    • Digital Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Content Writing
    • Business Development
    • Online Bidding
  • Training duration would be 6 months which would include a classroom training program, followed by an intensive on job training. Work-timings would be 10:00 am to 08:00 pm
  • typically designed to be completed in 6 months, the programs can also be completed before the estimated duration. Training program would be level based and the candidate would be required to complete all the levels for training completion. The candidates will be awarded a certificate of completion on successfull completion.
  • Admission to the training program would be on selection basis. The training program would be FREE for all Job-seekers however a security amount of 10000₹ would be payable at the start of the training program. Should a candidate not complete all the levels of the training program, the security amount will not be refunded back. However, on successfull completion of the course, the complete 10000₹ would be returned in full.
  • A candidate can pursue multiple courses, one-after-the-other


Why should you take this program?

We guarantee that you will get a Job on successful completion.

For any queries, reach us on call(9887890909) , email(radhika@zigsaw.in) or whatsapp (9887890909)


    • Ramesh is a B-tech student from a private engineering college.
    • Surbhi works full-time in a digital marketing company. She is looking to switch but frankly, after a tiring day at office does not have the time or energy to actively look for Jobs
    • Sameer’s company laid off a lot of employees at once. Sameer and his collegues are actively looking for Job.
    • Tabassum had to leave her last Job due to a personal reason, she is willing to join back the industry.
    • Hitesh settled for a medicre salary because he did not know that another company at his preferred Job-location was willing to pay more for the skill sets he had.

So, here’s the “Never miss a relevant Job” plan for all The Rameshs, Surbhis, Sameers, Tabassums and Hiteshs. Our team of experts will hand-pick Jobs for you and send them to you directly on whatsapp. By subscribing to our “Never miss a relevant Job” feature, we will make sure that you never -ever miss out on a relevant opportunity.

Here are the details of the plan

      • A category is a combination of the skills & your preferred Job-location. You can choose a maximum of 3 categories under 1 plan. For example: PHP in Udaipur is a unique category and a Job-seekers can opt for 3 receive Job updates for different categories under 1 suscription. A user can also subscribe to multiple plans if he needs to.
      • This plan is available under 2 categories
        • Monthly Subscription: 100₹ pm
        • Yearly Subscription: 1000₹ per year
      • Payment: You can make the purchase via a in-dashboard purchase at www.zigsaw.in or transfer the money via paytm (9099072249)

For any queries, reach us on call(9887890909) , email(radhika@zigsaw.in) or whatsapp (9887890909)

Hope you find your dream Job 🙂


About Us:

One of the fastest growing recruitment firms in India, Zigsaw collaborates with companies to help fulfill their hiring requirements in the least possible time & in the best possible way. It delivers the most comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for hiring the “best-fit” talent. Currently operational in all the major cities of India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, it is also expanding in tier-2 &tier-3 cities to reach out to the enormous talent in our county.

Advantages of hiring through “Zigsaw”

  1. Our Reach: Our existing database of 32 Lakhs Job seekers helps us reach a wider Job seekers audience. Our referral programs enable us to reach our 2nd degree of connections thereby increasing our reach considerably. Our wide reach helps organizations
    1. Find better talent: Your business grows faster.
    2. At a cheaper bargain: You save month-on-month.
  2. It saves your time. We can work on your hiring requirements while you focus on other important aspects of your business.
  3. We screen candidates. While we do the preliminary shortlisting at our end, this saves your time of screening, shortlisting & interviewing non-relevant profiles.
  4. We are fast. While most recruitment consultants ask for a time window of 30 days, we close job openings in 15 days.
  5. There is nothing to lose. You need to pay us only when you find a suitable profile & he/she joins your organization. No harm in trying, right?


The problem with hiring the wrong people is that you end up having to either “live” with them, “fix” them, or “fire” them. All three of those are lousy options!

We, at Zigsaw can help you glide past this issue by connecting you to people who would take your business to the next level. If you partner with us, the rough roadmap for your next Hire would be as below:


Tentative Progress

Modus Operandi

Day 0

Announcement of vacancy

Careful analysis of target aspirants and propagation through Print Media, our existing network (32 lakhs Job seekers PAN India), referral network penetrating 2nd degree of connections of our existing network, targeted Social Media campaigns, Job Portals and partner Placement firms.


Day 0-7

Applications received

Day 8

Applications reviewed, shortlisted and reconfirmed

Day 9

Skills evaluated

Selection of best candidates through relevant Job assessments. We also use psychometric profiling (additional charges), if required.

Day 10

Psychometric profiling

Day 11-12

Interviews scheduled

Conducting personal interviews to deliver maximum value to our associates

Day 13

Results Announced

Day 14

Best candidate mapped!!!


Our Team:

  • Founder & CEO : Mr. Vaibhav Chouhan , IIT Guwahati, Previous Experience: Business HR at Tata Power
  • Technology Consultant
    • Mr. Sudhanshu Saxena, IIT Guwahati
    • Mr. Shivnarayan Dhaker; VNIT
  • Recruitment Consultant : Mr. Ravish Vasan, IIM Ahmedabad
  • BD Consultant
    • Ms. Rajeshwary S. Sonti, TAPMI
    • Mr. Sayantan Pal, IIM Indore
  • Mentors
    • Mr. Arun Singhal (Career Services Advisor/Faculty – IIM Udaipur, Enrichmentors)
    • Ms. Krishna Chouhan (Retd. DD, Dept. Of Education, Rajasthan Govt.)

 For our Clientele & employer recommendations, visit www.zigsaw.in

Here are some glimpses of how employers have benefitted by partnering with us:

It is impossible says pride, its risky says experience, it is pointless said the reason. “Give it a try” whispered the heart.


We understand that every client is different and understanding their expectations has been our biggest strength. Our team of young, dynamic professionals has successfully executed out-of-box strategies to deliver maximum value in the least time. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we would like to be a part of your success story.

Here are some glimpses of how employers have benefitted by partnering with us.

Case Study-1 (A reputed outsourcing company in Udaipur)

A well known KPO in Udaipur partnered with us for their hiring needs. We sourced talent for them. A month of induction into the system, we partnered with their HR team to find monitor performances of the hires that came through us. Resources provided by us were, on average performing 40% better than other resources. Conservatively assuming 1 year of tenure, we saved them 30% MOM on the resources hired through us.

Case Study-2 (A US-based healthcare product company)

This company with its development center in Udaipur was hiring for Developers. A module of their project was due delivery and they wanted an experienced resource with the rare skill-sets. They wanted to close the position latest by 1 month. They had partnered with well-known Job-boards and recruitment consultancies of Udaipur & outside to source relevant talent for them. However, when none of their existing solutions seemed to work, they came to Zigsaw for their hiring needs on Day 13. After a couple of scheduled interviews, we were able to successfully close the position on the 28th day.

Case Study-3 (A water plant with a core team from Switzerland)

An existing client of ours had an urgent requirement which they wanted to close ASAP. The position was of Head – Electrical & Mechanical maintenance. The position was super urgent and we were able to close the position on Day 3 of receiving the requirement.

Case Study-4 (An IT service company)

An IT product company from Udaipur was hiring for a Front End Developer. The management team had specifically mentioned that wanted Zigsaw to pre-screen the candidates before sending them. This company was very selective with the talent they hired. Our recruitment solutions team built an assignment with our client to pre-screen Job applications. Every Job-applicant was required to complete the assignment which our technical team rigorously evaluated & suggested feedback. We were able to close this position with the first & the only profile we shared with our client.