Participation in Udaipur Job Festival

Greetings from Zigsaw !!
There are 2 heads under which a company (Job Provider) can register for Udaipur Job Festival

To Brand the open position Brand & to HireCommercialsStall Cost (i.e. 2500 ) for an 8 X 10 feet stall to showcase the open positions for hiring8.33% of annual CTC of the successful candidate with a 3-month refund-replacement clause.FacilitiesNAA separated 10 X 15 areas to conduct the interviews. Conducting InterviewsCompanies can conduct on the spot interviews shortlisted profiles I saw would at least 20 shortlisted profiles for the roleBrandingJDs to be shared with 25 colleges in 250 Km radius of UdaipurJDs to be shared with 25 colleges in 250 Km radius of UdaipurJob Seeker DataAll the information would be in digital media & would not be shared with the Job ProvidersInformation of Job seekers interested in that work profile would be shared referral Incentive CampaignNoYesTo register as a Job provider, mail us at

Udaipur Job Festival on 28th Feb

Greetings from Zigsaw !!
Job Festival means celebrating the career choices around us!! We are organizing a grand Udaipur Job Festival on 28th February to celebrate these choices in our lake city. We intend to bring together all the Job seekers and providers of & around Udaipur (250 Kms) on this 1 platform. We are positive to bring in 40 companies for this Job Festival expecting a footfall of 2600 Job seekers. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to this Job Festival.
Job seekers can register here: Udaipur Job Festival Registrations & engage with us on our Facebook page here – Facebook page (UJF)
Companies can associate with us in either or both of the below categories. For any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at

  • Hiring: We would love to hire for the positions that you are actively looking out for.
  • Sponsorship: We also love to see you support us in this initiative by being associated with us.

We intend to reach out to a 250 Km radius of Udaipur, covering 25 colleges of Engineering, Management, Hospitality & Commerce. We intend to get 4000 Job applications from these 25 colleges. We will shortlist & invite 2000 freshers for the Job Festival. We also intend to target professionals with 2-4 years of experience who are seeking better career opportunities and bring in 600 of them to this Job Festival.

You can also associate with us as a sponsor for this event under a category which fits your marketing needs the best

  • Title Sponsor: All our banners read as Title Sponsor & Zigsaw present Udaipur Job Festival in association with Co-sponsor 1 & Co-sponsor-2. The title sponsor would get exclusive FM & Media coverage. All the banners/flexes that go to colleges in & around Udaipur, all the hoardings engaged for publicity in & around Udaipur carry the name as the title sponsor. Moreover, your branding objective can be discussed & engaged for better ROIs
  • Co-sponsor: All our banners read as Title Sponsor & Zigsaw present Udaipur Job Festival in association with Co-sponsor 1 & Co-sponsor-2. FM mention & media coverage. All the banners/flexes that go to colleges in & around Udaipur(25 in nos.), all the hoardings engaged for publicity in & around Udaipur carry the name as the co-sponsor. Stall option is also available for co-sponsors.
  • Associate Sponsor: Logo represented on the Flexes. Mention on our website & blog. Stall provided in the Job Festival(optional). All the banners/flexes carry the logo of an associate sponsor.
  • Publicity Partners: A “barter-deal” for mutual publicity. We would love to partner with the happening places of the town

About Zigsaw
Imagine a world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job, you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options, and delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this happening in an auto-pilot mode. This magic-box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A total platform to endorse evaluates, verify & select, all at your finger-tips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment.
We have operated for 18 months on a PAN India approach & have worked with the likes of Pagal guy, Razorpay, Derby India, Fizz, Blacklight Studio Works, etc. Going forward, we intend to be the go-to place for recruitment in Rajasthan & Gujarat. URL:
About the team

  • Vaibhav Chouhan, Founder – Zigsaw, IIT Guwahati alumni, 3 years of work experience with Tata Power (MMD & HR Dept. )
  • Technology Consultants: Shivnarayan, VNIT (4th year) & Avinash (IIT Kanpur, 3rd year)
  • Srishti & Hemprabha: Aspirant Relationship Manager
  • Devkaran: Client Relationship Manager
  • Abhishek: Developer
  • Akarsh: Intern from Manipal, multiple roles
  • Soumyaranjan: Social Media (3rd-year SVNIT)

For any queries, feel free to contact us at 9057305559 or
Employees are what separate good ideas to great companies


Are you in Udaipur? Are you a fresher in Udaipur or a professional planning to make his BIG jump?
Although Rajasthan has second-lowest unemployment rate { first being Gujarat} and leads in the lowest unemployment rate in rural areas at just 4 among a thousand. But the real problem lies here, the jobs pay you very feebly. Yes, lack of big companies and medium scale enterprises forces the youth to work in small scale industries, handicrafts, local shops, and small businesses. Wikipedia lists only four MNCs in favor of Rajasthan namely Larson & Toubro Ltd, Grasim Industries Ltd, Parle Biscuits Ltd, and NBC Bearings. The land of kings just fails to offer good quality white-collar jobs to its residents.
The Rajasthan govt has taken certain steps to ensure that the youth don’t drown in the sea of unemployment, for eg recently an unemployment allowance scheme has been aired where the unemployed will get Rs 500 per month by the govt. This scheme looks like a joke because what is the value of Rs 500 in the present generation. Another scheme or rather a start-up scheme has been launched to make it easy for the people to generate jobs in Rajasthan.
Rajasthan is not short of talented young blood, not at all when there are educational hubs like KOTA and premier institutes like NIT Jaipur and IIM Udaipur.
Though there are some startups that have surfaced on the land of kings for eg our very own Zigsaw in Udaipur, here the problem is that they hire professionals from other states, the main reason is the lack of trust in local youngsters. Something needs to be done to make the start-ups, existing firms, and the upcoming companies aware of the underrated talent of Rajasthan. Something needs to be done to make the job generators meet the job seekers. Somebody needs to take the initiative. And here Zigsaw consultancy services come into the picture, why because it has taken a step to curb this problem of India.
Zigsaw plans to organize a job festival across all the potential cities in India. Udaipur being the first in the series, because Zigsaw aims to first aims to improve the job condition of its abode ie Udaipur. This job festival invites every job seeker, every job generator, and every company that seeks visibility and branding among a large mass of people in the form of sponsorship. This is the platform for the individuals to showcase their talents among a variety of start-ups and medium scale companies. This is the portal for the companies to meet the talent pool of Udaipur and hire the best in business.
I on behalf of Zigsaw invite all of you to this potential magnum opus of Udaipur because of its gonna rain with jobs.
One place, one day, one initiative comes and joins us at Udaipur Job Fest.
Register here:

Summer Internship at Zigsaw

What are we doing?
Who are we looking for at Zigsaw?
Profile 1: We need a Developer who can carry forward the work from Winter Interns of IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, NIT Surathkal, VNIT & SVNIT and do that in style!! (3 in nos.)
Profile 2:�Â� We need a developer who can help us with the Android App Development for Zigzobs (2 in nos.)

  • Design & Develop a clean Android version of Zigzobs
  • Work on the UX/UI of the Android applications
  • Stipend: 10k pm Accomodation

    To apply: Mail your resume to mentioning the work-profile of your interest