NIT Mizoram

Hello Everyone…

I’m Saurav Saha, B.Tech(CSE), NIT Mizoram. Well, before I pen down the insights of my college, National Institute of Technology Mizoram, I’d like to express my deep regards to all well-wishers of mine for giving me this opportunity. It’s a matter of pride, pleasure and fortune to have such a Golden Opportunity of describing one’s College.
As we all know that NIT Mizoram is one of the new NITs sanctioned by Govt. of India under MHRD in 2010. Being a new NIT it has its share of hardships in the initial stage of its establishment, though the hospitality of the mentor institute VNIT Nagpur can never be forgotten. But the burning question in the mind of any JEE (Main) aspirant, who are unable to make it to other NITs, whether to join any new NIT or any Pvt. Engineering Institute (^_^)? Same did happen with me as well during my time of admission. Well, then I chose the former and never regretted! It is not only that you get the brand value of NIT but also the exposure that matters which you’d lack in a Tier III Engineering College. If you got stuck in such a dilemma, I’d highly recommend you to go for the new NIT due to above-mentioned facilities.
Bringing to light the pros and cons of new NITs I’d like to add that NIT Mizoram despite the hardships it faced like working on the temporary institute, poor laboratories set-up and shortage of faculty now with the passage of time things have got much better. The permanent campus site has been chosen and acquired, albeit some remaining paperwork. Construction would start soon, and as any NIT, we can expect some state of the art facilities here, amidst the lush green hills and cool winds of this mesmerizing place called Mizoram. Till the completion of permanent campus, the institute settled on having academic classes in a Temporary Campus comprising of 1 Administrative Block, 2 Academic Blocks and 1 Central Library Block plus 4 Hostels(3 Boys 1 Girl) in the Aizawl City.
The Institutes has managed to get well-set Departmental Labs i.e, CSE Labs, ECE Lab, EEE Lab, ME Lab and Civil Lab (forthcoming). The Hi-speed Internet in the Institute area both through LAN and Wi-Fi, the institute has managed to be in touch of the rest of the World.
New faculties have been recruited and also to provide better education High-Profile Professors are appointed as External Faculties. From the Academic Session July’14, the Institute is providing B.Tech in CSE, ECE, EEE, ME and CE. Institute has even started a PhD programme from this session. The faculty strength has increased substantially, along with the intake of the institute. The laboratories are better equipped, and the libraries are filled with piles of books as compared to its previous initial stage.
The most crucial thing in the mind of anyone before joining the Institute is TRAINING and PLACEMENT. The placement scenario of the college is really worth commending. More than 50% per cent of the students have been placed in multinational companies in the pioneer pass out batch (2014). Students have been Intern in almost all respectable companies and Institutes with IIT Madras, IISER Kolkata and PSUs like BHEL, DRDO not as an exception!
Apart from the hectic schedule all throughout the year, to return the vigour and refreshment, the Institute organizes two fests every year namely:

  • ANUNAAD: the annual Techno-Cultural Fest of NITMz. As the name suggests, it is two days of utter exhilaration and unrestrained fun. The venue is rife all night long with throngs of students enjoying to the hilt.
  • SHAURYA: the annual Sports Fest of NITMz. The platform whooping students from all over to participate and exhibit the Sportsmen inside..!!

The Institute also has certain clubs for extra-curricular activities which are maintained by the student’s body under the guidance of faculties-in-charge for all-round development. These include:
S4O(Search for Origin): the Science Club of NITMz which brings together the elite minds of NITMz to understand the source of technical skills(science beyond technology). With the motto “Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow” the club organizes seminars, workshops and act to sow the seeds of innovation and creativity into the minds that are not well versed in this arena. S40 organizes MANTHAN(Science Olympiad) in the state of Mizoram coupled with Quiz Competition in all Aizawl to provide a platform for the technocrat to grow.
DRISHTI-the 3rd EYE: The Photography Club of NITMz. Photography records the gamut of feelings written on a human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It brings a union among persons with the same interest.
HackerRank Club: The Coding Club of NITMz. It supports all the passionate programmers�Â� by creating a Coding Culture in the Campus. Motto: “It put NIT Mizoram in the global map of Coding”. CODING Events are organized inter college and intra college in association with HackerRank, the ever growing Coding platform.
NIT Conclave(Mizoram Chapter) : NITMz even participates every year in NIT Conclave, a pan NIT Initiative by “NITIAN”. It’s the platform where student representative of each of the 30 NITs have a meeting where presentations and negotiations are made for a noble cause.
In addition to these clubs, there are certain societies which are run by the student body (i.e, Students Activity Centre) which plays a vital role in organizing the fests.
Technical Society of NITMz: Major contribution in Technical Events ofANUNAAD includes imparting knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Coding domains.
Cultural Society of NITMz: The heart of ANUNAAD in Cultural Events Organizing besides motivation students for Short Film Making, Documentary presentation etc.
Sports Society of NITMz:  SHAURYA is organized by the mentioned Society.
Last but not the least; the Institute publishes its annual Newsletter “InfiNITy“.
Having said these all, I think it’s a broad and lump sum idea of NIT Mizoram. There are yet more things which can’t be expressed in mere words. Being an NITian it is a humble suggestion for all the fellow JEE aspirant that do consider joining new NITs instead of presuming that new NIT yuck!! Because it does not.
Thank You all for your time to read this.
Saurav Saha
NIT Mizoram

Internship – The key to success

12 salient reasons why students should do an internship?

  • How about a few extra bucks adding to your pocket money?

Doesn’t it feel proud to start earning in your teens, well it definitely does, no matter how much it is? Of course, this is not the foremost reason to follow an internship, but it is the motivating/groundbreaking/triggering thing to get initiated.

  • Why be jobless when you have something interesting, like your passion to work on?

Yes, an internship is a really good opportunity for students who get a quality time of the academic/curricular activities which go unnoticed when done nothing. Doing an internship not only helps in gaining experience but also improves one’s technical abilities

  • No more getting bored at home

Holidays usually meant to be spent at home. I agree, but a week is okay but prolonged holidays are boring. Don’t be a caterpillar ever, come out of your cocoon and fly high like a butterfly to your dreams.

  • Gain work experience, technical knowledge, and hands-on experience in practical problems.

Let’s say, you are someone who always dreams big like, to be an Entrepreneur or a Stock Broker in WallStreet and if you bag an internship to work in Stock Exchange Company, can anything be more amazing?

  • Helps to know the workplace and people around better

Hear it out; the workplace is not much similar to a classroom, you hardly find people who would let you copy their work. It is the place where you need to invest your own efforts to achieve success and to matter your presence. Unlike in college, the workplace has strict deadlines and real clients involved. Knowing the workplace beforehand and partially understanding life at work will help in planning a better career.

  • Just Experience

Experience professional Life from dressing to living, everything matters.

Explore new places, meet new people, befriend, and make memories.

Internships are like goodies, they are short but sweet.

  • Get a PPO

An internship is like a coin: One side you can work hard put your best efforts in and bag a PPO(Pre-Placement Offer). Most of the companies prefer to hire interns and turn them into full-timers rather than hiring freshers. On the flip side, internships always pave the way for a better job. They help in building your interpersonal skills, communication skills which will fetch you a full-time opportunity earlier than expected. 

  • Make your resume worthy

A resume is what speaks for you and about you. The experience of an internship makes your CV more appealing and may win your interview at times.

  • Get back to college and brag about life at work

Internships are not monotonous or boring. Since they last for only a short duration, you always have the opportunity to go back to college and take time to make a career choice. In the meanwhile, you can brag about the awesome stuff you have done being an intern, which may boost your morale.

  • Earn References & Recommendations

Not just for future jobs, the references you earn at an internship also help to pursue higher studies

  • Make contacts, Grab an opportunity, and Give it a shot!
  • Before signing off, be confident, and stay strong in what you believe.