Things we boast off as a workplace

There can be no caveats when it comes to calling your workplace �â�€�œAWESOME�â�€�. We are going to reflect the level of employee pride, camaraderie and trust at Zigsaw �â�€�“ the start-up consulting company located in �â�€�œThe city of Lakes�â�€�.

  • Udaipur: The place mesmerizes you, enthrals you and does whatever the good words you have ever read to you. As well experienced as the Venice of India, Udaipur has loads to extend you from lakes to mountains and vales. Adding to this, you find the allure of the royals, the story of bloodshed battles, the tales of the Rajputs and the perfect exotic touch.
  • The bowling alley is just 15 minutes off. Hence, if you are bored, you go to grab a pizza from Pizza Hut and �â�€�œ STRIKE �â�€�œ
  • We reach out to quite a serious number of start-ups every month.
  • The food is the best you ever had and breakfast is on the house!
  • The median age at Zigsaw is 22 years (Sounds Young right?).
  • We take in a projector to view it �â�€�œBIG�â�€�
  • There are tons of books to make you express joy, scream and feel safe at the end.
  • No bossism, No ego clashes! Simply exploit to endure or endure to work m/
  • We pay well to make you pass a �â�€�œQuality�â�€� time in Udaipur.
  • We bear a flexible leave policy and we honour your needs.
  • You engender to be around people from �â�€�˜IITians, notions and much more awesome people�â�€�™.
  • You can plug in and listen to EDM, Metal, Pop or Desi till you leave out. m/
  • You start to watch a kick ass sunset and dawn just like those paintings.
  • You can work sitting on a rocking sofa like a boss m/
  • We can give you more reasons , wouldn’t these be sufficient to come intern at Zigsaw . Drop us a mail

    Tips on being a leader

    “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”

    -Peter Drucker

    What exactly makes you a good leader? Do you believe if someone speaks the old age adage that Leaders are born and not made? Why are some many articles published on Leadership? Why so many books? Why so many courses offered?

    Is the topic Leadership that complicated? Who can be a Leader? Who can’t?

    Today I would like to reflect on this topic called Leadership. True leadership is a result of experience, emotion, and evolution. Leadership comes from mistakes, comes from the emotions you lived through, life’s you left, and the strategies that have failed. Though it’s been a tough journey to comprehend the article, here are the top qualities you should possess in order to be a successful leader.

    1. Take the lead

    Good leaders lead from the front, not from the back. Never command people to do something, make a lead, and then let the people follow you. Don’t be the hound, who barks orders at people and assign everything. Hire charge, roll up your arms, stick your hands dirty, and finish off THE MISSION. It helps you establish rapport, feel the difficulty, and builds a good amount of respect among your people.

    2. Be responsible

    Responsibility usually refers to the performance of a duty, making sure it’s happening and it’s happening right. When you are trying to avoid accountability, you not being a good leader. Leadership is taking responsibility not avoiding accountability.

    3.Have a sharp perception

    Learn how people perceive you. All great leaders do. Keeping asking everyone and analyze the feedback you receive. Open, honest communication with everyone can really help most times. Let them speak on your good and bad. Good would let them follow you and bad would help you correct yourself.


    Assess your weakness, realize your strengths, do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat) analysis, and think about it. Working on the negative areas would improve your leadership abilities and releasing them from time to time would make you more human.

    ZIGSAW is looking out for interns who are willing to be a leader. We are looking out active and self-driven individuals who can communicate, who can motivate their teams, in fact, build teams and take risks. #bezigsawed.

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    The Zigsaw experience: Intern’s Voice

    As the winter gets warm and the year comes to a close, I want to reflect on this term Business Development that my internship experience brought to life. Business Development Internship at Zigsaw is a combination of strategic analysis, marketing, and data research.
    Zigsaw welcomed me with open arms and over the winter I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in a number of business concepts. The internship helped me prove that I was ready for a leadership role and pushed me on entering the business consulting sector due to the vast skill set I acquired. This intern was definitely a great experience where I learned how to grow a business.
    My passion for business development was unveiled. I have a point here, We all have goals, dreams, ambitions, and passion. There will be bumps in the road that attempt to hinder us away from our goal. Nevertheless, we must remain committed, follow our passion, and let life lead us as it may. I love my work here. I received many backlashes from friends and family for moving to Udaipur this winter, but I felt I had to earn the decision for me. When your passion runs parallel with ambition, be quick to tag it by whole means.
    Zigsaw gave me one of a kind experience, I was well compensated for my time spent. In real terms, I was more than recompensed by the experience I gained, bylines I have earned and the connection I created. It afforded me a chance to prove myself worthy to my future employers. Vaibhav of Zigsaw made it imperative that I took in all my succinct requirements, so as to avoid any confusion at work.
    Holding away the work part of it, I definitely was moved by the exciting part of Zigsaw.
    Of all the plethora of events spread, my birthday was the best. Everyone here made sure, I was surprised. The weekend trips, the bowling sprees, the big lunch breaks, the awesome friends I made here, and all the Bhindi Masala jokes make it unbelievable that my internship is already wrapping up. I believe it Zigsaw-s into the old adage, Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I barely passed any time here in Udaipur but every day I spent is going to be an awesome memory.
    Every day I arrive, learn something, earn some skill, drop some lines, make some jokes, and apprehend a deeper understanding of what business development means.
    Never did a day go slow, never did I look behind.

    Sai Chaitanya Banala
    Business Development Intern
    Zigsaw Consultancy Services

    Zigsaw Campus Ambassador | Redefining internships , enriching experiences !

    Are you thrilled by being social, enthusiastic about being a professional and involved in your school communities?
    Doesn’t matter what your major is, from Computer Science to Anthropology, to Business, to Zoology. Zigsaw Ambassadors have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and get access to a unique network of Zigsaw Ambassadors across the country. Plus, there’s a swag!
    Spend your free time at college for one of the young and innovative consulting companies which you might have come across at an internship fair or on the notice boards of your placement cell.

    What’s the swag?
    1) You are the voice of Zigsaw!
    Zigsaw is a young and out of box consulting service company looking forward to working with you by letting you be its voice at your college. Zigsaw is your road to opportunities, possibilities, and success.
    2) Because we all love goodies 🙂
    It’s raining gift vouchers, recharge vouchers, personalized business cards, and lots more. You would be surprised if you have done justice to the job. On successful completion, you will be a lot more than surprised.
    3) Because we love what you love <3
    You matter to us. Are you a reluctant engineer? Do you love writing? You play guitar to express out yourself ? or write poems to impress someone? We shall give you a platform to express and impress. Hashtag #bezigsawed on every work you do. Be Zigsawed and express it out. Together we create a movement, a culture because #bezigsawed is a lot more than an internship.
    4) Resume builder? Yeah! Bragging rights for your resume!
    How many times did you apply for something by a “ctrl c ” and “ctrl” job? The time has come to boost your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and score something you are dreaming of. All the campus ambassadors will get an internship certificate from Zigsaw Consultancy. So eventually, you have something which does all the talking in an interview.
    5) We don’t ask you to go “Premium “, you don’t have to shell out a buck
    You don’t have to drive anywhere, no taxi fares, no formal dressing and no, you need not use your wallet.
    Spend the awesome time of being a campus ambassador right from where you are and eating the same Maggie which you eat daily.
    We can write more reasons, but we thought these would be sufficient for you to join us and #bezigsawed.

    Zigsaw Campus Ambassadors

    Zigsaw | Different from others yet better !

    Network: We are in touch with placement cells of over 150 colleges and have an excellent campus reach. Besides, our platform for Crowd-sourced applications is also growing rapidly. We have a partnership with marketing agencies that take our reach out to the next level.

    Work Profile Bench-marking: We have a unique work profile bench-marking procedure that helps us understand organizational needs for specific roles. Companies such as Zigsaw Consultancy help the employers and the employees to find out about the best option for them. If we go by the definition then Job Benchmarking can be told as a method of getting the general details regarding the job or the company such as-the role of the employee, the level of responsibility, the qualifications for the job the qualities required, etc. Job bench-marking can be an efficient way to find this out.

    Assessments: We offer scientifically designed assessments that standardize the evaluation of talent across various competencies which are critical to forecasting on-job performance and fitment of a potential recruit.

     1. To ensure the highest standard of fairness in the assessment of skills, the tests are designed to be objective.
    2. Reliability is ensured by evaluating and re-evaluating candidates with questions in his difficulty band.
    3. Since the HR personnel specifies essentials and less-essentials of the Job profile himself with the degree essentially against each attribute, the test is bound to be valid. Furthermore, we benchmark Job roles with feedback from 2 top-performers in that role; thereby triple checking the validity of each mapping.
    Psychometric Profiling: Our Bi-polar analysis and MBTI tests provide an insight into the candidates’ aspirations and psyche which are instrumental in predicting the On-Job performance of the candidate.

    • Full range of Psychometric Services by registered Psychologists and Psychometrics.
    • Science-based assessments help organizations assess, select, and develop the right people for the right roles.
    • Screening tests for employees take on to advanced psychometric profiling.
    • Assessment centers and competency measuring for students and job-seekers

    Large talent-pool: You have access to the premium database of job-seekers at Naukri & Monster, we are premium on LinkedIn too. We introduced a referral program to expand the database of students. So the pool is deep, are you ready to dive in?
    Candidate Profile Validation: We follow a rigorous validation process to ensure the validity of each resume that we evaluate.

    Premium Candidates: We have already handled profiles of candidates from Top engineering colleges and are exploring the best Management colleges of India. You must get in touch with if you are planning to hire the best.
    Flexibility: We offer unique flexibility in terms of the service we offer to suit the requirement of our clients: Opportunity Propagation, Preliminary Screening, Candidate Profile Validation, Assessments, Skill-set evaluation, Psychometric Profiling, Personal Interview, etc

    Zigsaw | For you and for your company

    Are you an ambitious start-up that is finding its ground and has plans to fast-scale its operations? If yes, read on.
    3 years back we came across a piece of Philip Kotler arguing Employees are the most valued assets. Being a lot of data-driven individuals that we are; we had our share of skepticism for this line of ideology. Now, a year into watching start-ups fail & flourish, We appreciate and idealise his ideology. We at Zigsaw firmly believe that a good team is what makes an organization flourish and the lack of it causes it to collapse. If you as an organization share our line of thinking, we would like to get in touch with you.

    Employees are usually the difference between good ideas and great companies.

    At Zigsaw, we are connecting students and companies with services that are equally flexible and customizable to suit the needs.

    Every organization wants to ensure that they recruit the best-fit candidate for fresh recruitment or an internal movement. Doing this only through the interview is a subjective procedure and is also very difficult.

    So we conduct high-quality psychometric tests that help you to assess the strengths of an individual and also predict behavioral patterns while working in a role and a team. So it will also add to objectivity in the decision of any kind of recruitment. This test can also be used to identify the training needs of a particular employee.

    So at Zigsaw, we are solving the puzzle for students and calling the “calling ” for employers!