Paying upfront to Placement Consultancies

Background Story: We are a placement consultancy & are always eager to partner with other recruitment firms to form business alliances which pose a win-win relationship for both of us. In this journey of ours to partner with other recruitment firms, we came across another recruitment firm. Let’s call this firm HM. We approached HM with our requirement for a specific Job Opening & they agreed to work together. Their terms were to pay upfront & we did so.

  • Apart from being there on their website, Ateeq (Co-founder of HM) had confirmed on email about the refund/replacement clause
  • The payment was made on 30th April and the same was confirmed on 1st May. The first batch was only received on 14th May
  • The candidates whose resumes were shared on 14th May had no idea about the Job Opening they had been shortlisted for
  • 15th May the partnership was called off; HM decided to process a replacement (and no refund)
  • Another Profile was shared for which we were supposed to receive a batch of candidates on 19th June which did not come and hence I wrote a mail on 24th June to the HM team about the delays from their end.
  • I get a batch of 3 candidates from them. Unsurprisingly, they had no idea about the Job- Profile, again. This time, we decided to take a stand and ask for a refund.
  • The refund was not processed. We were convinced of another replacement (and not refund) for which the JD was shared on 21st July. I talked with Ateeq on 27th July. He said he was busy and would call me back in 5 minutes. When no call/mail was received in the next 3 days, I decided to call it off. I had somehow believed that the amount would be refunded, it was not.
  • Co-founder cell was tried twice, went unanswered both the times. Finally, another mail was written on 15th Still no replies. Mail was sent to 7 IDs of HM(including the founders, co-founders, accounts, relationship managers). Still no replies.
  • Called on the co-founders’ number twice, still no response.
  • Another mail was sent on 25th Sept., still no response

Although a hire was guaranteed at the start by HM, they failed thrice. Of course, my money which should have been refunded is still with them & I don’t see them refunding it. But every failure teaches you something and here are my 2 cents for choosing a hiring Partner

  • If you are more concerned about the aspirant quality, never choose a company that boasts about the lower price it charges. James Goldsmith once said, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”
  • Understand, that nobody can ever guarantee a successful hire. Even the best companies have a hit ratio of 70-80%. Trust the companies that paint a realistic picture and give you a statistic for your successful hire. You can always trust the mathematicians.

About the company we are talking about: Their Home-page reads

Hire Handpicked Talent in 30 days, Guaranteed. They refer to themselves as Start-up Superstars. They charged upfront & never paid back for the unsuccessful hire. I think this company is non-functional now.
P.S.: The name of the firm has not been intentionally mentioned for it may seem like we are taking on a competitor.
P.P.S.: In case, somebody wants a proof of what we are saying, feel free to get in touch with me at
The blog posts officially end here but where you find out what Zigsaw offers differently from its competitors, read on

  • We charge 7 days after the selected candidate joins. You pay ONLY IF the candidate is selected & ONLY IF he joins.
  • We have a cycle time of 15 days which is a huge advantage for companies that have an urgent requirement. Also, this is an advantage over our competitors who usually offer a 30 day cycle time.
  • We conduct the first round of screening ourselves, hence considerably reducing the effort & time you have to put in.

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Avoid the divorce

What makes Google, Google?
What makes Apple, Apple?
It is usually the people, there. Hiring the right talent is important, but firing the misfits is also equally important. Particularly startups, as they cannot afford to work with anyone who is anyone less than a rock-star. A wrong hire not only eats away through your resources but also affects the morale of the whole team. Firing someone is never an easy task. It is like letting go a piece of your heart. It is like taking a divorce. Imagine this. You decided to settle down in life and hence began your search to find the perfect groom. You came across prospective seekers and examined them very carefully. There was this 1 person who stood out. You liked him from the very start. He checked all the points on your Dream Boy category. He was also equally enthusiastic about being together. Your parents did a background check and did not find anything to be worried about. You are sure he would be your soul-mate for life. He was the perfect match. You decide to tie the knot with him.
6 months into the relationship you realized that your initial assessment was wrong. You have made the wrong hire. In the next 6 months, you try to make it right. You discuss it with him about your expectations of him & what support can he seek from you. You try and motivate him, inspire him, provided the more than usual support, prepare an action plan but the relationship does not seem to improve.
You have 2 options now

  • Continuing with the mediocre, no matter if it is a liability
  • Accepting that you made a mistake and moving on. Most people find it really difficult to accept that they made the wrong hire. It takes a lot of courage. There is going to be resistance but you have to face it in its face because that is the right thing to do. You should definitely try to make it work but it should not be at the cost of your success.

Obviously, it would be the latter one. Finding a soul-mate is difficult; letting them go is even more difficult. It is like breaking away with someone; just that you do not have time to feel sad about it. You mean business and it needs to be done, no matter what.
Let us admit, hiring the best-fits is not easy. Usually, core teams like to focus on product development and hiring can sometimes be a tiresome activity. You can always go with the brute-force method, but the question is it the best way to go about your hiring requirements?
Work on your strengths and outsource your non-core activities: Carol Roth
Hire the capable, hire the willing, hire the smart, hire the hardworking: hire the best-fits who would not only take your business to the next level but also boost the morale of everyone around them. Make your next superhero hire with ZigZobs.
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After all, employees are the difference between good ideas and great companies