How to Write Career Objective for Resume for Fresher with Samples

There is no doubt that resumes are utterly crucial in seeking a job in any sphere. It hardly matters how have you got to know about the position and what are your experience until to push a glittering resume on the table of the interviewers. Your aim, your academic qualifications, your co-curricular activities, your hobbies, your past professional experiences and your details filled neatly and according to a professional resume standard.

The importance of resume can be gauged from the fact that there are careers devoted to this craft of resume making. Some people have dedicated professional time to this craft and charge a handsome sum of money to do so. But you alone can make a good resume for your interviewer to get you the brownie points reserved for well-oriented resume if you follow simple unsaid rules of resume making,

These rules are easy to remember but needs a great deal of attention to ace the deal. The format needs to agree with professional standards, your personal information present in the topmost section, followed by your career objective, your academic qualifications and professional qualifications. It is not a challenging task to follow; just a few careful things to keep in mind to write an effective resume.

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You need to be wise with your words. Nobody wants a 6 page long wordy document while assessing a candidate whether he is fit for a job or not. You need to be picky and smart with words. Mention relevant things and try to sum up in the least amount of words possible without sounding unprofessional. Mention something that is relevant. You don’t need to list each and every qualification and achievement while making a resume. To cut the unnecessary clutter, you can do a simple exercise. Take out a notepad, mention everything that you have done, which includes professional and academic qualifications, hobbies and extracurricular activities in no particular order. Cut out the irrelevant points and then organize them into serial order. 

The task of building a good resume is incomplete without talking about the first section, i.e. the career objectives. Since it is the first line that the interviewer reads, it needs to be well thought of. It is also the line that is going to be similar in most of the applications since all of the candidates are applying for the said post. Your choice of words can make a difference here, therefore, which makes the career objective an important section deserving a considerable amount of time. 

What Exactly is Career Objective in a Resume?

In a resume format agreeing to the professional standards, the first section after your personal details needs to be devoted to your ‘career objective’ i.e. the position you are applying for vis-à-vis your long term career goals. It is hardly two sentences long and therefore needs to be carefully written.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Career Objectives

  1. Make it crisp and informative: The two lines can determine whether the interviewer perceives your application. It is therefore very important to mention things that are relevant to your job application in as presentable way as possible.
  2. Always relate it to the position you are applying for: This cannot be emphasized enough. Always relate your current job aspiration to your long term career objective to prove that you are devoted to this job religiously. Anything stated otherwise can be detrimental to your probability of getting selected.
  3. Be wise about words, grammar and spellings: The first thing that the potential employer sees should not be full of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes; therefore, be wise while drafting your career objective.

Sample Career Objectives For Resume

1. To secure a managing position in a reputable organization to expand my experience, knowledge and skills.

2. I am a highly passionate recent engineering graduate seeking a full-time position in product management where I can lend my knowledge of software development to help your organization improve profitability and reach out to as many consumers as possible.

3. Strong problem analyser and out of the box solution seeker aspiring for an administrative position to enhance skill set and processes in a corporate setting.

4. Experienced sales manager in a successful and established business seeks a challenging management position to apply sales management, problem-solving and comprehensive planning to oversee a team of professionals in a thriving sales driven industry.

5. Goal driven individual seeking a leadership role preferably team head with a thriving, growing fintech start up to apply management, leadership and communication skills when overseeing a team of professionals and working toward a common goal to enhance productivity.

6. Psychology graduate with proven communication, operations-planning, and email management skills. I am seeking a position as an HR assistant at ZYLMA Inc., to leverage organizational, research and communication skills to support internal and external communication.

7. Pre-school education teacher looking for a position at a global school affiliated with IB, where I can apply my seven years of teaching experience and communication skills with kids.

8. To apply my six years of face to face communication with clients experience, public speaking skills, and expertise in the finance and sales industry into a Human Resource role with Tesla and Sons Corporations.

9. Passionately career driven and hard-working business management graduate with proven communication, leadership and organizational skills seeking to apply my abilities to the position of manager of the North Delhi branches of Offices at Batra Finances.

10. To learn more about the healthcare industry and gain first-hand experience about the responsibilities and requirements of healthcare startup as Project Manager. A fresh graduate from management studies, I have proven my communication and managerial roles. I aspire to gain the first-hand experience of managing teams and co-ordinating with different departments to deliver the best product user experience.

Don’t forget to adjust your experiences, preferences and long term career goals according to your own need and you all set to grab some brownie points with your resume.

8 Best Farewell Quotes for Boss – Thank You Quotes for Boss

The kind of relationship that you share with different people at different positions in the work environment is crucial for you as an employee. It not only keeps you on good terms with everybody but also keeps your working surrounding positive. One cannot bloom professionally if the relationships at work are sour or bitter. To be welcoming, positive, and vocal about how you feel and cherish the bond that you share with people is, therefore, very much important. 

One of the most important people with whom it is essential to have a good bond is your boss. You may be supervised by more than a boss, and it is crucial to share a good professional bond with those. Maintaining good bonds, however, need to be considered for personal and professional boundaries. There are many ways to embrace professional relationships, such as celebrating each other’s successes, being there for each other’s failures, and sharing warm smiles and hand-shakes.

When you share a perfect bond with someone, you are not only creating a positive space for two people but the entire environment. Your strong bond with one person also somehow determines how people perceive you. To embrace somebody’s important juncture such as promotion, farewell, or retirement is thus very important. This article is written for you to showcase how strong and positive a bond you share with one of the very important people in your professional life, your boss, on his farewell.

Best Farewell Quotes for Boss

1. We all have gathered here to celebrate our boss, Mr. ……..’s going away or rather his journey with our organization. I remember joining his team as a young lad, full of questions, and passion. Often I used to doubt whether I have taken the right decision or not, but there was one person who immensely trusted me and my talents as he did his entire team. You might not be with us after today, but whatever you have given to the organization will stay. Whatever you have made your co-workers and juniors learn through dedication, trust, and compassion will remain with all of us forever. Thank you for your amazing and enriching service to our organization ………….. .

2. Putting my feelings into words for our beloved Mr…………..’s farewell was no easy task. AS much as I am happy for him that he is going to take a step further in what we call ‘employee life cycle’, it pains me that we no longer can be work associates. I can no longer pop into his office with a random doubt, and he can no longer give me probable solutions for it. There is no other way I could have learned so much personally, this organization would have gained so much professionally, and there is no way I can, or we can think of right now of thanking him, except for wishing well of his health and prosperity in the coming years.

3. I tried to list everything that Mr ………… has contributed to this organization, mind my words, ‘tried’ and found the task excruciatingly daunting because he has done so much in such a small tenure that none of us can possibly think. I am making this speech on behalf of the entire team, but I am seriously running short of words. There was still so much to learn and assimilate from Mr…………… . But, nonetheless we feel happy that he is going to embark on a journey so much closer to his heart if not with us. To his success and prosperity in his new job and new role, three cheers.

4. It is a kind of mixed feeling seeing Mr. ………… retiring. It is nearly impossible to imagine walking into the office early in the morning and not seeing old Mr……….. Already sitting at his desk at work, passing on a warm smile. It is impossible to imagine a birthday, an anniversary, a success being celebration inside this office ending without Mr. ………….. hilariously witty yet enriching speech. I don’t know how we will proceed, but as the saying goes, ‘The show must go on’. The show must go on with Mr ……… retired from his job, relaxing in his house with his family and us working towards taking this place to newer heights than what Mr. …….. is leaving us at. All the love and gratitude in my heart, I wish Mr………… a happy retirement.

5. If there is anyone who has dedicated his entire life to make what our organization is today, it is none other than Ms. ………….. . I have seen her work the hardest, go through the toughest and yet be the kindest of all. I fondly remember her teaching many lessons to this branch and especially our team. Bidding her farewell with the kindest regards, Thank you. 

6. I cannot think of anyone as dedicated, as passionate, and as enthusiastic about learning and contributing as much as Ms. …………. . She has been with our organization since the beginning and has been the very reason we can reach many milestones. It is sad for us that we can no longer cherish her presence but indeed joyous for her as she is stepping a step ahead with a new role that was much desired and deserved by her. Wishing her all the very best for the coming years! Thank You.

7. If there is a single feeling that I would like to associate with Ms………… is its admiration. I have admired her ability to do everything and excel in them. I have admired her ability to take up, try out new things, and continue them with passion and grace. I have admired her compassion, kindness, and empathy, I hope after years of working under her, I have assimilated a few of these qualities into myself. After many relentless years of struggle and success, she deserves a happy and quaint retirement. Thank you for everything you have done!

8. Keeping it short and happy, just the way Ms. …….. like I would like to wish her adieu and all the very best for the career and life she wishes to lead ahead of this. Achieving so much at a young comes with a lot of learnings and experience, and personal input. I hope she carries forwards her very much passionate self into the roles she is aspiring to in the near future and nourishes young minds like me with all her good qualities. Thank you!

Don’t forget to modify these statements according to your peculiarities and circumstances, and you are good to bid farewell to your beloved boss!

Top 10 HR Magazines in India 2023

Human Resource, like any other professional field, is an ever changing concept. There are trends, news and innovations happening every day and people associated with an organization, especially people working closely with Human Resource Department need to keep up with these updates so that the organization doesn’t miss out on effective and efficient innovations.

One of the easiest ways to keep up with the newest trends is through magazines. Specifically, curated information and innovation is in a magazine can help your organization keep up with the latest developments in the HR sector. Given below are some of the reputed HR magazines in India, read and discussed by many reputable firms and HR professionals daily.

Top 10 HR Magazines In India

1. People Management

People Management is a UK based magazine ranked number one by many trusted sources in the global HR network. It is the biggest publication on HR worldwide and also the official publication of Chartered Institute of Public Development (CIPD). It is published by Haymarket Media Group. It is trusted by many organizations in India as well as abroad due to its comprehensive knowledge dissemination through its varied content. It can brief you about specific issues, newest trends and familiarize you with known faces of HR world all around the globe through one issue. You can check their website for more details at

2. HRD Connect

HRD connect is again one of the more respected HR journal trusted by many organizations and professionally associated with Human Resource sphere. It again a UK based publication providing information on nearly all the spheres of Human Resource. HRD connect also provides a digital subscription for individuals and organizations to make it more accessible. One can also look into their podcast by the name HRD Connect Podcast to look into various topics or subscribe to their newsletter for specially curated news delivered into your email. For more information, check out their website

3. HR Grapevine

HR grapevine is a professional network of HR, mainly from Europe. It publishes a magazine by the same name covering the latest news, case studies, trends and innovations which is widely trusted by HR organizations and professionals worldwide. Their digital, as well as newsletter collection, is very much comprehensive in dealing with diverse topics at one go. Although the magazine is specifically talking about the UK, or more so Europe, it is widely read and respected by the global Human Resource network. Check out their website with this link,

4. Recruiter

Recruiter is another magazine based out of the United Kingdom and mainly deals with the Human Resource culture of Europe but is widely read and respected by many Human Resource professionals. It deals with news articles, opinion pieces, culture and travel and everything related to the human resource field. For the organizations that want to take up a comprehensive discussion on Human Resource, this is the best option available in the market. Their online issue is available at

5. Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits can be reached out with the following click on This magazine is ranked in the top five HR and Business organization magazines that are available in the market about employee well being and human resource development in general.

6. Personnel Today

Personnel Today, which goes by the name of PT amongst its followers is again one of the best ranked magazines on employees, human resources and professional work environment in general. From day to day development in terms of factual news to the ways new ideas can be incorporated to make Human Resource more compatible and efficient, this magazine covers it all. The newsletter and digital subscription are also available, which makes it accessible to more people. For further information, check out their website at

7. Training Journal

Training Journal known by the name of TD is again one of the widely read journals by human resource network worldwide. Although it deals with recruitment, training, apprenticeship and other similar opportunities for the benefit of job seekers as well as the organizations, it is widely trusted by HR professionals to make their work environment more compatible with the changes that are occurring the workspace. Further information can be accessed at

8. HR Magazine 

HR magazine is again one of the most trusted reads by the emerging corporate workforce. It deals with the issues of employees as well as the employers and everything that is mildly related to HR. It gives a holistic framework to understand every role and responsibility of Human Resource professionals. You can check out about subscription plans and other information at

9. HR Zone

HR Zone, contrary to its various counter parts, is an online publication and does not come in print format. However, it deals with the various topic, issues and studies related to employment, management and work environment. Crafted especially for HR professionals, it touches diverse themes and hence is trusted by many across the globe. HR Zone can be accessed at

10. Changeboard

Changeboard is a platform maintained by HR specialists and deals with each and every HR related issue in a very comprehensive yet varied way. One can find all sorts of information about every famous professional, event and trend from this magazine. For further information, check out their website at

These magazines are altogether one stop destination for all the quests and questions that you have regarding HR and everything around it.