10 Best Answers for Reason for Job Change In Interview

One of the famous sayings by C. JoyBell C. was, “The only way that we can live is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Could you do it? Throw yourself”.

But throwing oneself out is not that easy. Throwing out to expose for the sake of growth and learning comes up with the hurdle called “Change.” Change is the most usual as well as a crucial part of life. But accepting the ‘usual-crucial’ concept of life is much more difficult.

In the process of gradually aging up, 80% of the population has a generalized dream of doing some of the highest paying jobs based on their aptitude and education.

The emergence of the professional and vocational courses also due to the trend of “campus recruitment.” Getting jobs as a fresher has become a bit easier than before. Change is quite obvious due to many factors.

Top Reasons for Job Change

Below are some of the common factors which urge for the job change:

Higher Salary: Being money is the biggest motivator; a higher salary is always the vital reason for a job change; when they do not get a satisfactory amount of pay from their current organization matching their skills and work, their desire for job change comes at peak.

Due to the pay factor, the urge to switch the organization due to the pay factor has become more rigorous nowadays due to the current lifestyle based on hefty EMIs and expensive desires.

Disputes with teammates: People coming from different grounds, staying and working together for almost 10 hours has a high probability of crashing due to difference in opinion and different mindset which makes work environment stressful and justify the phrase that “People don’t leave the company, people leave people.”

Clashes with management: Management in the company works in 3- tier viz; top, middle, and bottom. Every individual, as per their job role and company hierarchy, fits in one particular tier and is answerable to the next level of the hierarchy, but as the hierarchy rises, supervision and protocols also rise, which many times become unfit for the employees and leads them towards the decision of job change.

Higher learning curve: As all say, there is no stop for learning. One can learn anything new until the last breath of his/her life, but many times in work culture, an individual sticks towards a set of routine work and cant explore and learn anything new. This monotonous and easy job type may hamper the learning curve and induces one to look for a job change.

Brand name: It is always a matter of pride when one associates and works with a big brand name of their respective field as it is a general tendency that a big name means big fame, more money, and lucrative perks. Hence these factors always induce one to change jobs and associate with such big brand names.

Location constraint: Weather while working in a home town or re-establishing in another city for a job, location can be a constraint in both the conditions. While working in a home- town, if traveling consumes more time, then the job starts becoming lethargic at the moment, and while working in a remote city, homesickness becomes a crucial factor; such constraints always create a reason for a job change.

Work timing: Work-life balance is a very vital concept in today’s life because people have more commitments toward their work rather than with their family and friends, but job and money is of no use if one doesn’t have a happy personal and family life, but when due to this hectic work pressure one can’t manage the work-life balance due to their current organization, then job change becomes the utmost priority.

Unhealthy work ambiance: Whether home or work, a healthy ambiance is always the key to foster. Sometimes, it is realized that organization practices unfriendly SOPs, congestive HR Policies, and excessive work politics. Instead of fostering productivity, it inculcates frustration, which always instigates one to look for a job change.

Overall growth and development: Apart from the above factors, it is always encouraged that after a certain point for over betterment, growth, and development and to understand the new set of world, taking up new challenges, and to greet and meet new people for a complete enhancement package. It is better to step- up and explore new opportunities.

The above common factors may induce for a job change, but to grab a new job, one undergoes a phase called to interview. This nine lettered word is derived from the French word ‘entre void’ which explicitly means to view and interact with one another. But this viewing and interaction is the toughest one as it decides the base of the career and upcoming future.

With the advancement in technology, the sort of interviews has also changed. Initially, there have been only face-to-face interviews, but now it starts from the telephonic round and ends at the technical round. Since during the telephonic conversation, the recruiter can’t see one another. In the final round, the technically sound candidate can easily crack the final round. Still, the foremost important round is the HR round. After this round, HR decides the candidature to be taken for the final level or not if it suits the standards supported the need for a job. Generally, HR interviews are mocked by many and thought of to be useless. Still, such false perceptions can never be helped out because, through this round, the process of selection encompasses behavior, patience, intelligent quotient, and intellectual quotient. In the HR round, candidates have to undergo with the set of below-listed questions like:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Why are you interested in this position?

3. Why are you leaving your current job?

4. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

6. What do you know about our company?

7. Why should we hire you? OR Why should’nt we hire you?

8. What questions do you have for me?

All the above questions have their own importance for the aim of assessment and evaluation. Still, the answer to Question #3 reflects your approach for the work and methodology and how the candidate has managed his/her previous work challenges and support to the same the individuals’ nature, temperament, and thought process is analyzed and judged.

Hence it is vital to answer this tricky question in the most sophisticated and absolute best manner by observing the below points:

  1. Never bad-mouth about your current or previous organization and bosses.
  2. Do not directly disclose your only reason to change is money.
  3. Never confess about your clashes with management or colleagues.
  4. Do not directly complain about the company’s pathetic work culture and strict policies.
  5. Don’t be vague.

However, it is always appreciated if you do not lie in your interview because a well-driven interview is the only source to match the right candidate for the right job, but being frank and extroverted may lead to figuring the image of a hypocrite, greedy, arrogant, and lethargic. So below given are several superb reasons for job change during an interview:

  • Looking for better career prospects, professional growth, and work opportunities.
  • Looking for new challenges at work.
  • The company made redundant, or the company closed down.
  • The company underwent a merger or an acquisition.
  • Job duties are reduced or job outsourced.
  • Employed for one project or on a short-term contract.

Best Answers for Reason for Job Change In Interview

Some sample answers supported to the above reasons:

Sample 1: I am willing to learn more about (mention a skill or task the new job includes. I’m sure this job will allow me to develop new skills and leverage my current skills and expertise.

Sample 2: I am looking out for an opportunity that allows me to work on interesting and challenging projects. Since this company is known for launching new products and services every year, I would like to be a part of the company and learn more.

Sample 3: My skills and qualifications seem to be a perfect match with your company’s job requirements. Therefore, at this present time, for me, I wish to upgrade my skills and gain more exposure in a new industry your company is involved in

Sample 4: I was lucky enough to land on a job at a startup right out of my college, which means that I wore many hats right from my first day in the office. Now I’m looking forward to taking my skills into a senior role.

Sample 5: I had been with this company for several years and learned a lot, but felt ready for a change.

Sample 6: I took a position with a company that was closer to my home.

Sample 7: I had been with the organization for several years and wanted to experience a new environment to continue growing.

Sample 8: I’ve enjoyed working with a great group of people at my current employer, but this opportunity in this company fits very well with the direction I want to take my career.

Sample 9: I’ve learned a great deal in my current job, but I’m interested in working at [name of employer] based on the great things I have learned about this organization.

Sample 10: This job has been a great experience, but growth is limited because it is relatively small. So, to continue to grow, I need to look elsewhere, and working in this opportunity looks very interesting to me because…

If you’ve got interviews arising and don’t want to go away any chance, remember to keep it positive, promote yourself and your accomplishments, and preach the old saying, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence is gaining huge attention each year. Self-learning and intelligent tools are used in the software development and other IT areas. Obviously, AI is yet far from the human cognitive capabilities, but most of the modern machines will learn, makes tough decisions, and important thing. Even in the field of recruitment, Artificial Intelligence will speed up the process just by removing the manual tasks and makes recruiter time more productive.

Need for Artificial Intelligence

The HR processes include recruitment, onboarding, benefits, compensation, payroll, and more. But, automation is required in the recruitment process. Let us look at the reason:

  • AI decreases workload of the hiring managers and experts by automating various tasks.
  • The job position attracts many resumes. Thus, sorting it out and finding the relevant ones will be a tough task. In such process, recruiters may ignore or misplace several resumes and results in bad hires.
  • When recruiters need to fill in the vacancy in given time, manual resume processing does not work, this technology come in handy.
  • With its usage, recruiters will save time and pay more attention to different business activities.

Solve Sourcing and Screening Process

The current study state that around 46% of the companies struggle in finding the best candidates for their positions. Artificial Intelligence programs will search resumes or social profiles online to find the right candidates for every job based over specific features. They also will relay personalized messages for aspiring candidates and do this in scale — and something that human recruiters can’t do it alone.

Artificial Intelligence will overcome human biases at sourcing and screening process. The solution is training the software for data, which presents as the gender-neutral and teaching it to ignore any identifying information that may trigger biased decisions. So, organizations will find a wide range of applicants than if the recruiters had sourced it.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence for Recruiters

Saving time by automating difficult tasks

The report by talent acquisition leader state that the hiring volume may increase in the coming year, but their HR teams will stay the same size or contract. It means recruiters are expected to become a bit more efficient by AI technology.

Screening resumes manually is one of the most time-consuming processes in recruiting, particularly when around 75% – 88% of resumes received for the role are incompetent. Screening resumes & shortlisting candidates for interview will be estimated to take over 23 hours of the recruiter’s time.

Improving hiring quality by standardized job matching

Hiring quality is a recruiting black box because of an inability of closing the data loop (that is, checking what happens when candidates get hired). Since HR data has got simple to collect, analyze and access over the years, hiring quality has become the top KPI of recruiting.

AI promises to improve hiring quality lies in the capability of using data to normalize the right matching between experience, skills and knowledge and requirements of a job.

How Can AI Change The Role Of A Recruiter?

The experts in the industry believe that future of Artificial Intelligence in recruiting is the Augmented Intelligence. It is a belief that you can’t complete replace the human abilities with technology. But, augmented intelligence recommends we create technology to improve human efficiency and aptitude.  An ability to use AI to automate administrative and repetitive tasks can be very valuable. There’re 3 primary ways the technology can change the recruiter role:

  • Recruiters will get time to evaluate the candidates personally and build relationships that will help to determine the cultural fit.
  • Recruiters can conduct the proactive strategic of hiring instead spend their productive time with the reactive backfilling.
  • Recruiters can close a loop with the hiring managers as Artificial Intelligence allows them use data that will show recruiting KPIs that includes hiring quality.

Help in Interviewing

Artificial Intelligence in HR offers one simple way of not just reaching out to the possible candidates, but rank, screen, and shortlist the resumes based over the traits highly relevant to your firm. Then, when you have the complete list of people that you want to interview, chatbot will act as a scheduler.

There are some AI tools that will help you to conduct the later-stage interview before you invite the candidate to visit personally. Conducting the video interview with some of the preset questions, you may run the AI software to analyze the candidates’ facial expressions, voice tone, mannerisms, as well as choice of word.

The technology can make it more likely you may end up with the new employees that will fit your organization culture that is why big brands like Facebook, Apple and Google are making use of this technology for many years. Many companies are using this technology and improving their productivity.

Challenges of Applying Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

AI Needs Plenty of Data

Generally, AI needs plenty of data to understand how to mimic human intelligence. AI that utilizes machine learning requires plenty of data to know how to screen the resumes as rightly as human recruiter. It will mean going through plenty of resumes for one specific role.

AI Can Understand Human Biases

Artificial Intelligence for recruiting assures to decrease unconscious bias just by ignoring information like candidate’s age, race and gender. But, AI is trained in finding patterns in earlier behavior. This means any human bias, which might be in your process – even though it is unconscious –will be learned by Artificial Intelligence.

So, to avoid replicating such biases that might exist, ensure that AI software vendor that you use is totally aware about such issues and have taken the right steps to remove the clear patterns of the potential bias (like hiring graduates from some college).

Skepticism of Using New Technology

The HR professionals are regularly bombarded with the greatest and latest trend that disappears as quickly. Reasonably, talent acquisition and recruiting leaders are a bit skeptical about using any technology, which assures to make these jobs easier. Reason is they would like to make sure that any program that can automate their work tasks will do as better job as they will.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2023

In this competitive market, the only urge is to earn more and grow more. With all the underlying emotions the most pragmatic approach and biggest motivator is money. There is nobody in the world apparently who says that they don’t want to earn more as the greatest desire is to live a lucrative and luxurious life. 

In order to live this dream, from a very tender age we start working hard, study hard and always hassle that which profession or job will be worth doing with a handsome amount of pay. Choosing a profession completely depends upon the aptitude of the individual but once the aptitude is recognized one must know about the market trends regarding highest paying jobs. The most important thing to notice is that the pay scale fluctuates with the economic cycle of the nation but what even matters more is the education, experience, commitment and dedication that an individual invests towards his/her job. Based on the same below listed are the trending highest paying jobs in India.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Medical Professionals

A man from all walks of life always looks up to the doctor as god because of trust for saving their lives. Needless to say that, the scope of this profession will never see a downfall, not only because of  this situation of pandemic COVID-19 but also because in an average lifespan of a person, seeing a doctor has become a regular routine for a healthy life and increased life expectancy. Medical Practitioners are among the highest paid professionals in India. Considering India’s vast population, it is not surprising that the country faces a variety of health issues. However, the ratio of available doctors to patients is really low in India which is also making it one of the most sought after career paths. Medical professionals could be Doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, BHMS Doctors or even Physiotherapists. High earning doctors mostly take up a lucrative and promising PG course (specialization) after MBBS! Fields of specialization like- Cardiology (branch that deals with diseases affecting the heart), Gynaecology (branch that deals with women’s reproductive system), Orthopaedics (branch that deals with skeletal system and diseases), Dermatology (branch that deals with skin), Pathology (branch handling with examination of organs and body to diagnose diseases) etc will help one build a financially rewarding career after MBBS!

Doctors generally  work in Government/Private Hospitals or even start their own Private Clinic. Earning of a  Doctor depends a lot on his/her skills. 


  • Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery (MBBS, BMBS).
  • For further specialization, there are courses like doctor in Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS) or any other branch of specialization.


  • Doctors need to have exceptional communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Effective decision making skills

Salary Package:

  • Fresher: Rs 4.8 LPA
  • Intermediate: Rs 8.10 LPA
  • Experienced: Rs 17 LPA

IT & Software Engineers

With the recent and extensive growth of the initiatives ‘Digital India’ which has made a boom in the IT Sector and has brought this for planning a career in this field. The top multinational organisations of the world praise the quality of the Indian IT and Software engineers are looking forward to hiring them in companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.Education industry, robotics in the manufacturing industry, E-Commerce and everywhere, software engineers are in demand. Depending upon their skills and precision required on the job, their salaries are defined.A lot of entrepreneurial firms hire software and IT professionals because they are the backbone of the digital industry. Without their help, a business would not be able to reach the global consumers. 


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science or software engineering


  • Software testing and debugging
  • Computer programming and coding
  • Problem solving and logical thinking
  • Software development

Salary Package:

  • Fresher: Rs 3.5 LPA
  • Intermediate: Rs 8.3 LPA
  • Experienced: Rs 15.5 LPA

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are yet another evergreen class of professionals who will always be in demand with one of the most valuable “Highest Paying Jobs in India”, they drive businesses on the financial upfront, and as long as businesses operate, as they work in every industry and provide financial expertise for managing money well. They provide accountancy, tax, and audit services to clients and help understand concepts just like the GST reform, any change in taxation policies, or salary related issues.


  • CA certification


  • General business awareness
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong mathematical skills

Salary Package

  • Fresher: Rs 5.5 LPA
  • Intermediate: Rs 12.80 LPA
  • Experienced: Rs 25.70 LPA

Civil Services

Indian Civil Services are one of the most prestigious services in the Indian horizon of career. The job not only guarantees the Highest Pays but also insures job security and value in terms of the outlook of people towards civil servants. Three Major classifications:

  • IAS – Indian Administrative Services, 
  • IFS – Indian Foreign Services
  • IPS – Indian Police Services

Thousands of aspirants appear for the civil services exams every year since pre-independence as it is the oldest entrance examination in India, started by the British. The post comes with considerable power to implement and develop policies, maintaining law & order, upliftment of society, representing India on the global platform, and overall administration activities of the nation. 


  • Minimum graduation in any stream and need to crack IAS UPSC, IAS, IPS exams.


  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Team Player
  • Patience and analytical
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving attitude

Salary Package:

  • IAS / IFS & IPS Officers – Rs.  56,000 – 2,50,000 per month (Plus House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance as part of current 7th pay commission)

Investment Banker

Investment bankers work with financial institutions to raise capital through equity or debt management. It is very demanding nowadays as it is for a fast-paced environment where agile decisions can make a huge lift in the financial fate of the organisation. It is one of the very best paying jobs in India. An investment banker helps the client (a bank or a firm) invest money wisely for the highest possible returns.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in finance, economics, maths, business administration or related field


  • Analytical skills
  • In depth market knowledge
  • Excellent communication & Leadership skills.

Salary Package:

  • Fresher: Rs 12 LPA
  • Intermediate: Rs 30 LPA
  • Experienced: Rs 50 LPA

Management Professionals

Those people who can excel in Management can be a good Management Professionals, They need to complete the course from Business school. The Management Professionals do not need to find the job. Instead top companies provide them on the Spot Job Offer post completion of academics. Some well known Management and Business courses are-BBA, BBM, BMS and MBA in areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations etc.


  • BBA- Bachelors in Business Administration
  • BBM- Bachelors in Business Management
  • BMS- Bachelors in Management Studies
  • MBA- Masters in Business Administration


  • Leadership
  • Team spirit
  • Communication skills
  • Managerial and problem solving

Salary Package:

  • Entry level- 4-7 LPA
  • Intermediate- 10-20 LPA
  • Experienced- 30-50 LPA


Skilled and talented Lawyers are always in demand along with huge respect and are also well paid as they always save from all the legal obligations. Lawyers further classify under family, corporate, business, labor, intellectual property, criminal, bankruptcy, civil litigation, real estate, and entertainment lawyer.


  • Any graduation degree before LLB
  • LLM


  • Communication Skills
  • Good in Laws

Salary Package:

  • Fresher- 1-5 LPA
  • Consultant- Senior Attorney: 9.5 LPA
  • Corporate Lawyer: 5 – 6 LPA

Merchant Navy

The people who are interested visit the globe through the sea can apply for this job. The Merchant Navy is managing the entire operation of the ship till it reaches the destination, the Merchant Navy has to take care of the ship which may take around 6 to 9 months. The Merchant Shipping sector has always been known to pay good packages to its men for posts like Naval Engineer, Navigation Officer, Electro Technical Officer, Captain etc.


  • Specialized merchant shipping course after completion of 12th in Science (Physics, Chemistry & Maths).
  • BE/ B.Tech in Marine Engineering


  • Physical Fitness & Normal Vision is required.
  • Mathematical skills

Salary Package:

  • 5 to 15 LPA based upon the post

Aviation Services

One of the highest paying and glamorous jobs for sure is in the aviation sector. Aviation Services are the commercial flying jobs with Airlines for the post of pilots. Pilots bring home handsome salaries considering the nature of their work. Since the job is quite physically taxing with long flying hours and travelling time, pilots need to physically fit all the time. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field


  • Excellent spatial awareness and coordination
  • Thorough understanding of aircraft mechanism
  • Mathematical and physics skills
  • Team coordination

Salary Package:

  • 8 Lacs to 16 Lacs per annum

Journalism and Mass Communication Professionals

In this is a profession one can make a great change to the society in a direct and significant way. The fact is- skilled Journalists and Mass Communication professionals are valued and are paid well. and can make it big in this field only if he/she has skills such as- communication skills, confidence, investigative skills, quest for knowledge etc.


  • B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • PG Journalism and Mass Communication


  • Courageous & Confident
  • Communication Skills
  • Interrogative

Salary Scale:

  • 3 LPA to 50 LPA based on experience in the industry


These are the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in India. There are a lot of other professions that pay well, considering the right set of qualifications, knowledge and experience. Professions foster with the proper set of education, expertise, and experience. There certainly are other well rewarding careers too, like that of a sportsman, entertainment world or politician. But those sectors are suggested to students to sit back, analyze each job, consider their pros and cons, go through aptitude tests and find a career that will suit one the most.

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Difference between CV, Resume and Biodata

Very often when a person enters a professional career from academic life, there is a real basic need of having a resume or a CV or a biodata with him/her. And not only this, this piece of paper requires an ample amount of updations and verifications at various instances of time.

Wait! What!? Was there something above which got repeated thrice?

Was that RESUME, CV, and  BIODATA?

Right! But all these three words refer to the same piece of document. Isn’t it?

Well here comes a twist to your knowledge – these three words may partially refer to the same piece of a document but it is not the very same thing as a whole.

So, let me first introduce you all to these terminologies, before going further.


The term Biodata stands for Biographical Data. It was a term that had a key significance in India before most of us here were even born. Mostly before the 90s when any person wished to apply for a job they called job profile as Biodata. Mostly it covered non-professional details of a person like one’s height, weight, hobbies, religion, caste, complexion, and at the end partially covered his/her’s educational qualifications.

With growing generations, this term is losing its presence and has taken some new words instead. Wait! Let me clear you – lost presence just by its term, but has evolved very much by its content.

Nowadays this term might be used in case of typical Indian families, who are searching for a perfect match for their child( in short while fixing a girl and a boy by arranging marriages).

The second instance which clicks my mind is when a person applies for a job post in the government sector.


This term has been derived from a French word meaning ‘summary’, and is pronounced as “re-su-mae”.

It is a very precise form of a job profile, which contains details like academics, skillset, and past record of employment(if any). It does not include sections of hobbies, father’s name, religion, etc.

As the resume is kept quite brief and saturated with professional information, so, this is best suited while searching for a Job online


It stands for Curriculum Vitae, which has taken its meaning from Latin terminology meaning ‘one’s entire course of life’. It contains each and every achievement of one’s life from co-curricular to professional. In this, the length is not a matter of concern and each important thing(varies from person and job post) is mentioned and accordingly highlighted. In 21st century we use this term quite often, and this term has marked its global presence(especially in continents like Europe, Africa, and Australia )

I hope I am clear with the terminologies of these three terms. Now let me summaries with some more details of these terms in a tabular format.

Difference between CV, Resume and Biodata



MEANING Used in early eras which covered the personal details of a person Precise and saturated job profile of a person A detailed description of the person along with one’s job profile one has accomplished
LENGTH Not more than 1 page Maximum 2 pages May vary(generally 4-5 pages)
KEY FOCUS Personal information Educational details and past job details Detailed personal, co-curricular, educational and past job profile handling information
WHEN TO USE Applying for marriage proposals or govt. posts Job seeking profiles or a fresh job Internship, fellowship, higher job posts
DOCUMENT TYPE Concise Concise Comprehensive
EDUCATIONAL DETAILS At the bottom In between At the top
ORDERED CHRONOLOGY Not needed Not needed Needed
STRUCTURE Very simple and personal detail-oriented Sticking to educational details while keeping it brief too Mentioning the complete history of a person(personal, educational, qualitative and job-skill details)
REFERENCE May vary Not included included

I hope now it is clear for you that what is the difference between cv, resume and biodata.

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IT Recruitment – Top 10 Ways to Recruit IT Talents

The Information Technology (IT) sector is that sector comprising companies that produce software, hardware or semiconductor equipment, or companies that provide internet or related services. It is an industry consisting of two major components: IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

In the current tough world of pandemic COVID-19 where the job market is drowning each day and emerging up with a new scenario of another epidemic of unemployment, people can see only a ray of hope only with an industry that is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT). Whether it is to remove boredom in lockdown or highly inculcating the concept of “Work From Home” the only industry working actively during this worldwide battle is the IT Industry.

As the show always goes on with the IT Sector, therefore to play the crucial characters of the show various artists are required and auditioned frequently. This frequent audition for the must going show of IT Sector is known as IT Recruitments which and these precious artists are called IT Talents.

Hence to cater these gems i.e., the IT Talents, recruitment teams of the organization always have to strive hard in order to fit these gems to the right ornament. Below mentioned are the widely accepted and top ten methods to recruit IT Talents.

What is Recruiting IT Talents?

IT Recruitment is recruiting ideally for Software Companies and for other IT relevant components . It generally includes different types of IT requirements i.e. requirements related to different IT skills or technologies such as: Java, .Net, Oracle, SAP, Embedded, Linux, React Native, Angular etc.

Top 10 Ways to Recruit IT Talents


Apart from the other streaming social media platform, the most popular and only platform to socialize for the professionals to share their work experience and achievements with the world is Linkedin. Hence more room to socialize and showcase the talent and experience, Linkedin has now become first and foremost for any IT Recruiter to search for the talent as per the organizational need. Generally there are three measures to look for talents on Linkedin is through:

Personal Post: With the use of popular hashtags through a post on their wall or feed of personal account with mentioning of proper contact details, recruiters cater and invite many talents to come up with their application for the job.

Through Searching People & Connections: People or the prospective candidates can now be easily searched on Linkedin through some appropriate filters and keywords. Linkedin enables their search in such effective manner where by filling up the perfect criteria gives the pool of talents to look for by in just few steps:

Entering Keywords and filter:

Generating Results:

Connecting or Messaging them regarding opportunity:

Through Job Post: In order to go for a paid job post on Linkedin an official company page is required which allows the recruiter for a recruiter login where the official and job posts can be done by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc.

You can broaden the candidate search by using options as below


The mosted trusted job portal in India for both IT & Non IT Recruitment in India is Naukri.com as almost 80% white, gold, pink, popped collar employees can be easily found there. Naukri.com is not as similar to Linkedin as it is not a platform to socialize but talents here can be found through the same two common measures but it also provides the option of mass mailing too.

Through Searching People: Same as Linkedin people or the prospective candidates are easily found on here through some appropriate filters and keywords. An effective search form enables search by filling up the perfect criteria gives the pool of talents to look for by in just few steps:

Through Job Post: In order to go for a paid job post on Naukri an active and paid company account is required which allows the recruiter for a recruiter login where the official and job posts can be done by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc.

Mass Mailing: The special feature which Naukri Portal provides is that Mass Mailing. It is not necessary that all the job seeker on the portal has to be active 24*7 which might create possibilities that job seekers miss the relevant opportunity. Hence Naukri portal provides an additional feature of mass mailing where the best fit candidates can be personally mailed to notify them of the relevant job opportunity.


Indeed is yet another globally acclaimed and acknowledged job portal for all the white, gold, pink, popped collar employees. Similar to Linkedin and Naukri Portal it requires an active company account which allows the recruiter for a job posts by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc to attract and invite applications towards the vacancy.


Internshaala is a specialized and acknowledged job portal only for those who are looking for internships after completion or in between their academics. Internship is not only helpful for the candidate towards their bright future but also a great medium to hire fresh blood in the organization in pocket friendly budget through decent stipend. Companies often look for freshers or interns for their highly active projects which leads them towards internshala. Similar to Indeed it requires an active company account which allows the recruiter for a job posts by entering job overview, company overview, job description, requirements, key skills etc to attract and invite applications towards the vacancy.


Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business. with 14 million users in 180 countries Upwork allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through the company’s platform. The platform includes a real-time chat aimed towards reducing the time it takes to seek out, vet and hire freelancers. The platform offers a timesheet application that allows freelancers to track their actual time spent working on projects with verified screenshots.

Placement Agencies

Placement Agencies are the biggest help to any recruiter or HR professional because multiple vacancies and activities go around at same time with the HR Department of any organization. Tying up with the renowned placement agencies like Zigsaw Consultancy not only source the best matched candidates but also conduct preliminary background check, company’s brand promotion and saves a huge amount of time.

Social Media (Facebook & WhatsApp)

One of the biggest trends in recruiting over the past few years has been the use of social media to attract and convert talent. This practice even got its own buzzword – “Social Recruiting”. In simple words, social recruiting is using social media channels for recruiting. The term refers to different ways of using social media networks (such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) to find, attract and hire talent. Social Recruiting has now become an important part of recruitment marketing. Apart from this it has several benefits like reaching passive candidates, getting more referrals, establishing a more personal connection with potential candidates, and saving money.

Sharing Jobs on WhatsApp

Posting Jobs on Facebook

Campus Placements

Campus placement or campus recruiting is a program conducted within universities or other educational institutions to offer jobs to students nearing completion of their studies in collaboration with corporates. In this type of program, the educational institutions partner with corporations who wish to recruit from the student population which involves finding, engaging and hiring interns and entry-level employees on college campuses. In actuality it is a strategy for sourcing, engaging and hiring young talent for internship and entry-level positions. College recruiting is a tactic for medium- to large-sized companies with high-volume recruiting needs, but can range from small efforts (like working with university career centers to source potential candidates) to large-scale operations (like visiting a wide array of graduating schools and attending recruiting events throughout the spring and fall semester). Campus recruitment often involves working with university career services centers and attending career fairs to interact with college students and new graduates.

Employee Referral

Employee referral has become one of the best and effective methods for finding talent. Employee referral programs are the finest measure for improving the hiring metrics such as time and cost per hire, quality of hire and employee retention. Since a new joiner already found a familiar face within the organization, it gives them a different satisfaction and motivation which helps in improvement of performance and employee finds a cordial and friendly work atmosphere.  Employee referral is basically an internal method for finding job candidates. It is a structured program that companies and organizations use to seek out talented people by asking their existing employees to recommend candidates from their existing networks. In return, companies offer their employees various types of employee referral rewards.

Website Career Page

Nowadays neither company survives without their website. However it won’t be wrong in saying that they do not even enter the market without their personalized and official website. A website comprises the multiple bifurcation to advertise itself with lucrative images, their services, products, work culture, top management etc. But they have a bifurcation attracting potential employees on their current job vacancies. Through the application on websites, companies do not need to bear any additional cost or even don’t have to create multiple accounts on the various portals. Active job seekers easily find the post on a website and apply directly which not helps in brand promotion also enhances the pool of resources towards finding the right candidate.


To conclude, it can be said that resources are many and so do recruiting sources. The agile and vibrant approach and in-depth knowledge of recruitment and job portals along with good social skills within and outside the organization always makes recruitment fun, enjoyable and an easy going task.

Here are 2 videos that will give you a hands-on experience about Sourcing IT Talent at Zigsaw

How to Hire Employees in India?

Finding good employees is not very simple today. If you are searching for the best solution for your organization, it is important you hire an employee that has the potential and talents required. And for this, you need to do extensive research and experienced people will manage your projects and deadlines in a right way.

Let us know how you can get more applicants for the job with unique and proven tips so you are not only filling positions, but, you are filling it with the right people.

How to Hire Employees in India?

Look for the Job Board

There’re many incredible job portals in India. The majority of them provide essential features such as wide reach and reasonable costing, and employees from different fields. Suppose you are not able to find good job boards, you can try listing the position of industry-specific website, such as IT job boards, healthcare job boards, and remote job boards. Some best job boards are:

Check Out With Top Universities

It is common practice for many universities to establish good relationship with businesses as a part of the career services program. These universities host events regularly like the career fairs where the partner companies come and set up their booths and have exhibits and talks. So, contact colleges and universities and set up the partnership to ensure you have an access to best prospects entering at your workplace. There are some universities that also advertise on the college newspapers and website, thus you can find the students there.

Ask Your Employees & Customers for Any Referrals

You can take help of your existing employees for sourcing new hires. As they have their network of colleagues and friends that you can tap into. Furthermore, your current employees know your business very well, so they may know who from the network can be suitable for this job. These kinds of referrals generally tend to improve morale and retention rates.

One good source for the recruitment is a customer database. Recruitment from the customer database is perfect as they will be aware about with your business and know you as professionals.

Taking Help of Professional Consultancy

Another best way to hire employees in India will be linking up with the professional HR consultancy like Zigsaw Consultancy. They have got databases of many candidates. So, let them do an initial filtration and choose from those left. They will help you find the right job candidates, if their profile is good.

Network on Social Media Channels

Social media will work like the free job boards; you can share the current job openings as well as reach out to many potential candidates out there. You may start with LinkedIn; and being the professional social media network, it is where people will learn about the job opportunities. You can post the open roles on LinkedIn page & let the coworkers share this job with their friend networks, and more.

Important Criteria When Choosing To Hire Employees in India

Bringing somebody into your company is perhaps the most important decisions that you can ever make. Each employee is the extension of your product or brand & how they will represent your business reflects your company. Thus, what’s the prospective employee have to do? Firstly, companies must establish & enforce some strict guidelines of what their employee’s converse about their lives on social media. You must never control their private lives, however, how they represent themselves—or, your organization—certainly is one big concern. When you want a highly qualified person, you do not want one who can misrepresent your company and its core values.

The point is, hiring the best employee is much more important than anything else. So, here are some 3 criteria for making the right hiring decision.

Capabilities: Obviously, any prospective employee should have qualifications and ability to do this job that you’re hiring a person to do. To be nice and helping any friend won’t do any good to you in this department. It must go a bit beyond college degrees. What real hands-on experience does a person has? What is the person trained and educated to do? And as each organization is very different, you have to consider learning curve involved in the process.

Value: You have to look over what value a person brings to your organization. There’re two ways to do this. Firstly, what is the investment or salary you are keen to make in this person? Will you get the expertise for your money? Bringing somebody aboard at the fair salary is important. Suppose you are getting somebody in a cheap just because they are looking for the job, then that person may end up leaving very soon whenever any better offer comes.

You need to pay people what the jobs are worth. Look at their potential & network. Are they having any expertise in some other areas where the company needs to grow? Are they having an amazing network of contacts and individuals you will tap in the future? Some of these factors play in value equation as well as go beyond the current salary.

Cultural Fit: Lastly, there has to be the cultural fit. It has become quite important nowadays. The disruptive employee will cause huge damage to morale inside an organization and customer relationships. The culture you establish can dictate who fit in & thrive. Suppose the employees are allowed to wear jeans & t-shirts in the office and a particular person shows up in the suit & tie daily, he can end up causing a little friction. Suppose you promote teamwork and partnership and your particular candidate is a lone wolf that loves to work alone, then there can be the friction.

People spend several hours in the work environment. Suppose that environment is uncomfortable or threatening, you may lose good employees over the period of time. You will find out so much about an individual through an interview process & their social channels.


Hiring the right employees is an important decision that any organization makes, particularly smaller businesses. You need to use each possible tool to ensure that person you bring in will be your asset and not  liability.

Looking to hire best talents? Register on our platfrom here.

Step by Step guide for Freelance Recruiters to refer profiles

Refer for Jobs and earn attractive referral incentives

    1. Log into your Zigsaw account
    2. Whatsapp your email address at 9887890909 and allow us some time to give you the necessary access from the backend.
    3. After the necessary changes have been made, your dashboard would look as below. Click on the Recruiter dropdown box and select Recruiter Dashboard

    4. Enter the mobile number/email address/name of the candidate you would like to refer and click on Search
      • Case1: The candidate does not exist in our database: In this case, click on Add User
        In this case, Fill up the basic details such as the Name, EmailID, Mobile Number, Current Location & upload the candidate’s resume.
      • Case2: The Candidate exists in our Database: In this case click on the candidate’s name to continue to refer this candidate for a Specific Job

    5. Once you have navigated the above step, you would be redirected to a page with a URL like www.zigsaw.in/review_recruiter?name=13 You need to fill in details on this page to complete the referral
      • Source – whether you found the candidate on LinkedIn or our own database or Naukri.com so on and so forth (look at (a) in the figure)
      • Job code – the code you are working on at the moment (look at (b) in the figure). You can leave the Job-code blank for Floater Referral. (Details: https://www.zigsaw.in/jobs/2020/06/08/work-as-a-freelance-recruiter-a-wonderful-wfh-job-opportunity-with-zigsaw/ )
      • Refer by – credentials of  the one who referred the job seeker to you (look at (c) in the figure). You can leave this blank
      • Comment(look at (d) in the figure) – Ideally you should include details around “Why do you think the candidate is a good fit for this role”. You can also include outline of the conversation you had with the candidate in this field. 
      • Status(look at (e) in the figure) – click on the dropdown box and select the status 
      • WhatsApp text(look at (f) in the figure) – Ideally, you should follow-up each call with a potential candidate with a WhatsApp message. You can select “Yes” after sending him/her a standard WhatsApp message.
    6. The status of the referred candidates can be viewed by clicking on Referred Candidates in your header

If you face any difficulty, feel free to reach our Recruiter Support Team at 9887890909 on call/WhatsApp

Have feedback/suggestions? We would love to hear them!! Send them to vaibhav@zigsaw.in

Content Writing – Everything you need to know about pursuing a career

Years before, a career in content writing wasn’t much considered by the people as a mainstream career option. But, with advancements in technology and the internet, awareness among people for content writing has increased exponentially. Let us understand more about this upcoming field of content writing.

What does a Content Writer do?

Content writers are experts in writing engaging content that can be used online. They are Internet-savvy people who generate articles, posts, and web material. 

Content writers create Web content. It includes e-books, sales copy, podcasts, or text for graphics. Content writers write content for different kinds of websites, which include social networks, blogs, news aggregators, e-commerce websites, and college websites.

Skills of a Content Writer

Content writing job is not always a simple one and you need to look after some expertise areas to be a successful writer. So, here given are some essential skill sets that a good writer needs and continue to sharpen over the course.

  • Passion towards writing and flair of grammar and punctuation
  • Content writer must write unique and original content
  • Must write in simple language
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Getting inspiration from innovative ideas
  • Cooperate with many other departments and create new ideas
  • Developing good network over social media

Choosing Content Writing as a Career

If you think you are good at writing and can write the best quality content then this is one best career option to look at. Content Writing is a profession and has high demand in the marketing and business field. Let us check out why you must choose this field:

  • Write all day.
  • Can work as a freelancer
  • Get a chance to work with different companies and sectors
  • Work with more than one client 
  • You aren’t dependent on anybody and work independently
  • Work from anywhere and anytime you want
  • You will earn more than a corporate job
  • Once you become a pro in writing, you will put less effort and earn more
  • With time you will improve your writing capabilities and speed
  • Writing will not take a toll on your physical and mental health
  • Writing makes you aware of various countries, industries, and sectors. 

How to start content writing

Content writing isn’t any rocket science and can be done if you have a strong determination to do it. But, one question that often comes around is how to become a content writer and from where to start? Nothing to worry! The first thing is you must be able to write. Let’s say you are given a blank paper and just a little information to start with, how will you do? Take a charge and plan to create brilliant and engaging content. You can research the little information given, organizing your thoughts, and come up with an outline. Make sure you review/proofread your content so that it is free from all errors.

To get your job done, you will need some provisions, like:

  • A desktop or laptop with a high-speed internet connection.
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Skype account for calls or video conferences with clients.
  • A good software like Grammarly and Copyscape.

Dos and Don’ts of Content Writing: For an aspiring writer, it is important to know certain essentials of content writing and evolve yourself into a composed, polished and well-informed writer.

Do’s of Content Writing

  • Being clear and concise
  • Explore content types and areas
  • Keep your writing updated 
  • Research well
  • Do proper proofreading, spell check, and punctuations 

Don’ts of Content Writing

  • Do not use complicated words in your content 
  • Do not copy-paste your content, plagiarism is a complete NO!
  • Do not write dry & dull content

Myths about Content Writing 

There are plenty of myths floating around on what makes for great content. Let us dispel some:

  • Content writing can be done by anyone.
    It’s simple! Just have good knowledge of grammar, check your spelling and punctuation, and you are done! Unfortunately, it is not that simple. It requires
  • Content Writing is Highly Competitive
    In terms of competition, content writing is considered to be a less crowded job option with a vast capacity to allow infinite writers to work.

How much do content writers make in India

To be honest, writing is a proficient job sector and provides you a good salary. A freelance writer can earn up to Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000 monthly based on several projects or assignments you complete. The professional writers charge up to 300 to 700 Rs per article and some charge per word used that will range from 1 Rs to 5 Rs per word considering your experience and skills.

Future of Content Writing 

A content writing career is quite diverse and offers great opportunities to aspiring writers & students. Though content writing is in huge demand today, we can see the focus shifting more towards digital media, audios, and videos. Just like another profession, content writing has a similar amount of risks, hard work and dedication required and hustle is the same as any other job.


This article was contributed by Ms. Zainab Sutarwala as a part of Zigsaw’s Know-the-Job campaign where we intend to share details about various Job-profiles and industry. If you want to know the world to know about your Job-profile/industry and you want to be the one to share it, share your story at views at support@zigsaw.in and we would be happy to feature the article on our Blog

Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India 2023

Placement Agencies are the power boosters in the field of recruitment. Their multifaceted roles play a great role in generating employment by attracting candidates and matching them to positions with client companies. They screen candidates, interview them, do background checks, and finally match them to their clients’ requirements. Placement Agencies play the key part in connecting the potential candidates with the companies fulfilling their manpower requirements. After briefly explaining the advantage of working with search firms in India, we have brought to you a list of Top 10 Recruitment Consultants in India

Advantages of Working with Placement Agency

  1. Providing Adequate Manpower: Placement Agency plays a pivotal role in getting adequate manpower towards providing fruitful utilization of job seekers to their maximum potential and service to the company’s goals and objectives by easing the selection process which involves moving from application scrutiny and sorting for the best match.  However, it comforts the HR department to focus on important projects going parallel at hand along with hiring.
  2. Demand draft for employees in the particular specialization: It is also a great advantage for a company to draft a demand for employees in a particular specialization.  The consultant identifies the needs of the client and makes the best candidate viable who best fits a particular job.
  3. Time Conservation: A placement agency eases the hiring steps by saving important human hours of the company’s as through direct candidate selection by the placement agencies are better than direct normal recruitment procedure as they scrutinize the right candidate at the very first stage of interview.
  4. Deeper Pool of Resources: Local hiring is always best handled by a placement agency because it’s not practical that a company might reach its existence everywhere especially in near outskirts So in order to cater the remote areas for potential candidates placement agency is the best solution as they are a viable communicator between the company and the candidates.
  5. Company’s Brand Promotion: Placement agency is known to also inculcate branding to a company. Since they have a broader zone to source the candidates for employment, they promote the company’s goodwill and products which makes the company’s brand more popular amongst all.
  6. Seasonal Employment Purposes: Some companies only require a temporary workforce when the demand permits.  In that scenario, they can always get the services of a consultant offering part-time or seasonal candidates.  Some companies also require labor-intensive workers on daily or monthly wages saving money for the year. 

Top 10 Recruitment Companies in India 

  1. ABC Job placement: ABC Job placement is one of the pioneer and best job consultancy in India, founded by Dr Bish Agrawal in 1969. With rich experience of 44 years in this industry with a motto of ‘Building Careers, Building Organisation’. They are the most preferred talent acquisition firm with more than 500 consultants for providing best and custom-tailored recruitment solutions and makes around 75% of its revenue from their existing client base. ABC mostly ties-up with leading organizations and MNCs all across India with 9 offices spread over 8 major Indian cities as well as they have their presence in other countries too.
  2. Zigsaw Consultancy: Zigsaw is a Human Resource oriented company that is one of the fastest-growing recruitment firms of India. Zigsaw collaborates with companies to help fulfill their hiring requirements in the least and best possible time & manner. It delivers end-to-end recruitment solutions for hiring the “best-fit” talent. Zigsaw is currently operational in all the major cities of India and has its stronghold in tier-2 & tier-3 cities. Zigsaw offers flexible Hiring Plans for companies to choose from and has the best Turn Around Time. Zigsaw also has a FREE Hiring Model to engage with SME’s
  3. Randstad: Randstad is one of the oldest placement agencies founded back in 1992 as “Ma Foi” which was later changed to “Randstad” in 2008. Randstad has established themselves in this industry by providing quality recruitment services to their clients over all these years and today they are one of the leading HR service providers in India with their presence across 20 cities. Randstad is also the world’s second-largest placement consulting agency having headquarters in Chennai, India. The company offers various HR services like temporary and permanent contracts of staffing, various HR based solutions, In-house services, and recruiting professionals, etc.
  4. TeamLease Services: TeamLease Services is one of the leading human resource consultants in India established in the year 2002 with more than 1700 employees and 2500 clients across the Nation. TeamLease is also listed at 8th rank in Fortune India magazine in both BSE and NSE markets. As on date, they have almost 2 lakh associates spread across the nation in their 6,600+ locations and have given employment to more than 1.7 million people with a vision statement of “Putting India to work”. They have a huge list of clientele working including SMEs, MNCs, government firms, and many educational institutions. They also provide a host of services that include corporate training programs in payroll outsourcing, assessments, permanent staffing, temporary staffing, and regulatory compliances, etc. They have their registered office in Bangalore at Koramangala.
  5. Kelly Services: Kelly Services was first founded in 1946 by William Russell Kelly in America and soon they spread themselves in other countries. Kelly service commenced their operations in India in 2001 and today they are one of the leaders in offering workforce solutions like recruitment of candidates, serving clients, and staffing solutions across the industries. They have their presence in 6 locations across the Nation and their HR staffing arm has been recognized for their practices, quality processes, community involvement, and supplier diversity. Kelly services have a considerable mark in the present staffing industry and they are specialized in scientific hiring, mid-senior level hiring, engineering recruitments, IT recruitments, financial services, and functional recruitments. They have their registered office at Gurgaon in Haryana
  6. Adecco India: Company has provided recruitment to more than 1,00,000 employees and helped them to achieve their life goals. Adecco India has entered within the Indian market after the acquisition of People one Consulting (a leading Bangalore based company) through a deal of 200 crores. From 2004 the company has scaled its services and achieved incredible results by providing world-class services according to the need of customers.
  7. United HR Solutions: Established in 1986 by Dr. O.P Pahuja, he started as United Consultants later in 1996 then it became United Placement Consultants Pvt Ltd and in 2007 it became United HR Solutions. Initially, they catered only to textile industries in Nigeria and later extended to other countries. United HR Solution is an ISO certified consultancy that served over 450 clients in 15 countries.
  8. Brain Behind Brand: Brain Behind Brand founded in 2008 by Mr. Amitava Banerjee and from then it successfully provides satisfactory service to its clients. They provide a complete recruiting solution including starting from interview, screening, and shortlisting candidates. They later expanded branch offices in four major cities to provide better service to the maximum.
  9. Sutra HR: Company was started in 2008 and has more than 500 clients that have been associated with different industries. Sutra HR has clients across Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, Indonesia, and UK.  Sutra HR has grown 200% times under the leadership of Waqar Azmi and therefore the annual revenue of the corporate is within the range of $8.6 million.
  10. Career Net: Company has its head office in Bangalore and they started their journey in the year 1999. The company provides cost-effective staffing solutions to clients across the globe. The company mainly has clients from the following fields that include FMC, IT sector, knowledge services, banking, financial services, and insurance.

Recruitment Companies Connect Employers with Relevant Job-seekers. They are the easiest & fastest way for any organization to hire the best talent. If you think we missed someone in our list of Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in India, do let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to include it in our list.

Career in HR – Working as a Human Resource Manager

Role of Human Resource Manager

HR Manager is a guide, philosopher, friend, problem solver, event planner, peacemaker, and competence maker of the human resource. The human Resource Manager is a pivotal pillar of any organization. Human Resource Manager does it all, from getting the right people to manage the wrong ones to develop high potentials. HR Manager receives the right kind of human resources for the company, assesses them, and manages their motivation. An HR Manager is critical in any organization owing to his/her ability to maintain & manage the personnel of any organization.

Human Resource Manager is a bridge between an organization’s management and its employees. They plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization as their position is crucial for overseeing human resources activities and policies according to the executive level direction. They supervise organizational staff, manage payroll and related perks & benefits, take care of employee relations, recruitment, training and development, safety, attendance, and employment records.

Functions of HR Manager: HR wears many hats. Focussed on achieving organization goals, they are the hardcore multi-tasker and perform multi-folded functions. 

The objective of HR Function

  1. Formulation of Policy: To formulate clear and friendly practicable Standard Operating Protocols (SOP).
  2. Motivation: To nurture and develop the employee’s team to meet business requirements. HR Managers retain the Top performers
  3. Change Management: To act as a change agent for employees to handle complex and crises arising due to the dynamic of the business environment.
  4. Employee Happiness: To be a coordinator to organize various ‘skilled based team activities’ so that various HR aspects can be addressed and resolved.
  5. Strategic Planning: By being a strategist for the organization, planning and implementing an effective HR Plan that aligns Business Plan and overall organization plan.
  6. Recruitment: To execute workforce planning and budgeting & have a roadmap for recruitment assignments by hiring as per the plan agreed alongside the Business heads/department heads. 
  7. Allow open communication to assess employee needs proactively: By being proactive, the objective is to keep ears open and reach out to all employees through contact at regular intervals to gather insights at the workplace and take feedback.
  8. Learning & Development: To provide employee development and training assistance to employees to enhance employee performance and productivity.
  9. Employee Retention: To take adequate measures to retain good employees and high potential employees by an advisory to the employees.
  10. Grievance Redressal: To ensure ‘Statutory Compliance’ status at all times HR Manager act as a role of dispute prevention 
  11. Performance Assessment: To evaluate and improvise the current HR Practices to keep with time and external benchmarks.
  12. Monitor & Control: With their sharp eye for monitoring, they update working policies according to the business and organization requirements.
  13. Data Management: To maintain employee records and files for ease of reference, both Online and physical copies of the documents.
  14. Mediator: As a spokesperson, they have to communicate with employees and business heads for better alignment.
  15. Future Planner: They play a key role in the decision-making of any employee’s future in the organization as they keep track of each employee’s performance and behaviour.

Myths about HR 

  1. HR people are always diplomatic, but the reality of the role of HR involves dealing with people at all levels of hierarchy to convey any good and bad news, maintaining decorum in the office etc. To ensure that communication takes place harmoniously, there is a need to communicate differently with different people.
  2. HRs hardly have any work, but the reality is HRs have the most demanding work in a company. Dealing with people, day in and day out, across backgrounds, skills, aspirations etc., is no easy task. HR handles a variety of duties requiring careful attention and dedication.
  3. HR’s are not employee-friendly, but the reality is that HR’s are the top management’s face. Sometimes, when employees do not like a policy, they conveniently blame it on the HR, but they need to manage the equilibrium from both the end.

People from outside feel that Working in HR is like roaming in the park. Only an HR knows that the park is “Jurassic Park”. Below mentioned are the key roles of HR Managers:

Functions of HR

  1. Recruiting and hiring – The success of any organization depends on its Human Resources, and Hr Manager owns the responsibility of hiring employees; it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the HR Manager is the most important role for any organization. These two words, ‘Recruiting and hiring’ are the founding pillar of any organization and HR Department as it is a process of inviting and attracting talented workforce and employing them in adequate numbers to facilitate an efficient working force in an organization.
  2. Induction or Orientation- Neither hiring can be successful unless the new joinee is introduced well with the organization, its teammates and supervisor. To ensure the employee’s happiness and well-being from the tender stage, an effective and healthy induction session is a key component.
  3. Training and development – Since there are two famous quotes which say “Noone is perfect” and “There is always some room for improvement”, the processes of training and development help in enhancing and enabling the capacities of people to build their strengths and confidence for them to deliver more effectively.
  4. Organization development – As Human Resource Manager is the link between employees and top management and considered spokesperson at both sides. HR Manager plays the most vital role in bridging the gap properly and making way towards attaining business goals.
  5. Communication – Communication is a key essence that removes all the ambiguities. As a mediator, it is an activity that involves conveying meaningful information. At all times, HR must share all relevant information with the employees.
  6. Performance management – HR is the first point of contact for any employee regarding any query. Hence, they only have the golden scope that focuses on their current performance and capacity of improving the organization’s performance in the organization and various other services. The performance is the key indicator of future appraisal, training needs and development session.
  7. Employee relations – Whether personal or professional, to bring the best out of oneself is to manage interpersonal relationships. Being the advocate and peacemaker, HR Manager has a significant role in this concept that works towards bettering the relations among the employees and between the employee and the management.
  8. Resolving Conflicts- It is quite obvious when two people with different mindset coordinate, there are high chances of conflict amongst them. Still, for the success of any organization, better team coordination is a must which the HR Manager can only develop by coaching, mentoring, and counselling. It is a practice of supporting an individual and helping him/her overcome all his/her issues to perform better.
  9. Wages, salary, and compensation benefits – Nowadays, it is highly believed. In fact, it is the most pragmatic truth that money is the biggest motivator, whatsoever employee benefits schemes may be practiced with the organization. Still, unless his financial and social security is not fulfilled, his/her best cannot be retrieved. By keeping a birds-eye view of their attendance, HR managers look after the timely reimbursement of monthly payouts and other social benefits and perks for their financial and future stability. These benefits are provided to the employees to keep them motivated towards their work and the organization, which many times include special rewards and incentives.
  10. Healthy Work Culture & Employee Engagement – It is a management concept that works towards retaining the talent by engaging the person in a way that would further the organization’s interest by engaging them in various team-building exercises and activities or celebrations to burst out their stress and making the work ambience much lighter.
  11. Organizational Management– Being the several role players and keeping things at right place at right time, it is must that every organization has a structured Standard Operating Protocols (SOP) and working policies constructed for betterment at both end managed, executed and monitored by the HR Managers. The success can only be achieved when the company attains its final goal and there the HR Manager plays the most important role as managing employees and keeping things inline.
  12. Law Knowledge– In a law abiding nation being a law abiding citizen, there are several laws which are formulated in favour of organization and employees benefiting both of them and also advocates them if being harassed by each other. The HR Manager must have knowledge of all of them not only for legal fight but to settle down the issues diligently which focuses on bringing out the best in a team to ensure development of an organization, and the ability to work together closely to achieve goals.

Pros And Cons Of Working As A Human Resource Manager

A Human Resources Manager is an essential part of an organization. Every company has its HR department that manages the problems of every employee related to productivity and job satisfaction.

Every job indeed has its pros and cons, so to ensure you make a wise choice for your career, check out the pros and cons of working as a human resources manager.

Pros :
  1. Deal with a variety of people

It’s the biggest and best task for anyone who loves to deal with different types of people. Being an HR manager, you get a chance to handle people working in an organization. Depending on your experience and degree, you can work in social welfare or tackle psychological issues.

  1. Get management experience

The primary responsibility of an HR manager is he/she has to qualify suitable candidates for the position of a company and fulfill all requirements that your company expects. Such a type of task is called management skill. 

  1. Good salary

Handling various clients and their requirements is more than understanding a few parameters. As an HR manager, you understand your company’s policies and have to understand the feelings and emotions of a person. This is why companies do not mind paying handsome salaries to attract qualified and talented candidates for handling their work.


  1. Higher workload

The working demand of an HR manager job is vast. Working with machines or equipment is different from working with people. There’s no set of equations and instructions that will help you handle the problems of an employee.

  1. Handle tough conversations

As an HR manager, sometimes you need to have tough conversations: telling an employee they lost their job or reapplied for the job, firing people, especially if you like their work, delay in promotion of an employee, and more isn’t a good conversation to have.

The Pay scale of HR Managers

As stated so far, being in this position is not that easy. One person with multiple roles with the huge expectations turning out to be as reality at the end requires something good as however HR Manager is also a human and also needs the same spirit to keep the things intact personally, professionally and socially, for the sake of this generally top management keeps them motivated with a healthy and satisfactory pay package. Apart from their multi-folded activities they are at the top of the hierarchy of their department managing their team, other operational teams and their individual leaders too.

The Future of HR 

In this tough time of pandemic COVID- 19, people across the globe with their job losses and salary cuts see their future within the dark which is extremely obvious and with the emerging trend of “work from home” of concept, many questions arise for the longer term of HR in coming time. It’s not only due to of this social distancing, lockdown and corona virus but also of the too very modernization tech-methods thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotics but because the term itself says Human Resource which will never get replaced or eliminated unless it has a special touch which tech- oriented platform couldn’t provide and even this difficult time of this pandemic asks a special gesture and energy which makes the longer term even brighter as HR now play more vital part to stay the morale and work flow continue through their various roles during a distant manner.



To create a team to excel, it’s of utmost importance to possess an equally professional and well-managed HR department. A slipshod HR function will hamper an organization’s future and compromise on its achievements. To summarize, the role of an HR manager is to  be a hero performing one of the toughest jobs in any organisation. However, if the candidate has patience, the right temperament, and cares for employees, he/she could be the voice of the organisation not only for the employees, and also helps management in building a successful organisation by taking care of all the precious human assets within the organization.

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  • Referral Format
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      • Current Salary:
      • Expected Salary:
      • Notice Period:
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      • Experience Details
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Terms of Engagement for Freelance Recruiters

  • The validity of the resume: 6 months. This means that any candidate referred by you would be considered as your referral for 6 months from the date of referral if not conflicting with any of the previous referrals.
  • Duplicity (if any) would be tentatively informed within 3 working days of you sharing the resume.
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  • Referral Amount to be paid once the candidate joins the proposed organization and completes 90 days. Payment would be released between 0-10 days of candidate completing 3 months in the organization via a direct transfer to bank.
  • All previous referral program would be rendered null & void as a result of this communication of the updated referral policy.
  • Incase of any dispute, the decision of the management of GFL Recruitment Private Limited would be considered final

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Posting Job for someone else || Supporting Making-India-More-Employable

Here’s a step-by-step guide to post Job at Zigsaw

  • Register at Zigsaw as a Job-seeker if not already Registered
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  • Enter the email address of the Hiring Manager/HR where shortlisted applications should be sent for consideration & Click on Find
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    • Case2: If this is a new registration. It would prompt you a new screen where you need to input the name of the company, company mobile number & A brief about the company. Enter these details and click on submit
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    • Post Title: Describe the post Function here. Ideally this should include the Function & the Designation. Example: Sales Manager, HR Executive, Marketing Manager etc.
    • Source Link: Enter the Link of where you found the Job. This is for admin verification of Job. Kindly ensure that you only post genuine Job & provide authentic link for Admin verification
    • Job Summary
      • Job Location
      • Job Category: Explained below in detail
        • IT Jobs: Software Developer/Programmer/Engineers etc.
        • Creative Jobs: Arts related Creative Jobs such as Writers(Content/Blog etc), Designers (Web, UX, Graphic etc.), Architects, Interior Designers, Photographers, Video Editors, Animators etc.
        • Digital Marketing: Online Marketing, SEO, Online Advertisments (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.), Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing
        • People Facing Roles: Sales/Customer Support(call/chat/walkin)/counsellor/ HR/Admin/Purchase/Store/Offline Marketing/Administration/Supervisor
        • Science,Engineering OR Diploma related Jobs : Operators/Technicians/Fitters/Engineers/F&S/H&N/Basic Science ( Bpharma/bsc/btech etc. )
        • Hospitality Jobs: Jobs in Hospitality Domain
        • Healthcare Jobs: Jobs in healthcare domain
        • Accounts/Finance/Budgeting/Taxation: Account/Finance/Budgeting/Taxation related Jobs
        • Education Sector: Teachers, Principals, Administrators
        • Blue Collar Jobs: Blue Collar Jobs such as labour, Driver, Delivery Boys, office boy, helpers etc.
      • Maximum Salary: In ₹ pm. Example a CTC of 6LPA is 50,000pm and should be entered as 50000
      • Referral Incentive: Ideally should be left blank
    • Job Description: In this, describe the role in detail. Details here should include what the candidate is expected to do on day to day basis, what are the KRA’s/goals of this role & how would the candidate’s performance be measured in this role
    • Education/Experience Required: In this space, kindly mention if any educational qualification/experience is required for this role. For example
      • We are looking at B-tech Computer Science graduates with 2+ years of experience in Core Java
    • Job Skills: You can skip this for now
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