The Zigsaw Analogy – Kite festival v/s Job festival

Its gonna be a game. Get immersed in it!
In this era of cut-throat competition, only the fittest survive. The preceding statement is too appropriate for the present unemployment conditions of India. The job to population ratio is a mere 52% in India compared to 74% in the USA.
You might be wondering why the reference of kite festival is given in in title. Here in this article. I am going to find analogies between the Kite festival and Job festival.
First of all, a brief intro of the kite festival popularly known as Uttrayan in Gujarat. Thousands of kites color the sky and people compete to become the unrivaled emperor of the sky. Beware, Zeus!
A Job fest largely resembles a fair where a swarm of job seekers assembles to fight it out for job opportunities. Everything happens in a day or two and under only one roof/sky.
Now, let’s start the game!
First, some assumptions will be useful in finding analogies. Assume the person flying the kite to be a JOB SEEKER { two types experts and amateurs}, Assume the thread/Manja {glassed} used to fly the kite as one RESUME, the stronger it is the better is one’s chance of surviving. But obviously you can’t rely on the Manja alone to keep surviving, your own skills to matter here. Assume the spool/Phirki holder to be an ADVISOR or the person who is indirectly responsible for your job or one who steers you to the job.
If you are a WWE fan, you might have seen some matches named Royal rumble, where 20 wrestlers fight in one ring and knock themselves out of the ring to be the last man standing. The same concept applies here in these cases, the ultimate aim is to compete with all and emerge as the victor.
Let me point one similarity. Those who love kite flying might be knowing but for others, I will explain. When you enter the duel with other kites, you trust more on your skills rather then your manja if you are a professional. Amateurs tend to rely heavily on Manja. The technique is what matters in a duel. The same thing goes with jobs, a strong resume isn’t enough to fetch it, the way to sell your skills to the employer becomes the deciding factor there.
Sometimes the competitors enter a duel but leave it. There can be two reasons- 1} He doesn’t find the other person worthy for the fight or 2} He doesn’t find himself strong enough for the fight. Similarly one may reject the company because he doesn’t find it worthy of his experience or because he doesn’t find himself competent for the job.
There several unethical ways which people use in a Kite Festival. For example cold-blooding cutting { when your opponent isn’t prepared for your attack}, double destruction { when you lay waste to both the kites by mostly grounding them}, super glassed Manja or the killer Manja known to kill birds and even people, use of scissors { if the person adjacent to you is troubling you}. Let us develop an analogy for jobs. Jobs can be fetched by the use of one’s Contacts, having contacts is a must for a corporate individual but using them prior to the job fest is unfair, which can be termed as job-fixing. One can use recommendation { maybe fake }. One can sabotage the stronger contenders’ efforts. Some people get their CV prepared by a third party, see super glass Manja.
The phirki holder plays a significant role in kite flying, he becomes an adviser, analyzer, or sometimes takes control in his hands. This can be compared to the person who advises the individuals going for a job fest, he can be a consultant, mentor, or friend.
Generally, the atmosphere in a Jobfest is tense and grey. People are trying to give their best in every interview, they must be alert and quick. Even they know that one wrong move/word may reverse the odds in favor. This time I leave the analogy up to you, even you should play the game.
In a kite festival, a person should be careful to not engage in a duel with a kite who has already eliminated many kites. Similarly, you should choose the companies where you wish to sit very wisely because it is not possible to give an interview for each and every company present at the Fest. Don’t go behind the crowd, who knows you would have left a way that was only made for you.
Let us end the game here but before that a few words about the Job festivals organized by Zigsaw.
Zigsaw aims to bring the job seekers and the job generators closer by saving their time, money, and hours of job searching.
Zigsaw’s maiden job festival is going to be organized in Udaipur, this 14th of Feb, if you live in a significant radius, contact us.
A series of jobs festivals will be conducted across the country, stay tuned to our Facebook page and website because who knows if the next one is your city.
Our job portal
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Contact us on 9887890909

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Udaipur Job Festival

Job Festival is an amazing word & it means celebrating the career choices around us. We are organizing a grand Udaipur Job Festival to celebrate these choices in our lakecity. We intend to bring together all the Job seekers and employers of Udaipur & around on this 1 platform on 14th Feb. We are positive to bring in 30 companies for this Job Festival & expect a footfall of 1800 Job seekers. Out of these 1800 Job seekers, 1200 would be final year students from 25 colleges in & around Udaipur. 600 would be experienced professionals who are seeking better career opportunities. Team Zigsaw would like to take this opportunity to whole heartedly invite all Job seekers & all Job providers to this Job Festival. We would love to hire for the positions that you are actively looking out for.
1. We intend to bring down all the Job seekers of Udaipur to 1 location
2. We also intend to target from Job seekers from nearby Udaipur (Nathdwara, Chittor, Dungarpur, Bhanswara, Sirohi, Salumber etc.)
3. Website:
Q & A [Discussion with a probable client
1. What is Zigsaw?
We are a recruitment consultancy that has been operating PAN India since the last 18 months. We have worked with the likes of Pagal guy, Razorpay, Derby India, Fizz, Blacklight Studio Works etc. Going forward, we intent to be the �â�€�œgo-to�â�€� place for recruitment in Rajasthan & Gujarat. URL:
2. We do not have an open position right now but want to be a part of this Job Festival. How can we go about it?
You can associate with us under one of the below umbrella�â�€�™s
1) Title Sponser
2) Co-sponsers
3) Associate Sponsers
4) Outreach Partners
3. What is the sponsorship amount under each of these heads
a. Title Sponser(>2 L): All our banners read as �â�€�œTitle Sponser & Zigsaw present Udaipur Job Festival in association with Co-sponser 1 & Co-sponser-2�â�€�. Title sponser would get an exclusive Media coverage. All the banners/flexes that go to colleges in & around Udaipur, all the hoardings engaged for publicity in & around Udaipur carry the name as the title sponser. Moreover, your branding objective can be discussed & engaged for better ROI�â�€�™s
b. Co-sponser (80k-2L): All our banners read as �â�€�œTitle Sponser & Zigsaw present Udaipur Job Festival in association with Co-sponser 1 & Co-sponser-2�â�€�. Media coverage. All the banners/flexes that go to colleges in & around Udaipur(25 in nos.), all the hoardings engaged for publicity in & around Udaipur carry the name as the co-sponser. Stall option is also available for co-sponsers.
c. Associate Sponser (>30K): Logo represented on the Flexes. Mention on our website & blog. Stall provided in the Job Festival. All the banners/flexes carry the logo of an associate sponser.
d. Outreach Partners: A win-win business relationship to help in mutual outreach
4. How would you be marketing this event in Udaipur?
Our Marketing Partners
a. Conventional Channels: Newspapers & FM�â�€�™s
b. Social Media Presence: Fb, Twitter, Linkedin
c. Banners of UJF
d. Pamphlets in Newspapers
e. Mention in Magzines
f. Media Coverage by Local News Channels
g. Hoardings
h. In-shop publicities with partner sponsers
5. Can you brief me about your team
a. Vaibhav Chouhan, Founder – Zigsaw, IIT Guwahati alumni, 3 years of work experience with Tata Power (MMD & HR Dept. )
b. Technology Consultants: Shivnarayan, VNIT (4th year) & Avinash (IIT Kanpur, 3rd year)
c. Srishti & Hemprabha: Aspirant Relationship Manager
d. Devkaran: Client Relationship Manager
e. Abhishek: Developer
f. Akarsh: Intern from Manipal, multiple roles
g. Soumyaranjan: Social Media Manager
For any queries, feel free to contact us at 9057305559 or

Why would it be a wise decision to hire freshers from Gujarat Job Festival ?

Situation: My business is growing & we would want to scale up the business. It is a B2C business & we are very particular about who we hire. I want 20 freshers to join my business in this year. Being a B2C business, we also want to create a positive image around my company since this affects our business to a great extent.
Solution 1: I don�â�€�™t have a 1 year road map right now. I hire on ad hoc basis as & when I receive applications. This allows me to focus on my most important deliverables right now and saves my NOW time but who cares about the quality?
Solution 2: I target 10 campuses in Gujarat & hire 2 from each. This a brilliant move, but let us have a look at the commercials.

Let us look at the commercials as per the above assumptions

Assumptions Justification No. of hires required = 20 My company is growing No. of colleges targetted = 10 More colleges targetted would give a better brand visibility Days to complete tasks =20 Including preliminary screening, technical interview, HR Interview etc. Salary of the interview panel = 30 LPA 2 senior & 1 Junior person are handling recruitment (all in & all out). They are the decision makers & nobody else is involved Lodging expenses are estimated at 2500 per person per day   Daily allowances are estimated at 1000 per person per day

This, totals to an amount of 22L without the travel costs involved. Plus there would be projects, assignments, tasks that would get delayed because the management has decided to take this on priority.
Solution-4 (The Zigsaw way)

  • Participate in Gujarat Job Festival
  • You get to showcase your brand to the best colleges of Gujarat. Besides, experienced Job seekers get a knack of your work-culture & you can use this to become the #employerofchoice
  • It saves you time
  • It saves you money
  • It fast-tracks your hiring plans & meets your hiring requirement for the next 6 months
  • If you are in a B2C company, this probably would the best decision for #brandbuilding �Â� you would take this year.
  • The choice is yours, you can register here:
    or engage with us on Facebook at�Â�

    20 Days With Zigsaw �â�€�“ An Intern Speaks

    It�â�€�™s going to be long, I request some patience.
    502 Satyam Estate, yes after reaching Udaipur we were told to reach here. It took us some time to accept the fact that this was our home as well as office.
    We were a group of 8 interns in Zigsaw Consultancy Services, 5 of them from my own college NIT Surat, 2 of them from IIT Kanpur and the last one from IIT Madras. The Kanpur guys had joined early in the first week of December. So they were already present to help and assist us. It was because of them we could have our meal that night.
    Both of them were working so hard that night as if they got 10 assignments to solve. I was wondering whether I am the odd man among these workaholic chaps. I along with my friend and those two chaps, four of us became friends in just one bout of conversation.
    The next morning he entered, the Green jacket guy who wears contact lens.�Â� When he took my interview on phone, he sounded like a 40 year old veteran and an influencing CEO.�Â� But when we saw him, he was just like one of us. Yes am talking about the man behind Zigsaw, Mr Vaibhav Chouhan.�Â�  Soon after, he called us, the marketing guys to provide ideas for his company.
    Honestly speaking , before coming to zigsaw, the company seemed like a jigsaw puzzle to me. Open its website , look around, you find
    �â�€�˜ Intern mapping�â�€�™, now what�â�€�™s that ?�Â� 
    �â�€�˜Test algorithm�â�€�™ , no idea about it.
    �â�€�˜ Permanent hiring�â�€�™, ok so this is a recruitment start-up.
    Obviously I stood dumbstruck to his question. I rather asked him to explain it detail about the company.�Â� After a 3 hour interactive session we became familiar with the Zigsaw. The green jacket guy made us feel that it was our own company. He never hesitated in sharing the passwords and admin rights. He even shared his personal Facebook account password. Never before in my life I had received such an amazing hospitality.
    Too much said about the first day, lets go ahead. Lunch and dinner was never a problem, thanks to the location of our office cum home. All the basic amenities were provided. You would feel as you just shifted to another room of your hostel, a deluxe one.
    Nights, what shall I speak about this. 7 interns, 3 rooms, no neighbours, you know what happens then. Our nights were ruled by 3 C�â�€�™s , Cards, Cricket and Counterstrike had become a commonplace here. If the nights were to be described in three words, they would be �â�€�˜Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment !�â�€�™
    While you are working there , you can go out and play cricket at any moment , he would never object provided you finish that day�â�€�™s task. Such an awesome start up atmosphere�Â�  you would find there.
    Hats off to the developers , excellent work by them, sleepless nights, pain and exhaustion. Although they couldn�â�€�™t fix all the bugs, they played a key role in launching our job portal
    �â�€�˜Momentum Officer�â�€�™ yes this was our designation, feels awkward but swaggy. We did various jobs, to name a few- data mining, online marketing, strategy development, social media promotion, client management etc
    The best thing about the internship is that you get to swim in the corporate world for some time. The same surreal world which was once alien to us.
    Our biggest achievement was the successful conduction of the Zigsaw internship festival a.k.a ZIF 1.0, Although we faced some initial hiccups but in the end all was well.
    Some lines on how we spent our Sundays. I don�â�€�™t think there is any place left where we haven�â�€�™t travelled in Udaipur. We travelled not in auto-rickshaws, not�Â�  in�Â�  buses, but in bikes. A big thanks to the green jacket guy for this. Not to forget Udaipur has many tourist attractions and wow places like Lake city palace, Sajjangarh fort, Fatehsagar, Karni mata, neemach mata temple. 500 photos per day was our camera�â�€�™s frequency, just imagine how exciting it was, new friends, new cities, old bikes and unforgettable memories.
    Finally some lines on our departure from Zigsaw . It was never easy, I wish I could have stayed there a few days more but we had to go. It was so difficult to hold on your tears while bidding the final goodbye, such was the effect of bonding with Zigsaw.

    Thoughts of an intern #ZigsawZindagi #beZigsawed

    Zigsaw has great potential and it will soon reach the zenith, I believe it will.
    If you ask anyone who had once interned in Zigsaw to describe the experience in three words , they would be �Â�  �Â� �Â� �â�€�˜ Miss You Zigsaw ! �â�€�™
    To visit our facebook page click here
    Our website
    Our job portal
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    Zigsaw Job Festival in Ahmedabad

    Imagine a world, where when you need someone to do a particular Job, you reach out to a magic box. That magic box understands your requirements, quantifies it, evaluates the available options & delivers the best results. Now, imagine all this on auto-pilot mode. This magic-box is what we are creating at Zigsaw. A total platform to endorse evaluates, verify & select, all at your finger-tips. At Zigsaw, we are #RevolutinizingRecruitment.
    Ahmedabad is a big market when it comes to B2B services in recruitment. Ahmedabad’s startup community on Facebook has 10,268 members. 12513 jobs were posted on in Gujarat. Out of these 12k jobs, 7k was in Ahmedabad. 2440 companies are listed on Fundoodata in Ahmedabad. Somehow, even after being situated so close(250 km), we have missed exploring it.
    However, we now bring the Zigsaw Job Festival to Ahmedabad which is all but a start to #RevolutionizingRecruitment in Ahmedabad. With Zigsaw Job Festival, we also bring a promise to this city. The promise to meet your recruitment needs in 15 days. This is a bold statement to make, but we have been delivering results after making this promise. You can read more about us at

    We are organizing a Job Festival in Ahmedabad in association with IIT Gandhinagar & VGEC
    When: 07th February
    Where: IIT Gandhinagar’s campus (VGEC extension)
    So, what value do we bring to the table with ZJF?
    For Startups

    • It gives you 1-day access to the best talent pool in & around Ahmedabad
    • It saves you time.
    • It meets your hiring needs for the next 3 months
    • It gives you brand visibility amongst 3000 Job seekers from & around Ahmedabad.

    For Job Seekers

    • It gives you a shot at being interviewed by your dream company
    • It helps you understand the current market trend & the skills-in-trend
    • It gives a snapshot of the work-cultures of the “best companies to work for” in GujaratSee you there !! Startups willing to participate can reach out to us at
      Job seekers who would like to be a part of this Job Festival can reach out to us at
      We are accepting registrations, register here:
      You can also join us on Facebook here
      #FlyhighAhmedabad #ZigsawJobFestival

    Team-Z eliminates Jaish-e-mohammed’s chief Maulana Masood Azhar

    In a surprise turn of events, Jaish-e-Mohammed’s Chief Maulana Masood Azhar was eliminated by an unknown group of members. A relatively unknown group, Team-Z has claimed responsibility for these events The group is believed to have infiltrated one of Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp in the valley. The Indian embassy has denied any involvement in operation paper boat which was first speculated as a reaction to the operation Pathankot. This action seems to have been inspired by Naseeruddin shah’s starrer “Wednesday” where a common man decides to give terrorists a taste of their own medicine.

    Pakistani Army Chief General Raheel Sharif & ISI chief Lieutenant-General Rizwan Akhter see this as a bold step by India and are yet to come out with an official statement. Surprisingly, Pakistani media is running this news with the utmost responsibility to ensure that peace is continued in the area. This effort of responsible journalism has been appreciated from all around the world especially when seen in high contrast with the insensitivity of Indian media in the recent Pathankot operation. Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif had congratulated Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for the successful operation 2 hours before the operation actually took place. He later apologized for sleep-calling the Indian Embassy. This operation is met with celebration in Pakistan since they believe that this would re-rail the peace talks between the 2 countries. Also, Lashkar-e-table was ecstatic at the news since it would now have the undivided attention of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Meanwhile, Omar Abdullah from J&K has maintained his double standards by arguing that these events raise fingers at the safety of the public. Strangely, this was after the Pakistani Media channels confirmed that no one except Jaish-e-Mohammed’s chief was harmed. Meanwhile, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh was surprised at operation, more so on how a small group of people was able to execute this highly coveted operation which even the best intelligence services would fear to plan.
    P.S. The above article is not something that has actually happened but something that a common Indian man would want to happen
    Let us take a minute and remember and salute the Pathankot martyrs who selflessly laid their lives to defend us. Team Zigsaw salutes the martyrs of Pathankot. Mother India is proud of you.

    S. No Expenses Amount (in K) 1 Salary for 20 days (in LPA) 2000 2 Daily Allowances 60 3 Lodging 150   Total 2210